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August 20th 2018 print

Geoffrey Luck

Dear Senator Faruqi…

You're a Green with all goofy self-importance that implies, but as a representative of the people -- all the people, that is -- could you quit slandering your adopted homeland? I mean, if Australia is a hotbed of injustice and oppression, how does that square with your defence of arranged marriages?

faruqi IIDear Senator Faruqi,
In the early hours of this morning, I happened to hear your appalling interview as it went to air on the BBC World Service.  You are entitled to your views, but you are not entitled to trash your (and my) country to the world with your misrepresentation of facts.

First, a little humility would be in order.  You may have been slotted into a seat in the red chamber, but you are in no real sense there representing New South Wales.  Nobody elected you. Nobody voted for you. Winning a pre-selection contest in a minority party to replace a disgraceful crypto communist did not invest you with any special virtue – although you seem to believe it entitles you to proclaim your jaundiced views.

Second, although you stated that you and your family had left Pakistan, the country of your birth, because of increasing corruption, and despite your stint in the New South Wales Legislative Council, you seem not to have absorbed some of the fundamental precepts of Western democracy. Members of our parliaments are there to represent all their constituents, not merely those of their own political persuasion. So it was alarming to hear you declare that Australian citizens were not properly represented until their diversity was reflected in the makeup of the national parliament.  In any case, a moment’s thought should have shown the stupidity of such an idea. Must every ethnic group, every religion, every one of the multiple claimed genders be represented in the Houses for their members to consider themselves adequately governed?

THUMBNAIL BIOGRAPHY: Mehreen Faruqi is a Pakistan-born Greens politician and activist. She took her seat in the Senate on Wednesday August 15, replacing Lee Rhiannon after a pre-selection contest.  She came to Australia 26 years ago, and gained a Master of Engineering Science, and later a doctorate in environmental engineering at the University of New South Wales.  After working in local government and the Australian Graduate School of Business, she was appointed to the Legislative Council in 2013 as a Greens member.

You present yourself as a champion against “racist rubbish”, as in your farewell speech to the New South Wales Parliament. You spoke movingly about the heavy toll such abuse takes on people on the receiving end: “I think we could be more aware of the sustained abuse that some of us have to weather. This might go some way to helping encourage others like me to put their hand up and make parliaments look a bit more like the streets and suburbs of the country we living in.”  So why in your BBC interview did you descend to denigrating the members of the Australian Parliament as predominantly white males?  So you have a special dispensation to spout racial slurs? I haven’t seen you disavow the Twitter comment of your son, newly hired ABCer and white-baiter Osman: “The white people are getting fucked, Yas, it’s happening.”

It was not a surprise that you shared your critical views and fantasies with the BBC on the supposed suppression of Aborigines and what you allege is the plight of asylum seekers — stranded on islands to be raped and driven to suicide. He, at any rate, was not competent to challenge these views, so in justice to your adopted country you could have included some balancing facts. Such as the $3 billion a year spent on Aboriginal issues, and by mitigating the slur on the many Australians of Aboriginal descent who are successful, articulate leaders. As to the refugee situation, the reality of protecting the borders and the difficulty of finding homes for those who illegally wished themselves upon us was clearly beyond you. You might also, just to fully brief the interviewer, have let him know that at least one cultural practice from your homeland, arranged marriage, meets with your approval.

The BBC diatribe echoed your several outbursts on the pop culture website Junkee, which young Osman edited, but unfortunately spoke ill of this country to an international, not merely local youth audience.  Let’s hope you do not prove a worthy successor to Lee Rhiannon. You ended the broadcast with your pathetic oft-repeated wail: “I could stand on Bondi Beach, serving sausage sangers in an Akubra, draped in an Australian flag with a southern cross tattoo and for some, I still wouldn’t be Australian enough.”  Perhaps you aren’t?

Geoffrey Luck

Comments [7]

  1. Alice Thermopolis says:

    “Such as the $3 billion a year spent on Aboriginal issues….”

    In 2015-16, total direct government expenditure on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians was estimated to be $33.4 billion, a real increase from $27.0 billion in 2008-09.

