Am I Silent Enough for You?

Andrew Bolt on an article from June Quadrant.

Am I Silent Enough for You?

Andrew Bolt

Michael Connor dares to review Am I Black Enough For You? – a taxpayer-funded book that asks a question which the author has helped to make too dangerous for me to answer. Indeed, it is too legally dangerous for me to allow you to debate it on this blog.

There are some observations in the book which my lawyers would not like me to repeat. But surely I am still able in this country to quote this:

Offering a quote from her barrister Ron Merkel, she says his words gave her goosebumps. They include one of the Nazi comments he directed towards Bolt. Heiss says, “I knew at that moment that we would win.” Summing up her one day in court she correctly noted, “Ron had set the tone for the trial.” Reflecting on those headline-making slurs that appeared in the next day’s newspapers, has she never wondered if a Heiss and a Merkel ever confronted each other somewhere in Holocaust Europe?

I will add just this: Merkel has never apologised for that foul, foul slur, although senior members of the Jewish community have rung me to express their utter disgust. Until that apology is offered, my judgement of Merkel will not change – even if that judgement, too, I must keep to myself for safety’s sake.

Source: Andrew Bolt’s blog


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