Make it Quadrant for Christmas

christmas ozIf you listen to the Greens — and, yes, no Quadrant reader ever would, except for wry amusement — then December 25 is all about sexist indoctrination, exploitative commercialism and cuddly Animal-Australians turning brown and tasty in carbon-spewing ovens. Well here’s the perfect opportunity to delight friends and family while steeping the modern left’s scolds and killjoys in the misery they love so much: The gift of a Quadrant subscription.

Take December’s edition, now on sale. Replete with incisive writing and analysis, poetry and fiction selected by Les Murray, and the commentary of Peter Coleman, Peter Ryan and Quadrant editor Keith Windschuttle’s Chronicle column, it may well represent the best writing, and the best-value reading, available in Australia.

All of this and more starts at just $59 a year for an online-only subscription. A few dollars more secures both the online and hard-copy editions, while $300 brings all of the above, plus a copy of every new book published by Quadrant Press. Had you subscribed this past year, one of those titles would have been Hal G.P. Colebatch’s Australia’s Secret War, a finalist in the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards.

Whichever option you select it is a great deal — and a boon for Quadrant, too. Unlike other journals or arts and letters,  the Australia Council has cut its support to a pittance, so taking out a subscription helps to preserve and see prosper a magazine that dares to defy the lockstep orthodoxy of the grant-fed left.

Go here to subscribe for yourself or a loved one, preferably both, and help make the left miserable.

It’s Christmas after all.


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