Aid and Comfort for the Enemy

dhimmies guidePlace: Balmain coffee shop. Made-up conversation. Circa recently:

“All people should live in peace and harmony with each other; respecting each other’s lifestyles, cultures, religions, and political views.”

“Hold on! How about penis gourds? I don’t want my children subject to men wearing only penis gourds at my local coffee shop, even on the very hottest of days.”

“True enough, there are always limits. How about living in harmony with people whose children might want to cut your head off?”

“Oh, that’s alright, we must be politically correct. Be non-discriminatory and show what well-rounded compassionate people we are.”

Now consider this:

Place: ABC studio. Event: Q&A. Date: April 27:

Tony Jones, demonstrating once again how pathetically predictable he is, posed this loaded question to Senator Arthur Sinodinos:

“I’m sure that some of your senior colleagues would like to see a bigger intake of Christian refugees into Australia. Do you support that?”

Let me answer that for the Senator.

Yes, actually, I do. Give me a Christian refugee every time. They are more in tune with our Judeo-Christian values that have served us well and made us a magnet for the dispossessed and disadvantaged. Also, I don’t trust the baggage that Muslims bring. I have nothing against them personally. Most are undoubtedly good people. But their all-encompassing — state and church — religion is a problem.

It comes back to bite them and us when least expected. All of a sudden even people with university degrees and professions become devout. That doesn’t mean they start going to church regularly, becoming born again and complete bores. It means they buy the poison of asserted Islamist supremacy hook, line and sinker. Their parents are surprised. Their friends can’t believe it.

So, yes, I want more Christians and fewer, if not zero, Muslims. Call me patriotic if you like. I know that’s an insult around here at the ABC, but that’s who I am.

Unfortunately, Sinodinos actually replied to Jones as follows:

“I support a global non-discriminatory immigration policy. When it comes to refugees, we should assess them on their merits. I’m wary of the idea of saying, ‘Well, we should give a particular precedent to one group over another because of either their ethnicity or religious background. I think, at the end of the day, it has to be based on need, their need.”

So there it is. Sinodinos is ‘wary’ of putting our needs before those of refugees. Their needs apparently comes before our need to be assured that they or their children are not going to turn against us and our values. I don’t know Senator Sinodinos. I do know that his reply is pitifully asinine – and therefore drew the approval of the ABC audience.

Politicians should get this straight. Their job is to represent our interests and our children’s and their children’s interests; not the interests of refugees. I don’t think our interests are best served by our society becoming increasingly Islamic in character. If politicians think differently let them be open about it and explain the advantages. I can’t see them. I don’t believe Australians outside of the inner-city elite can see them either.

If those advantages exist why are all Islamic countries at the bottom of league table in prosperity and human rights? Exactly why would we want to import their cultural values? Why would women, not to mention feminists? Why would parents with daughters? Why would Christians or Jews, or Hindus for that matter? Why would gays or lesbians? Why would dog owners or pork-sausage eaters? Why would sculptors or artists? Why would drinkers or alcoholics or adulterers or atheists or heretics or apostates or thieves?

Of course, different cultures and religions have their own hang-ups and funny ways. But they keep them to themselves. That’s the difference. Islamists want to impose their ways on humanity. Muslims are innately susceptible to Islamism. It is not safe to have too many of them around. That is the politically incorrect truth.

When will politicians emerge who are willing to defend our values and our children’s and grandchildren’s future? We are being sold down the river in the company of Western Europe and America. No good can come of it.

It is ridiculous to hope that Islam can or will reform. Leave that Pollyanna-ism to Egypt’s President el Sisi. The only sure way to protect our values – the best the world has ever experienced – is to prevent too many Muslims from coming here. Full stop. End of story.

  • gcheyne@bigpond.net.au

    Importing a group whose values and philosophy are completely at odds with our own culture, can only lead to trouble. I remain bewildered as to why our politicians can’t see that what is happening I’m Europe and USA will eventually happen here.
    Meanwhile we should encourage muslims to move to countries where the culture is in keeping with their own.

    • acarroll

      If the overall plan of the marxist left and its sponsors is to destroy European peoples and Western Culture with it then your point about encouraging Muslims to emigrate to compatible countries is moot.

  • aertdriessen@gmail.com

    Spot on Peter. If you want to learn more about their strategy, watch this youtube clip.


    Sorry, I don’t know how to make it ‘live’.

  • bemartin39@bigpond.com

    Very well said Peter Smith once again. The simple fact is that our political leaders, in tandem with those of other western countries, are gutless wonders when it comes to Islam. The select few who are prepared to call a spade a spade are denounced by their yellow-bellied colleagues as hate-mongers on par with the Nazies, who, ironically, were great pals with the islamists of the day. Belligerent islamists, where ever they are, are laughing at our polititians’ stupidity and cowardness, rubbing their hands with glee in the certainty of the eventual success of their sinister cause.

    Bill Martin.

    • prsmith14@gmail.com

      Thanks for your kind comment Bill. Yes, I too fear that the game is effectively in process of being lost; although I cling on to hope, without much conviction, that patriotic and courageous political leaders will arise. Peter

      • bemartin39@bigpond.com

        Yes Peter, one does live in hope, however faint. Apropose, late last year I heard somewhere about a new political party being formed with the express purpose of rolling back the islamisation of Australia. You beaute, I thought, I’ll be in that, so I promptly applied to join and made a modest donation. It is to be the Australian Liberty Alliance. Never before did it occur to me to join any political party. I have been somewhat disillusioned since, due to the fact that I have never again saw or heard anything about it, except periodical email updates from the organisers. The “Great Launch” is planned for October in Perth, with Geert Wilder’s participation, but I fear the people involved are probably not very good at attracting publicity. On this account too, I live in hope.

        Let me just add to my original comment, that not only our political leaders are gutless but also our journalists, with a few notable exceptions. The same goes for media proprietors. What other publication apart from Quadrant would print your Islam related articles?



        • acarroll

          Most people just go with the flow, and if the flow is being led by a bunch of the loudest voices all singing from the same hymn book then people will just do what they’re shamed into doing or what everyone else is doing.

          Politicians know which side of their bread is buttered — they end up going along with it as well because the consequences for their careers are enormous if they get on the wrong side of those voices, which have the means to influence so many of the voting public.

          Bill I don’t think gutlessness on the part of journos or politicians has anything to do with it frankly. Gutlessness on the part of the silent majority is what’s killing us.

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