Kneeling Before an Altar of Lies

inverted flag“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out, he’s fired! He’s fired!’ ”

Down camme the Trump haters from great heights of sanctimony. Trump is a racist and white supremacist, charged the Democrats and their cheerleaders; to wit, the hopelessly-corrupted fake-news media. No other conclusion could be drawn, they intoned over and over again.

Repetition of lies makes factoids. Leftists know that and are well practised in mythmaking. ‘The stolen generations’ is an exemplar in Australia. Talk to almost anyone you like and that myth has become a ‘truth’.

As most of the highly paid NFL players are black – they must have some physiological edge, but we are probably not allowed to say that — Trump must be a racist. And he is dog-whistling to white supremacists. His use of the word ‘bitch’ proves that to those who are prepared to go through any tendentious contortions to arrive at the answer they want.

The never-Trump Republicans get on board; if in a less colourful way. Karl Rove disproves of Trump’s language and his impugning of the parenthood of the NFL players. I was reminded of NSW Premier Robert Askin vocalising his thought “run over the bastards” to Lydon Johnson when anti-Vietnam War protesters were attempting to block his motorcade. Askin was criticised for this in some quarters, but I don’t seem to recall part of that criticism being related to the archaic literal meaning of ‘bastards’.

Memo to leftists and Karl Rove and company: Trump was using a common or garden expression, as was Askin. Moreover, in using the expression “he’s fired” he was parodying himself. The humour of the children’s literature character Amelia Bedelia, who took everything literally, would be entirely lost on today’s adult wallies. We are clearly living through a dumb age in which common sense has become a much rarer commodity.

Mark Steyn says that common sense presupposes a common understanding of the world, which is now absent. He’s right, which is why Q&A panels and audiences, for example, appear to me to be mostly populated by aliens; and particularly dumb and nasty ones. Witness, as another example, an elementary school librarian, Ms Liz Phipps Soeiro, who scolded Melania Trump for gifting her library “racist” Dr Seuss books. This lady can spot racist undertones in The Cat in the Hat. Imagine how young children will turn out under this dumb leftist tutelage. It is a growing curse on our children and on mankind.

Back to taking a knee for the flag and anthem. Though it has taken on an anti-Trump complexion, the initial protest by Colin Kaepernick was against (imagined) police brutality towards black men. Disconcertingly, even those who oppose the form of the protest; nevertheless, implicitly accept its premise, if only by their silence about it. The premise being that black men are disproportionately targeted and shot by cops. Quite simply, this is not supported by the evidence.

I wrote about this using publicly available data (The Truth in Black and White,) but Heather MacDonald (The War on Cops) is the person to go to. She has completely exposed the myth. For example, when set against black crime rates, blacks are by a long way less likely to be killed by cops than are whites. Don’t worry, the myth will live on. Black rabblerousers and the fake-news media will see to that.

Facts aside about police brutality, there is a lot of injustice in the world. I am pretty sure many young black people in America suffer injustices. Others do too but that doesn’t mean black sportsmen can’t highlight the injustices that they feel most acutely. How they do it is the issue.

A national anthem and flag transcend politics. Me, standing for Advance Australia Fair does not mean that I support Malcolm Turnbull. Nor does it mean that I am happy about the inevitable enactment of SSM or about impoverishing renewable-energy targets. Equally, kneeling when the anthem is played would not be a constructive or remotely comprehensible way of voicing my political objections.

There has to be one point where those making up a nation come together. That point is patriotism; wanting the best for the nation as a whole. Standing for the anthem and flag is simply an expression of that point of common cause, even among those who may be bitterly divided on particular political and social issues.

Apologists for the NFL players claim that they are not intending to disrespect the flag. This is pure sophistry. If you don’t mean to be disrespectful, it is odd indeed to take a knee precisely when the American flag is flying and the Star-Spangled Banner playing. To someone with common sense (there’s the problem I suppose) it is plainly disrespectful. And it is unmistakeably directed at the unifying symbols of the nation.

Trump was right to call it out. Isn’t it refreshing to have a political leader who is not afraid to speak his mind. Who is not cowed by political correctness. Who stands for something. He’s the one best last chance to quell the crippling rise of leftism AKA progressivism, which is intent on besmirching the achievements, symbols and moral standards underpinning Western societies.

Can’t have that. They are out to get him.

