Finding the Courage of our Convictions

antifa IILet me give them the benefit of the doubt. Many of those ordinary people on the left, with some of whom I share coffee, simply don’t notice what is happening. Their daily lives continue as before. The noxious strangulating weeds are growing but their growth is imperceptible to the naked eye. One day, shock, horror, up they’ll wake, and the pleasant garden will be no more.

Academia, public broadcasting, most commercial broadcasting, most print media, most civil services are now in the clutches of left-wing fascists. The brouhaha over Justice Kavanaugh, however beyond disgraceful and disreputable, was useful for again bringing the fascism of the left out of the shadows where it furtively lurks, trying to hide.

On full view for all to see: convicting Kavanaugh when all of the evidence, let me repeat, when all the evidence pointed to his innocence. Hammering and scratching on the door of the Supreme Court. Mercilessly haranguing poor old Senator Jeff Flake. Screaming in sequence during the Judicial Committee hearings. Harassing prominent Republicans at restaurants and outside their homes.

Look at this on Twitter from a Georgetown University political scientist: “entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlements. All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes.” Look at this tweet from a school teacher in Illinois: “So whose gonna take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?”

Hillary Clinton said a few days ago that civility in America can only begin again if Democrats win back the House or Senate this fall. Until then? Well former attorney general Eric Holder and presidential hopeful set it out. “When they go low, we kick them.” What’s going low, you might ask? Disagreeing with the progressive agenda is the answer. Rapper Kanye West is the latest in the firing line. His crime? Supporting President Trump.

As a black entertainer he has no business supporting Trump; and perhaps convincing lots of African Americans to do the same. If even 20% supported Republicans, bye-bye Dems. Now Mr West was somewhat demonstrative in the Oval Office but a lot of what he said was sensible. He was accused by any number of left fascist commentators of variously being a ventriloquist’s dummy for Trump; of carrying on a minstrel show; of being an embarrassment to African-Americans; of being a ‘token negro’; and so on into the gutter.

Most sickeningly, because he has sought help in the past, a conga line of commentators parroted the obviously rehearsed Democrat party line of West needing mental health intervention. Now isn’t that just the tactic of would-be despots all over. When not being beaten with rubber truncheons and plied with castor oil, opponents are deemed to have psychiatric problems and carted away to asylums.

Can you imagine conservatives ever acting in this manner? Yet leftist thuggery and rage is somehow brushed aside as being as inconsequential or, even, justified because somehow Trump is responsible for it. Left fascism has been metastasising in the West since the late Sixties, well before Trump, and will go on poisoning social and political life long after he has gone. The only question is where it will all end.

What I have come to realise is that accommodation is not possible. Why is this? Listen carefully to what the left wants in specific terms. Can’t hear much? That’s right. Back to Hillary again. “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,” she said. But what does she stand for and care about? She didn’t say. No surprise in that. She fought an election against Trump without this secret knowledge being dragged into the open.

We know that leftists want power and the spoils of office. We know also, of course, that they are predisposed to giving away free stuff. That is par for the course and nothing to overstress about. But now they appear to have a sinister agenda that for good reason they are shy about revealing. There is still too much common sense abroad to sell it. It’s being played out most forcefully in the US, because where the US goes the rest of the free world will undoubtedly follow, willingly or not.

This sinister agenda falls under the heading of globalisation; which is synonymous, ultimately, with communism. A state hangs together because of shared values and secure borders. Broadly speaking, a free and prosperous state depends upon traditional families interreacting morally and trustingly with everyone else regardless of their ethnicity, their skin colour or their affiliations. So how exactly do you go about destroying the inviolability of Western nation states.

Take this for starters. Undermine due process and the rule of law; allow mobs to quash free speech; pit women against men (via affirmative action, #MeToo and so-called ‘toxic masculinity’); invalidate the primacy of the traditional family; devalue human life via unrestricted abortion; disparage Christianity; set ethnicities against ethnicities; and, the coup de grâce, open borders to all-comers. Do this and you are on your way. The hysteria about global warming is an added bonus. We are all in it together apparently, in order to defeat a global phantom.

To echo Hillary, conservatives cannot in good faith find common ground with those who refuse to reveal their agenda or whose agenda would upend and destroy our way of life. It is time for incivility. Not the thuggish incivility of the left, I hasten to add. But an incivility that boldly confronts leftist thought at every opportunity. Which doesn’t back down. And which calls out cant and the kind of tactics used by those maligning Kavanaugh and deriding West.

  • Lewis P Buckingham

    ‘But what does she stand for and care about? She didn’t say. ‘
    In her last debate with Trump she advocated full term abortion on the grounds that it was necessary sometimes and caused great distress to the parents.
    But one had to feel for the parents.Their feelings then were supreme.
    Having had one of our children resuscitated at birth I am sure it would be difficult for
    parents whatever happened.
    However for the child it would be annihilation if Hillary had her way.
    My take home message was that she did not care in the sense of a primal and primordial care for children.
    They were also to be treated as deplorables when things got tough for parents and children.
    So it was the visceral problem of trust.
    However unusual Trump was, he pulled her up on killing full term children.

    But then, that’s all the Kavanaugh assualt claims were about.
    He failed to tick the Democrat boxes.
    White, Male, Married with Children, more than two, Catholic, Practising, Competent.Recognised by his Peers.
    ‘The Dogma was strong in him.’
    He even became emotional when accused of rape. Tut Tut.

    ‘May his tribe increase’.

  • Rob Brighton

    Calling it out? what difference do you believe that will make? Their hypocrisy and lies are on show for all to see.

    They do not care if you catch them lying what is a lie when you are all that stands between them and paradise?

    Calling it out is not sufficient.

    I carry a pool cue half in my car in case they choose to drag this old bloke out of his car. It will be short, I will lose but I will not go down without giving as much as I can to the brown shirts of the left.

  • Gazman

    The Democrats hate it when their blacks walk off the plantation. No mercy for those uncle toms.

  • Warty

    Remaining polite still remains effective.
    Polls are suggesting Republicans are energised to turn out in significant numbers for the ‘Mid-terms’. The reason being the behaviour of the Dem. senators regarding Kavanaugh. Generally speaking, people aren’t stupid, and can smell ‘overreach’ a mile off. The Democrats have been assiduously practising overreach ever since Trump was elected. AntiFa works for the Republicans too, though they may not quite recognise this.
    It is human nature to want to fulminate in response to provocation, but it is not the best tactic.

  • Jody

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