Donald Trump, Best in the West

trump is godAustralia is fortunate indeed that Donald Trump is US President, just as we have been fortunate that we have always been so close to the world’s most powerful nation — first Great Britain, then the United States of America. It is crucial to Australia that the US continue in her powerful role of preserving, protecting and defending Western civilisation based, as it is, on Judeo-Christian values.

Sadly, under the Obama administration, American influence had been allowed to wane, her armed forces under-resourced, action against ISIS circumvented by bureaucratic intervention and those powers most hostile to the West, Iran and North Korea, appeased. Meanwhile, the administration condoned the undermining of the family and traditional values by encouraging undemocratic judicial activism, the high point of which remains the  Supreme Court’s 1973 decision in Roe v Wade inventing a constitutional ‘right’ to abortion.

This was done by interpreting the Constitution as a ‘living document’—in other words, the Constitution means whatever the judges say it means.  As the late and great Justice Antonin Scalia maintained, the only proper interpretation must be that the Constitution means what it meant to a reasonable person at the time it was adopted. This is the originalist interpretation.

The judicial activists had made other significant changes to the Constitution. These have ranged from outlawing prayer in the public place to the national adoption of same-sex marriage, all without public approval. Once made, reinforcing propaganda in the media and in the schools has meant that more people gradually accept what had previously been untenable, and that this would even be followed in other countries. Little surprise that the legalisation of abortion began in Australia through judicial activism.

All this went hand in hand with measures taken by the Obama administration.The most infamous was to require schools to allow students to use dressing rooms, showers and lavatories according to their chosen ‘gender’. This is the term preferred by the cultural Marxists to replace ‘sex’, which is biologically determined at birth and not a matter of individual choice,  and part of their agenda against the traditional family.

Meanwhile, obsessed by globalism and the theory of man-made global warming, the Obama administration presided over the decline of the American economy. New energy resources were rendered increasingly inaccessible, while unfair trade and the theft of intellectual property proceeded with impunity. As a result, once flourishing industries were closing down everywhere. At the same time, the borders were thrown open to illegal immigration seen as useful voting fodder for the Democrats.  Americans were told that their lost industries would never return and to accept the decline of their once great nation.

This line was tolerated by a Republican establishment derided by the rank-and-file as RINOs, Republicans In Name Only. This led to the rise of the Tea Party, but too many of those who won office under its banner reverted to being RINOs. The worst example was their  surrender to Obama’s inexplicable nuclear deal with the Iran’s “Death to America” mullahs. Then came the 2016 general election, with the emergence of two anti-establishment Republican candidates, Senator Ted Cruz and  Donald Trump, in a process so democratic the powerbrokers who control Australia’s two major political parties will not tolerate anything like it.

When it became clear that the election would be between the Republican Donald Trump and the Democrat Hilary Clinton, it was obvious to those who believed that America should return to her former position in the world that Trump was by far the better candidate. As I wrote in the Daily Telegraph and Spectator Australia, this was made clear in Trump’s formidable speech at Gettysburg on October 22, 2017. There, in the most meticulous detail, he spelt out exactly how he would achieve this. He even released a list of lawyers committed to an originalist interpretation of the Constitution from which future Supreme Court appointments would be made, a promise which was received with rapture in evangelical circles.

Opposed not only by the Democratic Party but also by the mainstream media and a secretive cabal of powerful high government officials, Trump still won, much to the surprise of the world’s commentariat. While the mainstream media and the cabal have not been prepared to accept this and constantly intensify their attempts to bring him down, he has fulfilled more of his promises in his first year than any other President, even the great Ronald Reagan.

What Australia needs now is a government to complement the re-making of the US that Donald Trump is implementing, one different from the LINOs (Liberals in Name Only) we have now.

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  • Keith Kennelly says:

    All predicted in James Burnham’s books.
    The Managerial Revolution in 1945 and The Machiavellians in 1949.

    And yet few read this great American intellectual.

    Reagan swore by his ideas.

  • mfclancy@bigpond.com says:

    Sorry to be picky when I should be acknowledging my appreciation of this article.
    The Gettysburg address was October 22 2016.

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    If he had the date would have been incorrect.

    Strictly there could be two Gettysburg addresses

  • en passant says:

    I won’t bore you with the whole list of Trump miracles, but I have counted this David taking on and defeating 23 of the most powerful foes the USA royalty and the world globalist cults have put up against him. The more he wins the more unhinged his enemies become – just listen (if you can stand it) to ‘Impeach 45’ Mad Maxine Waters as an average example of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Yet the more he wins, the more desperate, mentally ill and possibly dangerous they become.

    I posted already the reaction of the Trump-HATING (not disliking, disagreeing or opposing) Americans living in my condo (that I have fun baiting as one does with attack dogs on a chain). When I said “Look at the job figures” a Kalifornian shouted back at me “We don’t care about jobs!” When I smilingly pointed out that when ‘Whitey’ Mueller’s brightest and best ‘investigators’ could find nothing they foamed “They will, they MUST, he must be impeached and removed …”. I thought of calling the vet and having them put down.

    Oh, it is a curious fact that none of them can stand living in Kalifornia, but hold it up as the model for the world. The last person I heard who used that line was the snobbish traitor and Russian spy, Anthony Blunt. There might be a pattern here that Orwell would recognize …

    Finally, it is almost … actually it is more correctly … really pathetic to see fluff-a-duck ‘Pretty-Boy’ Trudeau announce he is going to hurt the USA with 270 new tariffs on US products. Oh good! Let’s see who wins this arm wresting, the Man or the Boy. I suppose Macron and Merkel are lining up to take him on next. This will be interesting as Trump said he is considering removing US troops from Germany. Donald will keep his word and just Do It!

