Kneel Before Your ‘Progressive’ Masters

take a knee“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out, he’s fired! He’s fired!”

Down come the Trump haters from great heights of sanctimony. Trump is a racist and white supremacist, charge the Democrats and their cheerleaders; to wit, the hopelessly-corrupted fake-news media. No other conclusion could be drawn, they intone over and over again.

Repetition of lies makes factoids. Leftists know that and are well practised in mythmaking. ‘The stolen generations’ is an exemplar in Australia. Talk to almost anyone you like and that myth has become a ‘truth’.

As most of the highly paid NFL players are black – they must have some physiological edge but we are probably not allowed to say that –Trump must be a racist. And he is dog whistling to white supremacists. His use of the word ‘bitch’ proves that to those who are prepared to go through any tendentious contortions to arrive at the answer they want.

The never-Trump Republicans get on board, if in a less colourful way. Karl Rove disproves of Trump’s language and his impugning of the parenthood of the NFL players. I was reminded of NSW Premier Robert Askin vocalising his thought “run over the bastards” to Lydon Johnson when anti-Vietnam War protesters were attempting to block his motorcade. Askin was criticised for this in some quarters, but I don’t seem to recall part of that criticism being related to the archaic literal meaning of ‘bastards’.

Memo to leftists and Karl Rove and company: Trump was using a common or garden expression, as was Askin. Moreover, in using the expression “he’s fired” he was parodying himself. The humour of the children’s literature character Amelia Bedelia, who took everything literally, would be entirely lost on today’s adult wallies. We are clearly living through a dumb age in which common sense has become a much rarer commodity.

Mark Steyn says that common sense presupposes a common understanding of the world, which is now absent. He’s right which is why Q&A panels and audiences, for example, appear to me to be mostly populated by aliens; and particularly dumb and nasty ones. Witness, as another example, an elementary school librarian, Liz Phipps Soeiro, who has just scolded Melania Trump for gifting her library “racist” Dr Seuss books. This lady can spot racist undertones in The Cat in the Hat. Imagine how young children will turn out under this dumb leftist tutelage. It is a growing curse on our children and on mankind.

Back to taking a knee for the flag and anthem. Though it has taken on an anti-Trump complexion, the initial protest by Colin Kaepernick was against (imagined) police brutality towards black men. Disconcertingly, even those who oppose the form of the protest; nevertheless, implicitly accept its premise, if only by their silence about it. The premise being that black men are disproportionately targeted and shot by cops. Quite simply, this is not supported by the evidence.

I wrote about this using publicly available data (“The Truth in Black and White,” QOL, 11 July 2016) but Heather MacDonald (The War on Cops) is the person to go to. She has completely exposed the myth. For example, when set against black crime rates, blacks are by a long way less likely to be killed by cops than are whites. Don’t worry the myth will live on. Black rabble rousers and the fake-news media will see to that.

Facts aside about police brutality, there is a lot of injustice in the world. I am pretty sure many young black people in America suffer injustices. Others do too but that doesn’t mean that black sportsmen can’t highlight the injustices that they feel most acutely. How they do it is the issue.

A national anthem and flag transcend politics. Me, standing for Advance Australia Fair does not mean that I support Malcolm Turnbull. Nor does it mean that I am happy about the inevitable enactment of SSM or about impoverishing renewable-energy targets. Equally, kneeling when the anthem is played would not be a constructive or remotely comprehensible way of voicing my political objections.

There has to be one point where those making up a nation come together. That point is patriotism; wanting the best for the nation as a whole. Standing for the anthem and flag is simply an expression of that point of common cause, even among those who may be bitterly divided on particular political and social issues.

Apologists for the NFL players claim that they are not intending to disrespect the flag. This is pure sophistry. If you don’t mean to be disrespectful, it is odd indeed to take a knee precisely when the American flag is flying and the Star-Spangled Banner playing. To someone with common sense (there’s the problem I suppose) it is plainly disrespectful. And it is unmistakeably directed at the unifying symbols of the nation.

Trump was right to call it out. Isn’t it refreshing to have a political leader who is not afraid to speak his mind? Not cowed by political correctness? Who stands for something? He’s the one best last chance to quell the crippling rise of leftism AKA progressivism, which is intent on besmirching the achievements, symbols and moral standards underpinning Western societies.

Can’t have that. They are out to get him.

