Bring Back the Whinging Pom

whinging pomLast week in the US, Democrat senator Dick Durbin leaked like a rat to the press. Revealing a private conversation at the Oval Office he and some others had with Donald Trump in the Oval Office. Trump reportedly questioned why the US should use (insane) diversity lotteries or migration chains to accept more immigrants from Haiti and “shithole countries” in Africa. Or did he use “house” rather than “hole?” It doesn’t matter. He has admitted to using “tough language.”

Apparently, too, in the same breath, he queried why not Norway as a source of immigrants, having just met the Norwegian prime minister. The problem here is that Haitians and Africans are, shall we say, dark while Norwegians are fair. What a racist. Proof positive according to numbers of commentators and politicians. A Grand Wizard in disguise.

I am not too sure what previous presidents have said in private conversations about issues they care deeply about when presented with ridiculous and partisan solutions. Judging by the apoplectic media meltdown following Trump’s alleged remark, I can only assume that they have been models of decorum.

Anyway, I come not to defend Trump unwisely using base words to reflect his feelings when in the company of leakers. He will survive quite well because he is doing great things for his country. My principal aim is to investigate how best to delineate certain countries which you might not want your children to holiday in. And where you might not want to run lotteries to choose immigrants or accept aunts, uncles and nephews of those who have already won lotteries from the countries in question.

Right now, we have a series of euphemisms which tend to lump Third World or less-developed countries into the one category. But, of course, they are not all the same. To avoid profanity, I will use the descriptor “basket case(s)” to describe countries which are, say, corrupt, crime-ridden and dirt-poor and from which masses of people want to escape.

Is this descriptor something that Trump could use safely in extremis? In other words, whenever he is in a room with Dick Durbin or Never-Trumps. Of course not, that’s a silly proposition. Trump gets away with nothing. As has been variously pointed out, so it isn’t new, if Trump were to be seen walking on water, the headline would read ‘Trump can’t swim’.

But back to basket-case countries. For illustrative and comparative purposes, I have chosen – purely at random you understand – Haiti, South Sudan, Somalia and Norway.

Transparency International is an organisation which ranks countries by corruption. Of the 176 countries it ranks, Somalia is bottom and South Sudan next to bottom. Haiti comes in at 159th. And Norway? It is sixth on the list. Other things equal, where would you like your (out-of-the-hat) immigrants to come from?

Based on UNDOC figures, South Sudan’s homicide rate is 13.7 per 100,000 inhabitants per year. Haiti’s is 10 and Somalia’s 5.6 (oh yeah!). And in Norway? It is 0.6. Where would you like your immigrants to come from?

World Bank data puts GDP per capita, in current US dollars in 2016, at $434 in Somalia and $740 in Haiti (there is no data for South Sudan but safely assume it is piddling). And Norway’s? It is $70,912. Where would you like your immigrants to come from?

It goes without saying that identifying basket-case countries should proceed without racial connotation. Countries of predominantly fair-skinned people should be eligible for inclusion. There aren’t any you say? Then it must be racist. And that precisely is the kind of double-speak which passes for logic among the left.

We have a problem in the rich (predominantly) fair-skinned west. Our problem is thinking that we are lucky. We are not; if by luck we mean chance. Chance has nothing to do with it. Our deeply embedded Judaeo-Christian culture and values have made us rich – not our fair skins. So, we better make sure when inviting large numbers of people in that they don’t bring dysfunctional cultures and values with them. With Haitian, or Sudanese or Somalian cultures and values Norway would not be the Norway that we know. It would be a race of fair-skinned people wanting to escape en masse to America.

Racists make excuses for corrupt, crime-ridden, dirt-poor societies. It is the racism of low expectations. Secretly, the Dick Durbin’s of the world harbour the thought that dark-skinned people are stupid and can’t compete and, then traitorously, spot the opportunity to give them preference in immigration in exchange for their compliant grateful votes. What happens to the US is collateral damage.

Non-racists, including Trump, I suggest, put differences down to culture and values not to race. Trump wants a merit-based system which brings people who can contribute and who, as he puts it in his homespun way, “that love us and want to love our country.” He puts America first, as he should.

