The Problem with Islam is Islam

moderate muslimICM Research – which so far as I can tell is a reputable organisation – recently undertook a poll for Putin’s Russian news agency Rossiya Segodnya. The poll assessed how ISIS is viewed across Britain, Germany and France. Amazingly, if the results are to be believed, 16% of those polled in France had a favourable view of ISIS.

Equally amazingly to me, only 31% of respondents apparently placed ISIS in the ‘very unfavourable’ box, as distinct from an equal number who chose the option of “somewhat unfavourable’. I wonder how many heads ISIS has to cut off before your average French man and woman takes particular umbrage? The French result of 16% compares with 7% in Britain and just 2% in Germany. Let’s concentrate on France.

The Muslim population of France is supposed to be about 7%. I have read comments to the effect that this doesn’t square with the percentage of those viewing ISIS favourably and that perhaps the official figures understate the Muslim population. How queer this all is. Surely, even if Muslims accounted for a much greater proportion of the population, the vast majority would be peaceful and moderate and would therefore reject the savagery of ISIS? Aren’t the vast majority on the side of Team France? Maybe not, mon Dieu!

Isn’t it about time that we who carry the torch for Western civilisation — there is no one else here by the way, Winston Churchill is dead — started to face facts before facts bury us and our descendents? There is no such thing as a moderate and peaceful Muslim. There are moderate and peaceful people who happen to be Muslims. But that is not the same thing. Muslims belong to a traditional creed that cripples intelligent inquiry and progress, creating backwardness and poverty, the subjection of women, stultifying oppression and bigotry wherever it predominates.

Give Mustafa Kemal Ataturk some credit for knowing what he was doing in changing Turkey into a secular state in the 1920s to bring about modernity and economic progress. Islam and the modern world don’t go together. They will clash. And one will prevail. He knew that. Why is it so hard for the political class in the West to grasp what he grasped almost a century ago?

Islam, whose reputation for moderation and peacefulness ironically soared among the West’s political class, George Bush included, after the devastation of 9/11, is demonstrating in North Africa and in the Middle East that it is far removed from a religion of peace. It is a religion which is patently adept at lending itself to violence in its name.

Don’t tell me that it is a religion of peace when so many of its young male adherents, with their mothers’ approval, look forward to 72 virgins if they manage to kill a sufficient number of men, women and children in a suicide attacks. Try telling James Foley. Try telling British soldier Lee Rigby. Try telling the thousands of Christians and Yazidis dispossessed and butchered in Iraq. Try telling the hundreds, if not thousands, of Christian school girls kidnapped, raped and enslaved in Nigeria. Try telling those killed and maimed in Boston, in Fort Hood, in the London Underground, in Manhattan, in Madrid, in Mumbai and in many, many, other places.

Islam is as Islam does, to paraphrase the old saying. And what many of its adherents do in its name is to kill people very effectively and very often. Nancy Pelosi might bring the whole vacuity of her mind to bear in describing Hamas as a ‘humanitarian organisation’ but killing Jews is what they are really about not handing out food parcels.

I am sick of hearing from the apologists. Take the time to listen to British Muslim fanatic Imam Anjem Choudary to understand the threat we face. I take no comfort from some mild-mannered Muslim lady telling me how gentle she and her friends are because, when gang leaders like Choudary, take over she and her friends will have no say.

As eloquently and passionately pointed out by Brigitte Gabriel (see the video below), the peaceful majority were irrelevant in Hitler’s Germany, in Stalin’s Russia, and in Tojo’s Japan. The creed was bad. Extremists took charge and the peace lovers fell into line and killed for the cause on cue. In fact those peaceful and moderate Muslim ladies better fall into line if the time comes or their heads as well those of us infidels will be at risk.

I am also sick of hearing, as I did the other night on 7.30, that ‘the community’ was not sufficiently consulted by Tony Abbott. What community? When it comes to national security, there is only one community that matters: the Australian community.

I was born in England but have spent most of my adult life in Australia. It is a privilege to live here. No one forces anyone to live here if they don’t want to. Let the lefty luvvies make fun of Abbott all they like but I am part of Team Australia and proud to be part of Team Australia.

There is no answer but to wage war – educationally, psychologically and sometimes by force of arms – for as long as it takes, even if that is for one hundred years. It would be nice to think that the Christian churches would wake up and play their part. Of course, Islam might reform itself by dividing church from state. And pigs might fly.

As Samuel Huntington observed in The Clash of CivilisationsHuntington, ‘Islam as a way of life transcending and uniting religion and politics … The underlying problem for the West is not Islamic fundamentalism. It is Islam, a different civilisation whose people are convinced of the superiority of their culture.’ We have a problem that cannot be wished away. It is childish to think and act as though everything is bound to turn out well in the end because the sun is shining on Bondi beach.

I remember having that mindset as a child, but then I grew up. Lefty luvvies, who almost by definition are not People of the Book, will probably be the first lot for the chop; not to mention feminists and homosexuals. They should think about that.

2 thoughts on “The Problem with Islam is Islam

  • gardner.peter.d says:

    Before establishing a secular state, Kemal Attaturk was careful and ruthless to ensure that Turkey’s population was first almost entirely Muslim. His example, it seems to me, shows that Islam can only be peaceful within itself – and often not even then for it is deeply divided between Shia and Sunni and democracy has no means of bridging that gulf. It is interesting that Iraq was also relatively peaceful and successful under King Abdullah (‘appointed’ by the British) between the wars who deployed Arab nationalism forcefully to unite factions within Islam. Democracy in Iraq today is not working. Islam is demonstrably incompatible with Western plural parliamentary democracy unless it or one of its main factions is an overwhelming majority, in which case democracy is a trivial pursuit. The lesson for Western governments is that Islam must never be allowed to become the religion of the majority in any constituency that gives Islam political power in government, local, state or federal.

  • gardner.peter.d says:

    Another failure of our political elite is their belief that democracy gives us freedom. It is the other way round. What gives us freedom? The law of the land. It took England half a century, first by force of arms to rest power from the rulers and establish the law of the land. Only then could England entertain thoughts of democracy. Democracy gave Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood in Government. By forgetting this our political leaders – who more often undermine the rule of law than protect it – allow Islam to win by sheer force of voting numbers. Much encouraged of course by the Gulf states who refuse to take in Syrian refugees and favour Muslim immigration into Europe as an advance guard of Islam.

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