15 thoughts on “Kneel Before Your ‘Progressive’ Masters

  • en passant says:

    You answered your own question, but did not join the dots:
    “… those who are prepared to go through any tendentious contortions to arrive at the answer they want.”
    “Quite simply, this is not supported by the evidence.”

    The point is that facts, evidence, reality, truth, etc, etc have nothing to do with the use of thuggery to obtain the result you want. The Climate Con trolls, the Stolen Generation – that were not. (Note: a good friend of mine said on the weekend that he was voting for SSM because it will do no harm and will make a lot of people happy. I asked ‘How?’ To the sound of my mind imploding he replied: “Like Rudd’s apology to the Stolen Generations did.” I asked “Can you name one person stolen because of their colour.” “No, I don’t study the details, just the principles.”

    He is educated and a good (but clearly simple) soul – and the reason why Oz is lost cause. My new home, 1.5m above high tide, supplied by cheap fossil-fueled energy and a vibrant, growing economy in a tropical climate will have to do me for the 500 years remaining of my life before the sea rises to my front door. Nothing happened in the first 50-years, but you can never be too careful …

    Cue the Resident Troll …

    • Jody says:

      Well, I’m happy to take on that role. You give too much credit to so-called ‘progressives’. In fact, progressivism is essentially a meme which translates to “I don’t have to think; hand me my ideology and I’ll take it up because everybody else seems to have already”. And Ross Cameron is right; progressives fetishize change and diversity. And fetishism needs to be seen for what it is, no more and no less. It’s a ticket to every writers’ festival and a dinner party place with the bien pensant. Some of us don’t need that kind of leave pass and can do it on our own, saying what we feel with conviction and respect – not hectoring, patronization and contempt, which is the schtick of the progressive Left.

      Your friend’s comment is a prime example of the description I’ve provided. And I avoid 2 of my own sisters because they talk that way themselves!! Life is too short and too precious to spoil it in the company of robots.

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    Did you say “adult Walids? And witless about Soeiro?

    En passant,

    Your friend was of course University educated, with an education or humanities degree?

    Jody you joined those you criticise with your hate of Trump and Abbott and your soft view of climate catastrafarinism.

    ‘Essentially ‘You’d believe if it wasn’t a leftie belief’
    But it isn’t just a leftie belief.
    Turnbull believes in it along with numerous Liberals.

    It’s a managerial class belief.

  • lloveday says:

    Quote: “they must have some physiological edge but we are probably not allowed to say that”,
    No longer allowed to state why they have the edge either, other than in hushed tones to other realists, but it is obvious to me and used to be commonly stated in my circle:
    – NFL players tend to be big and strong
    – many of the black NFL players are descendent of slaves
    – slavers sought to capture the biggest and strongest for their “wares”
    – a number of the weaker of those captured died in transit
    – no matter what the Left says, genes matter – no rational person disputes that Stephen Hawking’s son was more likely to be a genius in a top job with Microsoft than was Joe Frazier’s son, nor that Frazier’s son was more likely to be a heavyweight boxer who fought Larry Holmes and Mike Tyson than Hawking’s.

  • mburke@pcug.org.au says:

    And people of a certain age will recall how, long before our current epidemic of political correctness, James George Snyder Sr., aka Jimmy the Greek, an American sports commentator and Las Vegas bookmaker, was sacked from his regular TV commentary jobs simply because he made the comment on air that African-American athletes had such genetic advantages. I wonder how his critics would respond to the shower of “white privelege” accusations flying around today. Oh, wait!

  • pgang says:

    Couldn’t help noticing the cool and calm reaction of the Country Music folk to the atrocity in Vegas. ‘We just helped out where we could,’ end of story. No histrionics, no OMG’s, no tears or nervous breakdowns. These were good, solid people who have given me a very high opinion of American character.

    Imagine if it had been a bunch of entitled snowflakes.

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    At least I don’t have to stoop to near profanity or correcting grammatical error to show my power!

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    It seems to me after listening to Alan Jones and Mark Latham yesterday morning it is likely both are going down the same path as James Burnham. They are in startling agreement today’s problem is nothing to do with left and right and are starting to single out the educated elites as imposing their precious causes on the rest of us.

    They’d only have to read ‘The Managerial Revolution’ and ‘The Machievallians’ equate the 3educated elites and the Managerial Class.

    You could do with reading them too Jody.

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