Sanctuary for the Testosterone Afflicted

maleGrandchildren are a wonderful blessing, at least at the age mine are – 3, 5 and 8 and all boys.   You can indulge them more than you would have done their parents, then hand them back at the end of the day and they will love you for it – the grandkids, I mean.

But there is one downside – the possibility that one or others of these angelic creatures will some day succumb to the lure of drugs is a horrific thought.  It is a nightmare one tries to suppress, something to worry about for another day, when they are older. Other than premature death, it’s hard to imagine a scenario more terrible than a life consumed by opiates or stimulants. Or so I thought until just the other day.

My middle grandson, Zane,  was watching one of the Star Wars movies when he suddenly said,  ‘Pa, can we skip over the part where Jango Fett kills a girl?’ I thought at first he must have absorbed the message of those public-service announcements that urge men — all men, not just the minority of thugs and ruffians — not to punch women or otherwise physically abuse them. But that wasn’t the case, as it subsequently emerged during the course of our conversation.

Shockingly, it is his belief that girls are unworthy opponents, even though, in this instance, Fett’s quarry, Zam Wessell, is herself a contract assassin and no shrinking violet. Pardon the Star Wars trivia, but one becomes something of an expert on who light-sabered who when youngsters are bouncing about the house.

I was mortified.  My immediate reaction was that Zane should be referred to an expert –Fairfax Media’s Clementine Ford, say — for re-education. That is her below, explaining to one and all that her vagina is not a car. This is a useful distinction, as Melbourne City Council parking officers might otherwise waste time searching for a windscreen wiper under which to leave an infringement notice.

The thought of him repeating such a demeaning view of the female sex in public was just too embarrassing.  Where on earth could he have gotten the outrageous idea that a girl is less worthy of being killed in combat than a man?

In an earlier, less enlightened age, I might foolishly have lauded him for such gallantry and gentlemanly sensitivity, rare in one so young. Then it occurred to me that, yes, Zane is much too young to have absorbed such sexism from his father or, God forbid, his grandfather. Clearly, misogyny is inherited not learned.  I further questioned if any re-education program, even one conducted by so perceptive a social critic as Fairfax Media’s Ms Ford,  might be effective against the malign influences encoded in Zanes male genes. His birthright and destiny is to be an XY-chromosoned outcast, I concluded, a creature to be scorned by all right-thinking members of our new and liberated world. Ms Ford exemplifies that new order. After news broke of the mass sexual molestation of women by men of Middle Eastern and North African heritage she put things immediately into the correct perspective via the Tweet reproduced below.

clem rape tweet cleaned up

A collage of repugnant vignettes passed across my mind: Zane opening a door for a lady, giving up his seat on the bus or even, horror of horrors, telling a girl on a beach that she looks great in a bikini.  For the life of me I couldn’t see a solution that would save Zane from himself? Where in this modern world of ours, a world ordained to become ever more modern as Women’s Studies graduates take their places of influence in media organisations. Where could a poor boy possibly fit in?

I can only see one way out.  He will have to change  the spelling of his name to his name to Zain and emigrate to Europe, possibly Germany. Then the likes of Ms Ford will spring righteously to his defence, no matter what indignities he inflicts on women nor how far his hands may wander.

11 thoughts on “Sanctuary for the Testosterone Afflicted

  • dsh2@bigpond.com says:

    I, a mere male, a mere aging white male, find it very hard to understand the nonsense which people such as Ms, for an Ms she surely is, Ford spouts. The other night I watched the first episode of a new series of the Swedish drama, The Bridge, where a convert to lesbianism is found murdered. One of her pet projects was to establish gender neutral schools and I am still puzzling as to what such schools would be like. Presumably, all toilets would be unisex, nobody would be called a boy or a girl, there would be no him or her, no he or she, no his or hers, etc, etc. Parents, presumably, could only be parents and not mother or father. Madness, some would say, but the likes of Ms Ford would no doubt be applauding such inanity.

  • Jody says:

    Let’s be clear; the salutation ‘Ms’ is short for “Miserable”. Only a person full of hatred and grievance could spew the bile which comes from the mind of Clementine Ford and her ilk. Your grandsons, like my own, will find there are beautiful decent girls out there who eschew the feminist hate culture promulgated by the left. In fact, this kind of ideology makes it very easy to sort the wheat from the chaff. The minute these types open their mouths most decent men will utter a four-lettered word…”NEXT”!!