What is wrong with that? How is that the least racist? It is only racist to those who see everything through a racial prism.

I kid you not. Leftists have well dispensed with their grossly mistaken, but kind of respectable, narrative that the government is better at directing economic affairs than is the market. They’re now pimping every contemptible cause, especially including untrammelled immigration, to undermine western civilisation.

To be fair to leftists of the past, a new alien breed has taken over. “Sleazebags” comes to my mind. Now there’s a word for Trump to conjure with. These are people in inner trendy suburbs who never personally experience the consequences of their own perverted ideology. There are no blue collars to be seen. It has been the non-fiction version of mind and body snatching. And a lot of useful idiots continue to trot along tribally with their votes and views as though nothing had changed.

23 thoughts on “Bring Back the Whinging Pom

  • Julian says:

    It’s interesting to note that we used to have something like a ‘concentric circles’ (or, ‘proximity’) approach to immigration – e.g. start at the British Empire and Nth Europe and work outwards from there. This was then stopped at the Greek/Turkish border for understandable historico-cultural-religious reasons.

    This point of view also seems to be damn sensible in most of the rest of the world too (Israel and a few other aside) e.g. who would the Danes rather invite in: 1 Million Norwegians or Swedes; or, 1 million Burmese, Uzbeks, Sth Koreans, Hondurans, or Kenyans? Who would be more similar culturally and ethno-naturo-physiologically?

    The problem of people from Asia is another issue in your diagnosis too – e.g. they have low crime rates, value education, and in general, follow the laws. However, unfortunately, there’s always the issue of being the ‘other’ that humans seem unable to solve. Hence, the wisdom of Japan, Sth Korea etc immigration/multicultural policies. It’s a damn shame what we’ve done here, especially in Melbourne – the Lefty, Multi-Culti capital of the country.

  • brian.doak@bigpond.com says:

    Ranking countries by corruption by these figures show Somalia and South Sudan are the worst. The immigrants from these countries seem to bring these values with them to Melbourne as could have been expected. How stupid at times are our immigration policies both initially and then with family reunions/chain migration which was much endorsed in the past by Labor. Welfare recipients will of course vote for the welfare Party.

    Let’s start a trend of referring to ‘multicultural crime’ to make the ‘m’ word abhorrent. Hopefully it might be as effective in the opposite direction as that which the cunning Left did with their deceptive term ‘marriage equality’.

    • whitelaughter says:

      good idea. OZ was absorbing migrants from all over the world a century before the multicultural fad; the only thing it has brought us has been crime, so that is what it should be known for.

      • gardner.peter.d says:

        You refer to the white European criminal classes? When I applied, the forms I had to fill in to get the necessary points made it clear that criminals were not welcome. Do you mean the European immigrants turned criminal after arrival?

  • Jody says:

    My late father was an executive for BHP and he had an intense dislike for ‘whinging poms’ and shop stewards. He used to say he could smell them a mile off and it was a standing family job for some decades!! I must say when I see Doug Cameron and his ilk I always think of my father!!

    • ianl says:

      Unhappily, “Doogie” lives in my district. Some years ago during a particularly tense and dangerous fire season, a local open meeting was called to inform us of the actual situation with regard to advancing fire fronts. Doogie turned up (along with the ABC cameras – wonder who told them of this meeting ?) and insisted on commandeering the microphone for about 20 minutes before the actual reconnaisance rangers were allowed to talk, the people with real empirical information.

      Doogie is not only a complete waste of space, he is malignant with it.

      • Jody says:

        I don’t want to convey the idea my father was a ruthless operator at BHP; quite the contrary. He told me on his deathbed about how he went into bat for “battlers” with families that the company wanted to sack. He despised Shop Stewards because of the rampant gratuitous misery they caused the company and the workers. There’s mice in the lunch room: strike!! You get the picture?

        I’ve just bought my tickets to see Jordan Peterson in Sydney on 12th March!! That’s always a salve.

  • pgang says:

    This article sums it up better than anything else I’ve read on the subject. It is a matter of introducing an entirely alien worldview that does not contain even the slightest traces of Western fundamentals.


    • whitelaughter says:

      The scary thing to remember when reading that essay is that Senegal is a ‘success story’ – one of only 4 Islamic nations to be even partial democracies.