    • whitelaughter says:

      “I won’t bore you with the whole list of Trump miracles,”

      It would only be boring if it was static. That he keeps adding to it keeps it interesting. Is there a convenient, regularly updated list of his achievements being maintained somewhere? Would be useful for online arguments etc.

  • Jody says:

    Watch how a conservative deals with a rusted on “progressive”, when he actually gets shouted down by Maher:


    • Keith Kennelly says:

      Here is why you love Shapiro sooo much.

      Like you he hates Trump.
      Like you he said Trump couldn’t win
      Like you here has flipped from never Trump to mostly Trump.
      Oh that’s right he now sees Trumps policies that are effective as conservative policies whereas he said Trump wasn’t conservative.

      Mate he’s just so flakey he cannot come out and give Trump his due.
      His limp wristed whining waffle is that he now agrees with tTrimp whenever he is right but not when he’s wrong.

      The latter position is becoming a narrower perch by the day.

      Conservatives, like Trump, exhibit INTEGRITY. Shapiro lacks that. He flip flops too much like all managerial elitists.


  • johanna says:

    ‘American influence had been allowed to wane, her armed forces under-resourced,’

    Poppycock. They weren’t under-resourced, they had money to burn. What happened was that they were directed to prioritise social goals like diversity, using non-fossil fuels and suchlike instead of developing and maintaining a fighting force. Further, when they were sent off to do something, it was usually against US interests.

    The lamentable record of US Navy ships colliding with civilian ships in the busy shipping lanes around Japan illustrates the problem perfectly. To his credit, Trump sacked the head honcho and there haven’t been any collisions since.

    No doubt after eight years of Obama the upper echelons of the US military is chockers with boot-licking incompetents. Let’s hope that Mattis will clean them out.

    • lloveday says:

      Quote: “They weren’t under-resourced, they had money to burn.”

      To the extent of having only seated, flush toilets on the $US13b aircraft carrier Gerald R Ford and thus no urinals, the first US warship thus equipped, likely a world first .

      “Bathroom design experts say water closets with seated toilets are less sanitary and take up far more space than wall-mounted urinals.

      “The vast majority of the 5,000-plus sailors who will deploy aboard the carrier Ford are men, as women account for only about 18 percent of sailors in the Navy.

      “The only way to ensure men accurately aim into a toilet bowl is to force men to sit down, which is unlikely to happen, Moreover, sitting down to pee makes trips to the bathroom take longer “.

    • rodcoles says:

      Any POTUS who appoints a Marine four-star as SECDEF can’t be all bad.

    • en passant says:

      250 Generals who did not toe the Obamanation line were removed. Mattis was among them, so his revenge is in fact a very tasty dish indeed.
      There was more to the collisions at sea than just poor seamanship – their whole training and MANNING processes were compromised by PC and non-operational issues.
      Mattis has now removed MANdatory diversity and transgender integration training and returned the emphasis to improving ‘lethality training’.
      I suppose that some fools might still volunteer for ‘Combat Negotiations in Contact with the Enemy’ training, but taking a leaf from the ADF book they are more likely to prefer to attend our “Firing your Weapon with Humility”, or “MasterChef Classes in cooking Halal Rations”, or the clincher for entry to the Oz Army Staff College “How to prosecute every soldier under your command for War Crimes”.

      I note that there are calls for the ‘Hell-in-High-Heels’ GUY to be stripped of his AOTY and disgraced over his grandstanding inquisition and persecution of a former infantry LtCol exonerated of all charges brought against him. There are some things that I can unreservedly support, and this is one of them.

  • mags of Queensland says:

    I just love to see the irrational behaviour of the Trump haters. That they also insult and defame the majority of US citizens who voted for Trump, they persist in encouraging Americans to discriminate against other Americans – and from politicians no less. Don’t they realize that this carry on will have a back lash? How stupid can you get?

    The unhinged response to Trump by the leftist media is like watching a slow motion train crash – you just can’t take your eyes aaway.

  • Keith Kennelly says:


    Then how do you class the likes of ‘self priclaimed’ Conservatives who hated Trump, who claimed he wasn’t conservative and didn’t have conservative policies, who have now flip flopped in to believing many of his policies are conservative and yet still won’t accept him as the conservative leader.

    The problem is Trump is still not supported right across the party political set up in the US.

    What the likes of Shapiro fear is what is happening in the Congressional Primary races taking place right now.

    Those sitting members in the Republican Party, the self proclaimed conservative sort, when they are opposed by someone who absolutely supports Trump and his policies are openly endorsed by Trump. They are the usual winner in those primaries.
    Trump is draining the Swamp and that includes those Republicans in name only. He’s getting rid of those Republicans who resisted his election and his conservative agenda.

    Why would you want such blackards on your side. You’d never know when they’d return to their original hatreds. Shapiro is one of them.

    Yep Trump is not only returning the US to the citizens he’s also returning the GOP to real conservatives, those with integrity who accept without qualification his conservatism.

  • Keith Kennelly says:


    The real train wreck in motion is the Democratic Party.

    Watch the anti ice warfare and the incivility of the rdemocrates.


    Fox news is having great fun at the expense of the dis array in the Democrats.

    Trumps approval rating is now at 51% and his disapproval at 48%.

    And in response to Trumps rising popularity because of his achievements the democrats have lurched to the disruptive left. Madness!

  • nationjohn@hotmail.com says:

    “Meanwhile, obsessed by globalism and the theory of man-made global warming, the Obama administration presided over the decline of the American economy. New energy resources were rendered increasingly inaccessible, “. Is Mr Flint living in a parallel universe? Shale oil took off under the Obama administration. It’s now at record levels, but it all got going under Obama. Idiots like Alan Jones are standing in the way in Australia.

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