The Truth in Black and White

black lives matterThe police shootings of two black men (Philando Castile in Flacon Heights, Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana) look problematic to say the least, judging by the video recordings that I have seen on TV. But all of the facts aren’t in so it is wise to suspend judgement. Clearly more evidence will emerge to throw greater light on the incidents.

I don’t want to comment directly on these cases nor on the demonstration in Dallas which they prompted; during which five police officers were shot and killed and seven others and two bystanders wounded. It now appears that the shooter acted alone. Micah Johnston was a 25-year-old army veteran turned ‘black terrorist’ (for want of a better description) intent, as he said, on shooting white police officers. My comment primarily goes to public safety in America but it has application to Australia and to all societies living under the rule of secular law.

The reaction of the Black Lives Matter demonstrators in Dallas when they became aware that shots were being fired is instructive. They scattered in all directions crying out in fear and panic. The police ran towards the danger. There are two lessons to draw I think.

The first is that untrained unarmed people are no match for a trained gunman. This is so obvious why say it? It’s worth saying because we civilians, but particularly progressives and those intent on feminising society, have to realise that power does come out of the barrel of a gun. A few ruthless bad guys with guns can subjugate and enslave many unarmed people (otherwise called ‘sheep’) without any difficulty at all.

Our safety (the safety of us sheep) in Australia is totally dependent on the police and defence forces. In America it is a little different because many millions of citizens have the capacity to defend themselves. I like the American model better because the resurgence of militant Islam is making the world a more threatening place, but that is by the way.

The second lesson is that delegating our safety to police officers, as we must in the course of ordinary life whether we are personally armed or not, carries risks. One risk is that some police officers will at times act outside their authority; and sometimes brutally. But a second risk is likely to be realised much more often. That is that police officers may ‘overreact’ to perceived danger. Like us civilians, they don’t want to be harmed and have the same adrenalin reaction to danger as do we all. They are not a race apart.

In America there is a recurring theme among those on the left that police target black men. This goes right to the top. President Obama said this immediately after the shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana: “We have seen tragedies like this too many times. All of us as Americans should be troubled by these shootings, because these are not isolated incidents. They’re symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system…the data shows that black folks are more vulnerable to these kinds of incidents.” Does the data show this? It does if you are a charlatan or an idiot.

William D. Rubinstein: Blacks and Police in Violent America

If you consult the FBI crime statistics by race[i] you will find that in 2014 whites committed 46% of murders and blacks (accounting for only 13% of the population) for 51%. But hold on, these statistics are skewed, surely? They certainly are. By a PC sleight of hand, the FBI has redefined ‘white’ to include Hispanics, North Africans and Middle Easterners. So what is the white murder rate?

There is no data. But only six out of 71 of the FBI’s current ‘most-wanted’ offenders are white, according to The New Observer[ii], which looked at the mug shots and names. It goes on to conclude that “non-whites commit at least 90% of all violent crimes in America.” I heard one commentator drag a figure out of the air and say that blacks are nine times more likely to be stopped by police than are whites. Even if this is true, in view of their disproportionate criminality, it is hardly surprising.

It also seems to be generally acknowledged, without the benefit of reliable statistics unfortunately, that more whites are killed by cops than are blacks. Of course, the counter point is made that blacks are killed disproportionately. But again, if a segment of the population put itself at particular risk of coming into adversarial contact with law enforcement, particularly in a gun-toting society, more from that segment will be killed. Pari passu blacks disproportionately kill cops.

The FBI reports that 511 law enforcement officers were feloniously killed in the the ten years from 2004 to 2013.[iii] The perpetrators break down as 51% white and 43% black. But again, the ‘white’ figure is seriously inflated by the selective colour blindness of the FBI; which, to repeat, identifies Hispanics, North Africans and Middle-Easterners as ‘white’.

Where am I heading? First, there appears to be no compelling statistical evidence that the police unduly target blacks in America. Second, if we sheep want to be safe then the police everywhere need to concentrate their efforts on those more likely to do us harm. They need to profile. And for their own safety, and ultimately ours, they need to avoid putting their own lives at unnecessary risk.

This means in America that young black men will go on being killed by cops at a disproportionate rate. Of course, within the bounds of not further compromising police safety, efforts should be made to reduce and minimise such killings. But in the end result, while blacks continue to engage in sharply disproportionate criminality, black deaths at the hands of police is the price which will be paid for public safety, however disturbing and unfortunate that is.

There is an option. It is to allow black criminals to run rampant. Perhaps, rather than confront them and risk being killed or having their careers ruined or worse for a false step in the heat of the moment, the cops should offer black criminals a lift to the nearest white middle-class liberal enclave; retire to safety, and hear about the ‘fun’ next day.

