Guilt by citation

Richard Fernandez on the Big Left Smear:

Univeral Guilt is Universal Condemnation

The Australian left has been combing through Breivik’s manuscript for citations. Among those they found who are being accused of fuelling the murderous rampage are Herald Sun journalist Andrew Bolt … ‘the deliberately provocative language with which Quadrant and other right-wing forums are awash’”. Quadrant’s editor Keith Windschuttle writes that no one is exempt from the dragnet.

Anyone who goes through the rest of the killer’s manifesto will find him quoting several other Australians approvingly, including John Howard, Peter Costello and George Pell.

Tar and feather them. Ride them out on a rail. These individuals have a combined audience of millions. All the worse. That no one has heretofore gotten up and started a machine-gun rampage in Martin Place is surpassingly strange but not mysterious since no appeal to rationality or reductio ad absurdum is involved in the cogitations of a Left who, the heirs to an ideology which killed millions always believes it is morally superior to persons who are cited — however distantly and unwillingly — by a madman.

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