  • Tezza says:

    Good essay. As for terminology, why not adopt the excellent, empirically based language used by development economist Paul Collier of Oxford University in his excellent book “Exodus”? He speaks of “culturally distant, low trust” societies. The analysis he builds around those ideas, from the perspective of the UK as a receiving country of dangerously mis-selected (and largely self-selected) immigrants, is very powerful.
    The only problem with “culturally distant, low trust” societies is that that is 5 words, not one. Trump does have a certain way with words.


    Colin Clark, sometime Economics Professor @ Oxford/ Secretary to the Qld Treasury wrote a book explaining why black people are poor. Blacks are poor because they only work for 30 minutes per day. There is no reason for them to work any longer: they live near the Equator: they don’t need to store food because it grows continuously and stored food goes rotten: they don’t need clothes or a house. Whites are rich because they live in cold places: they have to build a house, make clothes and store foood to survive the winter. Finally they spend the winter thinking. And so it came to pass that the Swedes discovered 30% of the elements in the periodic table. When one tells black people they have to work, it is hard to get them to believe in the concept of work.

    • Julian says:

      I always found this argument persuasive too. Nature (e.g. Winter) forced people in those northern climes to develop a kind of intelligence and memory needed for survival. There’s a similar thing at play in Asia with the Nth-East Asian (e.g. the Han Chinese, the Koreans and the Japanese) having a higher IQ than the Sth East Asians.

      Not sure about the Eskimos tho’!

    • whitelaughter says:

      Because, as we all know, all of Africa is identical, and there is no difference between the deserts, jungles, savannah, mountains….
      …and similarly all of Europe is identical – and to be fair, the harsh Russian steppes, inhabited by people known for being perpetually drunk, are as unforgiving as Scandinavia.

    • gardner.peter.d says:

      I would expect the theory to apply to all warm climates., eg. Mediterranean and Caribbean countries. Is there a table of these based on that theory. You might have to omit Singapore.

  • padraic says:

    Excellent article, Peter. The Left in America (and here) are very fond of calling a racist anyone who does not agree with their sick virtue signalling and irrational and illogical approach to things like migration, patriotism etc. At some stage someone will have to tell them that there is no Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy and that most people in a given society want to live in harmony with each other, without necessarily agreeing with each other on everything. I find it hard to believe that a well educated man like Colin Clark and a strong supporter of the UK Labour party (failed candidate many attempts to enter Parliament) could have such a simplistic and juvenile view of “black” people. What is the reference? My original white ancestors grew up in this hot Australian climate and worked more than 30 minutes a day and had no desire to go back to the cold climates where they came from in order to escape poverty and in some cases starvation. In my childhood days I used to hear from time to time an expression that would not pass the pub test today that equated the act of hard work with black people. There was no 30 minute qualification.

  • Alighieri says:

    That we are rich, not because we are white, but because of our judeo-christian culture shows that it is a mistake to try and mix cultures. That is why we were so successful in taking our migrants from Europe, not because they were white, but because they shared the same culture. So now we have problems with African gangs,and Muslims who attack us. Not racist, but pragmatic, commonsensical. Arthur Caldwell warned us and we didn’t listen.

  • gardner.peter.d says:

    We need a mix of cultures. Diversity affords experimentation and innovation so the best ideas are selected. We need to allocate each culture a little territory of its own in which it can decide how it wants to govern itself, develop its industries, trade with other territories and related in general to other cultures. This is the diversity the multiculturalists seek to destroy because it does show that not all ideas are good, not all cultures choose the same things, nor do they all make equally good decisions. Therefore there are winners and losers and Socialists cannot abide inequality. There must be, once white cultures have been weakened and undermined, one culture only: that decreed and imposed by the central socialist party leaders.

    • whitelaughter says:

      What you are describing is Balkanization: fine if there’s a nice body of water or mountain range between the regions, but otherwise a recipe for disaster.
      Remember, the cultures that make dumb decisions won’t blame themselves, they’ll blame their neighbours and try and take other people’s wealth by force. The nightmare that is Palestine is an object lesson in not giving land to halfwits.

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