Facts don’t matter to rabble-rousers like the agitators in Black Lives Matter and those who give them credibility. They are a plague; and would plunge us into a nightmarish world without safety, if their fantasies were ever to be realized. We need cops to keep the bad guys at bay. As Det. Frank Keller (Al Pacino) colorfully puts in the movie Sea of Love: “Come the wet-ass hour, I’m everybody’s daddy.”

[iii] https://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/leoka/2013/tables/table_44_leos_fk_race_and_sex_of_known_offender_2004-2013.xls


11 thoughts on “The Truth in Black and White

  • Rob Ellison says:

    The truth in your opinion. The US has a culture of violence that kills orders of magnitude more people in a year than Islam ever did. Police violence is especially problematic given the special powers and the responsibility that goes with it.


    • lloveday says:

      More than Islam ever did? 2? million Armenians is just one example. More recently, Northern Sudan’s take-over of Southern Sudan and Iraq’s holy war on Iran. The Granada, Adana and Batak massacres,…..

      • Rob Ellison says:

        The US was clearly specified. And I am not going to get into the idiocy of global body counts.

        • lloveday says:

          Not “clearly specified” – you wrote of the specific US culture of violence, but Islam was unqualified and I took it as written, just as I took the “kills orders of magnitude” to include, not having been excluded, off-shore US kills such as Obama’s massacre of Libyans.
          I’m not the only one who read it thus – I asked another teacher (of the old school), and he agrees with me.

        • lloveday says:

          “I am not going to get into the idiocy of global body counts”.
          What an bizarre statement! You direct to a web site with the heading “The Guardian has built the most comprehensive database of US police killing ever published. Compare our findings to those from the UK, Australia, Iceland and beyond”, which clearly, specifically, unambiguously and actually “gets into global body counts”. Goodness me!

  • lloveday says:

    Similarly I prefer the American way, which used to be the British way (“An Englishman’s home is his castle”) and hence the Australian way, where citizens had the right to use whatever force they chose to defend themselves, their family and their property in their own home.
    Now, in SA at least, having pepper spray in your own home is a jailing offence, similarly a baseball bat is not allowed if for the purpose of self-defence, and pushing 70, I’d have trouble convincing a court it was for playing baseball, even if I were willing to commit perjury.
    So the pollies that make these laws, comfortably safe in their homes that bristle with security devices, insist that we go belly-up if invaded, accept being bashed, robbed, raped, even killed. The days when I could meaningfully take on these ever-emboldened criminals with my fists is long gone, so before recently deserting Australia, I broke the law and risked jail by having weapons within my 4 walls that were never taken out thereof.
    On my telling that to my then local MP, he replied (I still have his letter), that he would rather run the risk of his daughter being raped and he killed than have a weapon (specifically a firearm not in a locked safe when home as required by law) in his home that an invader might commandeer and use against them. Well bully for you Sir, I would not, so what right to do have to impose your impotence on me?
    A telling American crime statistic – their rate of home invasion is around just one third of that in Australia. No prizes for figuring why!

    • Bwana Neusi says:

      A retired police officer (Australian) advised me to have a large torch (D cells) which would be similar in size and weight to a police truncheon.
      It could reasonably be argued in court that the torch was for illumination purposes only and never intended as a weapon or for defence (except perhaps to shine in their eyes and temporarily blind them whilst you made good your escape.

      • lloveday says:

        Yes, it’s a good legal “weapon”; I had one of those with an extra, legal when I bought it but rendered illegal by legislation without any compensation – a tube emerged underneath the head which connected to a small can of pepper spray inside behind the batteries, activated by pulling a lever. Best of two worlds, but not as good as the coach shotgun.
        But don’t you find it repulsive that you could have to go to the extent of arguing your case in court when all you want to do is protect your home, and particularly the people therein?

  • Steve Spencer says:

    Obama carries some blame for the events at the rally and the deaths of those policemen. As far as I know, he has only made a point of getting involved in shootings by police when the victim was black and he has quite clearly and deliberately said that there is a “problem’ with racism in the police force. He knows that the involvement of the President himself will fan the flames, especially given he is black himself. His qualifications, adding a few words to the effect that not all police are racist, do little to lend any sense of impartiality.

    Strange, isn’t it, that his message when a black person is shot by police is that there is a problem in the police force, yet when Muslims perpetrate violence on others, his principle message is to say that it doesn’t represent an issue within Muslim communities as a whole. He has no problem extrapolating single incidents of (allegedly) police racism into a wider, systemic problem, yet he goes to great lengths to tell us we shouldn’t do the same with Muslims.

    • Lawrie Ayres says:

      Very astute Steve. Obama is certainly part of the problem whether it is the police or the Muslims that are under consideration. He has proven himself to be a failure in every situation in which he has engaged. Hilary should be careful taking his advice and accepting his support although to be fair every time she does she encourages Trump supporters.

  • Jody says:

    This just needs to be called out, and often. That shouldn’t be difficult. “Progressives” don’t like facts; they operate on a level of pure emotion. And they love glib hashtags!!!

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