Victoria, State of Disgrace

editor’s note: The below was received from a veteran member of Melbourne’s press corps. The opening paragraph will explain why the writer has requested and been granted the privilege of a pseudonym.

vic pol badgeA colleague once edited one of Melbourne’s papers and editorialised about deficiencies in the way Victoria Police was going about its business. The details of his particular gripe aren’t important. It was 20 years ago and scandals big and small have come and gone since then. What is vital to consider is what happened as a result of his crusading: there was often a policeman with a Breathalyzer waiting at his driveway. Quadrant Online readers will perhaps understand why this essay’s call for a royal commission into Victoria Police is appearing under a made-up name.

Where shall I begin? How about a simple laundry list of recent policing travesties:

  • The “spinning” of crime, rather than combatting it. Melbourne residents, some of whom now keep baseball bats by their beds, have been grimly amused by the top brass’ seeming inability to decide if African crime gangs actually exist or, rather, if attacks on jewelry stores, rampaging riots, carjackings and push-in midnight robberies are unfortunate manifestations of white society’s collective racism.
  • The ongoing debacle surrounding speeding fines: True, they are issued and handled by other government department, VicRoads and FinesVic, but each notice of penalty bears the authorising signature of a senior Victoria Police officer. Problems involving fine notices and payments not being recorded have been common knowledge for some time. Why is Victoria Police endorsing and enforcing a system it knows to be broken?
  • Reluctance to uniformly uphold the law: Petrol stations have been plagued for years by thieves who fill their tanks and drive off without paying. Until just two weeks ago, police refused to investigate these cases, claiming they were civil disputes, not criminal.
  • Refusal to defend property: In Werribee, in one of several such incidents that have spanned Melbourne, African youths rented a house for a party, trashed it and pelted arriving police with rocks and bottles. The police did nothing for several hours — nothing except dodge missiles while neighbouring residents cowered in fear and the street was trashed.

I could go on, but you get the idea — minus, that is, the greatest violation of public trust Victoria Police have yet demonstrated: siding with thugs intent on destroying the right to free speech.

As has been widely reported, Victoria Police now work on the presumption that, if a visiting speaker annoys the rowdy Left, that visitor should be made to pay for the privilege of speaking. The promoters of Milo Yiannopolous’ January tour were obliged to pay $50,000 for the police who turned out to protect his audience from the SMS-a-mob summoned via social media to harass, abuse and spit upon paying guests.

To their shame, the mainstream media ignored this outrageous imposition. If Milo had been a blue-haired radical lesbian denouncing patriarchal oppression, would the organisers of such an event have been saddled with extra costs? Would the Age and ABC have decided there was nothing in those police charges that warranted reporting and commentary? Doubtful.

Victoria Police must have thought it a neat way to silence people its political masters in Spring Street’s Labor government don’t like, so now they are pulling the same stunt once more with visiting speakers Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, who also just happen to be on the right.

It’s one thing to have garden-variety corruption in an organisation. A change of leadership and better management can change that, as Rudy Giuliani and Bill Bratton demonstrated in New York..

It is quite another to see such a body go one step further and direct the pointed end of its moral corruption against the most fundamental liberty any and all of us possess: the right to free speech. In charging the promoters of Yiannopoulos, Southern and Molyneux, Victoria Police are in effect siding with the anarchists and thugs. How can that be denied? The mob seeks to silence speech and the police put another obstacle in the way of its exercise.

There is an election in Victoria later this year. Were the Liberal opposition of Matthew Guy to campaign for a royal commission into policing in this state, his party just might pick up some votes.

That is, of course, if Victoria’s alleged conservatives have the ticker to denounce the trashing of the law. They do a lot of random breath testing these days.

7 thoughts on “Victoria, State of Disgrace

  • jeffholl says:

    Thank goodness for Quadrant. This article gives voice to my anger and sense of outrage at this utter inversion of social values, appeasing leftist thugs and nihilist vandals with police and government complicity. This is a truly shocking state of affairs in Victoria.

  • BJAS1961 says:

    Thank you for writing this piece; it is disturbing.

  • Salome says:

    Requiring organisers of public events to pay the police to protect them from violent protesters is complicity with the violent protesters. Even a violent protester is going to have sufficient neurons to process a connection between his or her violence and making the organiser of the event pay–even prohibitively, so the event doesn’t happen. The Victorian government, and the Victoria Police, have joined the brownshirts.

  • en passant says:

    Salome has it right, re her ‘brownshirts comment’.

    A violent minority group was able to takeover a large civilised country by targeting the individuals who opposed them. If 100 Africans go around as a group trashing houses, robbing stores and destroying our lifestyle then the outnumbered police just watch. If 100 totalitarian fascist thugs promote violence to shut down free speech on any and every subject then the police will close it down for them and voila, we have Stalinist Nirvana lead by ‘Big Brother’ Dan and his fellow-travelers.

    Never forget the socialist mantra “Diversity is Strength”. It’s just that our wonderful new fears take some getting used to.

    • mburke@pcug.org.au says:

      How does the current VICPOL policy differ in any significant way from a Mafia protection racket? As the individual ultimately responsible for this policy, in what significant way does Danial Anderson differ from any other thuggish Mafia Godfather?

  • Ian Matthews says:

    From Sydney: Build that wall Premier Gladys.

  • johanna says:

    The Heckler’s Veto is bad enough, whereby venues refuse to hire out to speakers because it might cause a disturbance courtesy of the usual suspects. But VicPol has taken it to another level – charging people who hold a perfectly legal event for security because thugs (whom they never arrest) turn up and cause mayhem.

    The cumulative effect is that the thugs win, and they know it. Vicpol and their ilk support thuggery instead of nipping it in the bud and making it not worthwhile.

    To the catalogue in the admirable article above, we should add the reluctance of VicPol to do anything to stop the CFMEU trying to send various companies broke by blockading sites, stopping concrete pours, intimidating workers and so on. Whether it was union solidarity or cowardice, they stood by again and again while various laws were broken.

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