Age publishes Bolt

Yesterday The Age gave Andrew Bolt a top story bashing, today they published his Letter to the Editor.

Free speech at stake

I WRITE regarding your report ”Bolt link to racist reviews of book” (12/4). When I linked to the discussion on the Amazon site of Anita Heiss’ Am I Black Enough for You?, not one comment I saw then was "openly racist".

Even now, it’s hard to find any that are, and not one was cited in your article. Most are instead about the very point I had made: that Heiss’ book asks a question now incapable of being debated openly in Australia, making the US-based Amazon site a reminder of our own loss of free speech.

Your report is a flip dismissal of something that should be treated with respect, given that without free speech we are nothing.

Finally, I note your journalist contacted Heiss for comment, but not me. How low.

Andrew Bolt, Southbank

Source: The Age


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