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Wolfgang Kasper on the welfare state

By Julie Novak

In the latest edition of Quadrant magazine (online copy available through subscription only), Kasper delivers a withering critique of the welfare state which, to my way of thinking, represents perhaps the finest piece of writing one can find anywhere on this topic so far in 2012.

Kasper chides the numerous proponents of the welfare state stating that they ‘should by now realise that redistribution policies have not worked.’

He not only points to the fact that the poor are still among us, despite countless taxpayers’ funds conscripted to support a widening array of ‘needs,’ but that the welfare state has distorted the very nature of government itself (brilliant quote alert!):

the essential primary government function of protecting life, liberty and property has been white‑anted by more and more confiscation to bankroll socialised welfare. To the extent that the state takes property rights away to give to others, it contravenes its protective function.

…  Australia is fortunate to have in its midst a resolute champion of human freedom in Wolfgang Kasper. His latest contribution in Quadrant magazine is yet another example of this very point, and his latest contribution should be compulsory reading for all lovers of liberty.

Source: Catallaxy Files

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