14 thoughts on “Kneeling Before an Altar of Lies

  • pgang says:

    There are big, big things going on in the US right now. Trump is winning with his tax reform; Hollywood is dying, suffocating in its own poisonous fumes; the rent seeking abortion mega-industry is finally on the back foot; energy policy is changing; the Obamacare socialist disaster will soon be gone, if not this year then next; hope is on the rise; relations with China are fluid; and perhaps most importantly, the anti-Trump GOP elements are being weeded out of the swamp. Trump is winning, thanks largely to the genius of Banon.

    But what do we get on our taxpayer funded news service? A headline that Trump forgot somebody’s name. And The Australian is complicit in its silence on all of these matters. Today’s headline is that Trump blocked the release of some JFK files. Who cares.

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    And what isn’t being reported in Aus is that football crowds boo the players when they kneel.

    And more importantly, to the clubs, to audiences have fallen 5% over the last months. Revenue will plummet.

    Trump can’t lose. He’s appealing to the people outside the managerial elites, and the more their media dump on him the more support he’ll get.

  • dimmkap@gmail.com says:

    I read this and I think the world might still have a chance. But then I listen to what the kids bring from school, I overhear couple of words on ABC as I flip through the channels, I speak to a new acquaintance at a friends’ barbie, and my level of optimism drops.

    • whitelaughter says:

      Would the ABC survive without govt funding? No. Would the public schools if they faced the private sector with equal funding? No. We are dealing with a disease, a society wide infection, that uses govt money to spruik their ‘beliefs’ that all boil down to greater govt control, spending, revenue raising…that will then be spent spruiking the cause. But society is not the infection, it is the healthy tissue that is being invaded. Just as a body can shake of an infection, so can our society. Or like a body, be eaten alive.

      • Warty says:

        I think it gets back to what pgang said above: there’s a sense of momentum in America, not the least of it being Steve Bannon who is doing his best to encourage the preselection of pro Trumper candidates for the 2018 mid terms. As with all these things, when it seems the real conservatives are seen to be gaining momentum, the deep state fights back. On MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’, Joe Scarborough put out a counter narrative that Bannon’s efforts would of course play into Democrat hands, because Bannon is picking out Republican candidates who are so ‘out there’ that the Democrats will ‘romp home’.
        Senators Jeff Flake and Bob Corker, in announcing they will not be seeking reelection in the 2018 mid terms, decided to go out with buckets of Trump-spray (as you do) knowing they haven’t a chance in hell in getting re-elected. In their respective ‘sprays’ you hear reflected all the ‘never Trump’ rhetoric, you know, that Trump is uncouth, that he is responsible for the ‘destructiveness of our politics/indecency of our discourse’ etc. In other words the establishment throwing their toys out of the cot because a straight talking outsider won the election, rather than the quintessential gentleman like Marco Rubio or a Jeb Bush (now there’s a fine establishment man).
        They don’t want a street fighter like Trump, with an equally formidable street fighter backing him up like Steve Bannon or Sebastian Gorka both accused of being on the ‘far right’ and Bannon even accused of being a ‘white supremacist’. As we know, name-calling is the left’s way of debating.

  • Jody says:

    Trump is becoming ever more shrill, dysfunctional and out of control. It’s a zero sum game for the American people and it will not last. The Republican Party is in total disarray as is the White House. The Americans desperately need a real leader; we all do.

    • Warty says:

      Jody, it is merely a matter of the media you have access to. All the ‘main’ stuff, your CNNs, your New York Times, your Washington Posts, your MSNBCs, even your beloved Pommy libertarian site, Spiked, will all take the line you are taking, that it is Trump, followed by Bannon and Gorka that are ‘ever more shrill and dysfunctional’. Despite a host of legislation Trump has managed to pass (and it looks like his tax cuts). Only the elites read/watch/listen to this stuff, whilst Trump’s base (the ones who won the election) read/watch/listen to the National Review, Breitbart, Fox, Eagle Rising, and numerous other publications and sites. These tell quite a different story. The media impoverished folk over here are only offered the elite stuff, until they develop indigestion, then they seek out the deplorable sites.
      I personally suffer from indigestion.

      • Jody says:

        I wouldn’t call any of it “elite”. It’s Trump himself giving the game away with his mindless, lying Tweets. That’s the tragedy of it; he doesn’t NEED the media to destroy him now. And there must be a leader our there with intelligence and stability who can bring about the kind of change America needs. It will all take time, but I feel America will NEVER be ‘great’ again.