  • Rob Brighton says:

    We didn’t understand (or at least I didn’t) the beginnings of PC culture, we all laughed at it in the 70’s but here we are beset on all sides by its obvious dangers. The male tears rape culture foolishness has the risk of sneaking up on us as well with who knows what deleterious effects.

    My sons 18 and 15 have felt dissociated at school where they are “educated” if not on the extreme form of ” rape culture” but certainly ” male privilege” by female teachers who consider them in some way problematic because they were born with a penis. My daughter 31 rejects the ideology but tells me that many of her co-horts are on the bandwagon, they see advantage.

    It has added to my tasks as a father who is trying to raise self sufficient men. It is a work in progress that is not assisted thru the education system, yes even Catholic Schools are rife with this stupidity, I had hoped for better.

    Disastrous settlement laws in divorce with appalling “access to the kids” rules leaving fathers financially and emotionally in tatters.

    TV advertisements that display men as a doofus who cannot manage their life without competent female management.

    As much as I would like to believe what you say Jody, I fear that the mainstreaming will lead us otherwise.

    • Jody says:

      Got to agree about the disastrous “settlement” laws in divorce regarding access to children and I suspect it was always this way. Men emotionally in tatters; couldn’t agree more, and we’ve talked about this before.

      My 39 year old son and his friends meet the kinds of women discussed in this article. I don’t know how many times my son has told me he’s met a 30+ woman who has said, “I want a career and to travel before I think about settling down”. My son has the chops to say to them, “hold the mirror up and look at yourself; you won’t ever progress because mentally you’re still 17 years old”. He has become cynical and disenchanted with women who are perennial teenagers and claim equal opportunity to be as reckless as some men do – not worrying about offspring. That, of course, is their constitutional right. But ‘consequences’ are always waiting around the corner for those who think they can have everything.

      And while both sexes are busy claiming their “rights” who will carry the moral responsibility for the next generation? This has traditionally been understood as belonging to females but they’ve relinquished that right in the last decades. My question is this: who will now take moral responsibility for the next generation? Somebody needs to believe children are more important than they are themselves.

  • Damien Richardson says:

    Thanks Rob. Finally someone who is not in denial. It saddens me that even Quadrant is often so lacklustre in identifying the scourge that is feminism. I too have been appalled by the indoctrination of my children’s Catholic education by this insidious ideology. The nexus that exists between feminism and Islam will continue to undermine western values for many years to come.

  • Lawrie Ayres says:

    Leave the cities behind and find some nice country boys and girls where all know who is best at doing what. Clementine is a foul mouthed individual who if she worked for a decent newspaper would have been sacked years ago. If she is a prime example of the modern woman there won’t be a next generation. Thankfully she is a misfit and represents the group from which Allah will find his 72 (slightly used) virgins for a future suicide bomber. Unfortunately for him he will enjoy an eternity of misery and wished he had stuck to cooking kebabs.

    • Rob Brighton says:

      We are in regional Australia, regrettably the poison of 3rd wave feminism has found fellow travellers with dubious types such as anti vaxxers, anti fluoride idiots and the like. The local rag, government and radio are awash with them.

      The stand out in the last few weeks was a interview on the radio, the interviewee had received a grant from the NDIS to start a club where her homosexual severely disabled son could “meet” people with similar inclinations. The interviewer met the proposal that this was a “much needed service” without demural.

  • Jody says:

    I was making a joke yesterday at a birthday party that muslims are sad people because they have to die before anybody will have sex with them!!

  • btola says:

    The problem starts with the capture of universities by the left, and by vice-chancellors caving in time and again to the noisy demands of leftist students and academics. Many courses, one way or another, are plagued by leftist thinking. Do a language course at university and the discussion topics are the usual suspects: global warming, “refugees”, “marriage equality”, misogyny and racism in Australia, the wickedness of the Abbott government. The students who attend these courses come out able to repeat the propaganda that they are fed without blinking or taking a breath. It does not matter how inaccurate is what you say, as long as you take a leftist position on these matters. An example from my own experience, a language lecturer explaining that the weather in Australia is hot “because of the hole in the ozone layer”.

    • Rob Brighton says:

      I cannot agree more and it is noones fault but our own. Those of us who believe in conservative values have been absent, we clearly have not done enough to convince students that our position is rational and leads to better outcomes.

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