    In 2015-16, the estimated direct expenditure per person was $44 886 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, around twice the rate for non-Indigenous Australians ($22 356); a similar ratio to previous years in this Report .

    Source: Indigenous Expenditure Report 2017 – Productivity Commission

  2. Eeyore says:

    She will bitch and moan right up until the percentage of Muslim people in AU reach 10% of the population then they will start demanding with menace.

    77% jump in Muslims in the last decade, someone else can do the math but at that rate of expansion, it won’t be long before you see the next stage.

    Like the left, they want you gone (which explains why they are seemingly singing from the same hymn book). You are what is stopping nirvana on earth, no hypocrisy or abuse of truth on their part will be considered distasteful, after all, what is hypocrisy when you are bringing about heaven on earth?

    Understand it. They hate you and they want you gone.

    • exuberan says:

      There are now 2500 Mosques in France, many funded by Arab Money from the Gulf States, at least 120 of those are suspected of nurturing Jihadsim. Australia has 340 with half of those in NSW. The growth in Mosque numbers is an obvious indicator of the growth of Islam within. France has 67 million people to 25 million in Australia. Islam now has Catholic France by the Throat. Charles Martel (Battle of Tours, 0732) would be turning in his grave

  3. Real Oz says:

    Dear Geoffrey you finish with (and I quote):-
    “I could stand on Bondi Beach, serving sausage sangers in an Akubra, draped in an Australian flag with a southern cross tattoo and for some, I still wouldn’t be Australian enough.” Perhaps you aren’t?
    I must (reluctantly) take issue with you over your “Perhaps you aren’t”.
    If the Farqui woman thinks that’s all one needs to BE AUSTRALIAN she IS NOT AN AUSTRALIAN’s BOOTLACE.
    This person is living testimony as to why we AUSTRALIANS need to devise effective immigration tests to ensure we let in only those who are able and willing to qualify to be AUSTRALIAN.
    Instead, as typified by Farqui, we let anyone into God’s Country put them in our Parliaments and guarantee them (and their progeny it seems)safe taxpayer funded employment (as distinct from “work” that is).
    What I find strange is that people like Farqui and her Son seem to be so unhappy here -especially with white people- I wonder they are not on an ‘plane back to Paki Land where they apparently came from. Happy to contribute to oneway ticket cost if that helps!!!

  4. padraic says:

    If Australia is such a racist hellhole, why do people with her attitudes want to come here, scorning Australians like she did with the Bondi Beach bit. It’s a wonder she didn’t throw in the usual convict sledge to make herself feel even more superior. So many come from countries where “egalitarianism” has never made the dictionaries let alone been deleted. Australia a racist country? Try being a Christian in Pakistan.

    • ianl says:

      > ” Try being a Christian in Pakistan”

      Interesting side story to that. In 2009 I was on a project in Pakistan with an English engineer associate and an urbane, experienced Pakistani engineer as a very necessary minder. We finished the two-week long project analysis and were back in the outdoor restaurant garden of our Karachi hotel on the last night for dinner. It was quite hot (October) and both myself and the English engineer wistfully wished for a cold beer, not at all expecting such a thing in this most Muslim of countries. Our knowledgeable Pakistani colleague quietly walked over to the restaurant meal area and spoke to the waiter.

      Suddenly the waiter appeared at our table with two beautifully cold, just opened beer bottles. They were ours without difficulty, only that we pay cash to avoid unhelpful paperwork. The beer was very good, not all insipid as I had wondered.

      Our Pakistani colleague elaborated. Back in time of The Raj, the English built their own brewery in Karachi as they had no patience with the no alcohol custom. This brewery survived partition and other historical onslaughts and was eventually bought in good condition by 7th Day Adventists. These people not only maintained it, improved it and honoured its’ tradition, but now export its’ products world wide.

      Not all was lost. I do agree that 7th Day Adventists are not Christians per se … but neither can they be considered Muslim. Sometimes, reality confounds one.

    • Peter Dare says:

      Her BBC World Service interview does not rate a mention on the ABC news website. I wonder why not?