        • Warty says:

          Now, you use the plural ‘mindless, lying tweets’. Perhaps you could give, say, three or four examples of tweets that deliberately lie. There’d need to be more that two to make a fuss about, because where would one start with Hillary, with her lies regarding the Benghazi embassy attack; her lies about her emails; her lies about the uranium deal with Russia; and her lies about Russia ‘stealing’ the election from her. We will overlook her lies and bullying of women raped/molested/ fondled/smooched with/bailed up in corridors, in closets, on Oval Room desks, under Oval Room desks by her enchanting husband. We’ll overlook all those because we’d be here all day and I would have wandered off topic with bucket loads of sleaze. So that’s my ‘offering’ of self serving lies and hopefully you’ll follow.
          The elephant in the room you haven’t addressed is the media issue, in other words the main topic in the comment above (because Mrs Jody unfortunately became distracted by a bit of Trump ad hominem, failing to address sources and collective biases). Mrs Jody seems not to have read anything about the brilliance of the tweets as a means to totally by-passing the media sewerage works (some of them listed above). Now, I know she is intelligent and I know she is well versed in use of language and the need to use the appropriate language to tailor to one’s audience. I’m not here to criticise them, but they don’t read lengthy op eds in the New York Times, their needs being far more immediate. They’ll follow a discussion on Hannity far more readily than an article even in Breitbart, and I’m speaking as a whole here. But communication is communication and Trump’s brilliance lay in his ability to use the right language, the right means for conveying it to the appropriate audience, even with a bit of bear-baiting thrown in (regarding the MSM representatives corralled at the back of the stadium or halls etc). None of those speeches were aimed at you or me, but at least one of us understands what he was doing and why it was so successful. When you pitched your lessons to a 2unit Standard English class, as opposed to a 2 unit Advanced, it didn’t mean you suddenly became less intelligent, it simply meant you were flexible in your delivery. The same with Trump.
          The brilliance surrounding the ‘make America great again’ is that it is such a simple one line slogan, yet so nuanced. I could write a three hundred word essay on should you want it. Also, if you want to listen to two highly articulate Trump speeches (for example) listen to his address to the Polish people and then his address to the UN. Now those were even more sophisticated than even Jody’s 3 unit English extension class deliveries (if they still call it ‘3 unit whatever’). The man is far from one dimensional.

  • Jody says:

    Trump lied about what he said to the mother of the dead soldier and he lies about what he says to people in the White House when there are witnesses right there. Over and Over. I don’t remember any President, apart from Clinton, being charged with so many lies on a daily basis. And his brainless comments about peoples’ IQs is a projection of his own. He’s just EMBARRASSING.

  • Warty says:

    Now hang on, hang on here. The conflicting reports about the dead soldier/son story are again complex. Firstly he approached Gen. Kelly for advice, which was given. He then spoke to the woman, who had since managed to get her Congress representative to listen in to the conversation (unbeknown to Trumpy) and unfortunately omitted to actually name the son, perhaps forgot his name (which is the way a hostile MSM reported it). Thirdly he seems to have been unaware (not briefed on) the fact that the son had been missing for, what was it, two days, three days and had not in fact died with his comrades around him (well perhaps they actually were, but got the hell out of a live contact, leaving the poor bastard behind). But there is no proof, and there ought to be no suggestion he actually lied. The whole thing was a set up, designed to inflict as much damage as possible, but the full explanation surrounding the interchange probably did more damage to the Congress woman listening in.
    Your second example of ‘he lies about what he says to people in the White House when there are witnesses right there’ is hardly an example at all. What would you say to one of your students that used that as a literary example? You’d tell him or her that such vagaries attract few marks.

  • Keith Kennelly says:


    No point arguing
    Jodys always wrong.
    Jody always hates Trump, and Abbott
    Jody claims to be a liberal but expresses opinions not in line et
    And now she reveals her son works for a politician.

    I wonder whether the politician he works for is a labor, a green, a bedwetter or one of those numskull independents.

    • Warty says:

      Apparently her son works for the Liberals.

    • Warty says:

      Oh, and your forth point: her views are very much in keeping with the Christopher Pyne, George Brandis type of Liberal, which is not altogether different to a Tony Burke, or a Mark Butler type of Laborite: and there’s your problem. Hopefully she’ll forgive me for denigrating her party (once my party) but they really have gone to the dogs.

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