Allahu Gay Bar

gayhadiThe ongoing and increasing incidence of terrorism attacks by young Muslim males is unique not just in global scope and frequency but especially in the indiscriminate nature of the targets and the apparent preference of a suicidal outcome. This lack of discrimination often includes other member of the same faith and the suicidal preference maintains even where it seems obviously possible for the perpetrator to have had a good possibility of escape or to have otherwise achieved an attack in a non-suicidal manner.

Historically, suicide attacks have generally been limited to desperate circumstances and were aimed at inflicting maximal damage on an enemy. Their employment as a routine tactic aimed at random soft targets poses a question: why such extreme sacrifice for so little effective result? Something other than tactical or strategic objectives must be involved.

Studies of both human and animal behaviour have found that if strong instinctive drives are blocked, quite aberrant behaviour often results. In our own species the sexual drive is an especially strong one.  With females in ongoing oestrus, sexuality underlies much of our social structure.  Where heterosexual relations are prohibited or inaccessible, as in prisons, boy’s schools, celibate clergy and some military situations, the result tends to be a significant increase in homosexual or other non-heterosexual behaviour.

Islam is the most restrictive of all major religions in regard to sexual behaviour, with strict prohibitions on all sexual activity outside marriage.  This is often enforced by severe penalties and tight limits on contact between sexes outside the family. With the only approved option being marriage, even that is reduced by widespread polygamy which is enjoyed chiefly by older, higher status males.

Unsurprisingly, the result of all this has been a high level of homosexual activity which has been obscured by simply not speaking about or acknowledging it. Various accounts indicate sexual relations between older men and young boys to be a common practice. Before the recent acceptance of homosexuality in Western culture the unacknowledged tolerance and common practice of gay relations made some Muslim nations attractive holiday destinations for Western gays.

For young male Muslims growing up in this regard is not unlike being sent to a boy’s boarding school.  Where the big difference occurs is that the Western boys graduate and enter into a society where other options are available. Then, whatever happened in school imposes no great guilt. However, for young Muslim males there is no graduation and their only acceptable option is to marry.  Their faith promises only an afterlife of eternity in Hell for any such transgressions, and public exposure in this life would result in severe dishonour and possibly harsh punishment or even death.

For many, martyrdom must seem the only escape from insufferable guilt. It guarantees absolution of all sin, an assured posthumous promotion to revered status and instant transport to Paradise, plus a surplus of virgins with whom to pleasure oneself forever. Certainly, it’s a much better deal than anything they can hope for in this life. It also affords a satisfying retaliation against all society.  Depending on one’s level of guilt, strength of belief and social status this seems to be an offer which a worrying number can’t refuse.

Recent profiles of suicide attackers fit such a pattern, including indications of a confused bisexuality in some of the most devastating ones. Responding with fear and curtailment of freedom only means success and encouragement for a terrorism equipped with an endless supply of volunteers for martyrdom. If it came to be generally recognised that such attacks are a sad guilt-riven coming out and the public affirmation of a deep cultural malaise, it might do more to dull the appeal of martyrdom than any effort to further heighten security and restrict freedom.

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  • nfw says:

    Have always loved that photo for the article lead. It’s up there with the Tele-Tubiban. Have you seen that? What a screamer!

  • Warty says:

    An interesting theory as to why some Muslims might find suicide very attractive, except, perhaps, being confronted (so they say) with 20 virgins when they reach the other side of the veil (separating this life from the hereafter) might not be all they wished for. Surely they’d hope for 20 or so of the limp-wristed variety?
    Interesting article, by the wonderful Janet Albrechtsen, in The Australian this morning: ‘Islamic terror: France’s Benjamin Erbibou says stop blaming the West’. Now, Erbibou doesn’t go into homosexual proclivities, but he does say to get rid of this whole victimhood identification business, perpetuated by the Left. He was saying that when these apologists go around saying, ‘yes, France is a racist cesspool, filled with right wing bigots, who hate Muzzies like the plague’ (he doesn’t actually use those words, but those are the sentiments) then little wonder these dear Arab-like chaps want to blast the bejeebers out of we Westerners. So get rid of Section 18c of Part II of the Racial Discrimination Act (Janet’s sentiments); and stop institutionalising victimhood culture; and be proud of one’s own culture and the heritage which gave rise to such a rich culture.
    I might (me personally) also say get rid of multiculturalism altogether, as that is another, institutionalised way of undermining Western culture, by saying all these other ones are of equal value and need equal expression ( so lets get rid of bloody Christmas trees, Easter eggs, saying ‘Happy Christmas’ because any of these things are likely to offend Muslims in particular, and their culture is so equal to ours, better in fact).
    A final thought: why not encourage suicide, without the bombing bit, so that the jihadis can rush off to the utter disappointment of meeting with 20 female, doe-eyed virgins (maybe with just a little hair on their collective chests and upper lips).

  • brian.doak@bigpond.com says:

    Scholars of Arabian culture have pointed to the deep roots of paganism in Islam, and the reward of celestial virgins for the shahid or martyr is reminiscent of ancient Baal worship with its fertility rites and sexual orgies. One scholar says: “Allah was the moon god of the Arabians. This explains the crescent moon found on the minarets of mosques and on the flags of Muslim nations”.

  • bemartin39@bigpond.com says:

    This otherwise good article is diminished somewhat by the last paragraph, especially the final sentence. How should our response to terrorism be modified by understanding the motivation of the perpetrators as detailed in the article?

    Notwithstanding the above, one is again reminded of the base, sleazy preoccupation of Islam with all matters sexual. It is akin to the mindset of a pubescent youth whose brain is flush with testosterone, while extremely demeaning as one of the cornerstones of a “religion”. A telling reflection on its founder.

  • Salome says:

    “Islam is the most restrictive of all major religions in regard to sexual behaviour, with strict prohibitions on all sexual activity outside marriage.” No it isn’t. Orthodox Judaism is much stricter, and you don’t see Orthodox Jews behaving like Muslims. Islam restricts the behaviour of Muslim women (as the property of their husbands or male guardians). They have to cover themselves up, not consort in any way with males to whom they are not related or married, etc. Infidel women, prostitutes, ‘those whom your right hands possess’ (i.e., sex slaves), are fair game. The problem with Muslim men is not that their sexuality is repressed, but that, with virtually no access to their own women except family members, they are not taught to control themselves. If women can’t mix freely with men and relate with them as human beings with intelligence and choices, men see them as good for only one purpose. As to the homosexual thing, remember that homosexuality was illegal here until about 40 years ago. Muslims are the way they are because they are taught to take the commands of Allah literally in the present day, the men are not taught to control themselves, and they are taught that they are the best of all people, with the result that other people are merely there to be used and abused at will. It’s not a case of ‘you’ve got to give young men an outlet (or an inlet) or they’ll blow us up’.

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