Don’t Mention the War

blindfoldingCue the eye-rolling and the blubbering and the oh-so-twee dilemmas that afflict those whose exquisite moral balance must now be re-calibrated yet again after Brussels, this latest slaughter of innocents. It’s getting harder to overlook the obvious, but give the Church of Relativism’s choir its due: the castrati stick to their hymn books come what may.

As The Guardian immediately demonstrated, the first and only approved reaction to mass murder is passive sooking. Don’t get angry, the artists whose work it collected seem to be saying, just have a good snivel and we can bury for the moment those unsettling thoughts of the next and inevitable massacre to come. Je suis Charlie, anyone? Surely the feel-good vanity of that original, empty slogan is good and ready for reprise. Je suis Brussels? Je suis Cologne? Je suis Endeavour Hills? Je suis Parramatta? Why not keep it simple, cut the verbiage, trim the message to a minimum. Je suis a spineless victim. How about that as the motto for our age?

Maybe, if we are observed to be soaking enough tissues, the Islamists will feel some pity and go easy. In the meantime, let us tweet sympatico selfies in our hijabs because, as all koranic quislings know, the real problem with terror is that never-seen backlash against disciples of the creed which produces so very much of it. Mangled bodies, bag searches at sports stadiums, the ever-expanding security apparatus of the state, that’s the price we pay for the original sin of colonialism or sexism or gender dysphoria or whatever, just fill in the blanks. Whatever the reason some three dozen Belgians won’t be going home tonight or ever, it’s our fault — never the slightest academic doubt about the fitness of blaming ourselves. Anyway, as the Muslim academic Anne Aly puts it, a bombed airport is just “theatre”, or as Muslim columnist Waleed Aly would have it, merely another “irritation”.

tin tin the sookAnd so we’ll watch the familiar script unfold. It’s Mecca to a moon rock that Alys I and II will shortly serve up their long, thin streaks of trademark sophistries about the way that sensible people — by this they will mean Fairfax readers and admirers of the ABC — need to frame blood-splattered footage in the correct perspective. Nothing to worry about, folks, nothing to see here. Nothing, that is, unless you happen to be sipping a latte in Martin Plaza at an inopportune moment. Instead of thinking about Islam (the Religion of Peace™, don’t you know!) and how in Allah’s name its theocratic, misogynist absolutism came to be so cosseted and indulged in the secular, humanist West, take you cue from the Guardian‘s assembled artists and turn the bafflement inward. That’s the daubers’ work scattered about the margins of these thoughts. Admire the insights of these sensitive souls, enjoy the dip into that bottomless tank of impotent, officially approved self-pity.

Or better yet, agonise in public about what terror’s shockwaves mean to you and only you. It’s a good way to get attention and, you know, express an ultra-tolerant solidarity with those whose intolerance must be handled with kid gloves, if at all. The ABC’s Patricia Karvelas showed the way before the sun was up this morning.  karvelas brussels tweetOh, such a dilemma, and an “ethical” one to boot! Ms Karvelas can’t, surely not, take her moppets aside and explain, as countless mums must have done during the London Blitz, that the men delivering those bombs are evil, that their philosophy enshrines mass murder as a useful instrument, that a system of belief which posits its absolute superiority over any other must be, by its very definition, abhorrent to all and any who are blessed with even the semblance of civilization.

brussels heartsTell her daughters about bad men who, if they have their way, will someday shroud them in the garments of chattels? No, mustn’t be so frank, never that. Kiddies have to be kept happy and oblivious, no need for them recognise the peril that overshadows their futures. Why deny them the comfort of the blindfold their parents wear with such evident self-satisfaction?

So be prepared for yet another indulgence in the pathetic, the rolling cavalcade of brussells handsacademics and pundits and preachers of the politically correct. They’re the ones whose rationalising invited the enemy to set up house within our Western walls, who swear that no truth nor secular principle is worth defending because, well, how can we have a warm and cuddly world if mere principles divide us? Better, far better, to cast away those pesky foundations of Western life — free speech and its liberty to criticise and critique for starters, plus consistent expectations of the equality to which women, all women, are entitled.

Blow ’em away, be done with their inconvenience! Sooner or later, sure as day if things and attitudes continue as they are, Islamists will do it anyway. Might as well save them the trouble and free our homegrown chatterers to deliver their sermons about multicultural amity and “otherness”, to lament our intolerance never theirs.

That’s the thing about your more adept court eunuchs, they know how to curry favour with today’s boss — and tomorrow’s.

Roger Franklin is the editor of Quadrant Online


  • David Barnes

    Boy, am I glad I recently found the Quadrant. There must be a lot of folk who are disgusted with the response of appeasement by our elites to these animals. How long before the west wakes up and starts to actually do something. Like shutting down mosques and Islamic schools and deporting Mulims back to the god forsaken holes they came from. Won’t happen…yet.

  • Ian Flanagan

    As I was travelling into the office this morning I was listening to an ABC talk back program (must change that station now that Eoin Cameron has retired) and the topic was of course the terrorist attacks in Brussels.

    The first call was from an agitated and articulate listener who proceeded to berate the political masters for their clichéd response following every such act. He then lay the blame at their feet for admitting those from the Middle East into the country in the first place.

    The caller managed to get Middle East onto the airwaves but couldn’t get any further. Someone pressed the 7 second button and terminated the call.

    I wouldn’t have expected that one as articulate (as he obviously was) would have resorted to using the F word or perhaps the C word in his tirade. I would speculate that he used either the I word or the M word which isn’t permitted on their ABC.

    If ever asked, 18c will be the justification for the termination, not the selective censorship which forms part of that megalith’s culture.

  • bemartin39@bigpond.com

    Come on now! All you bellicose white colonists! Don’t forget: what’s happened in Brussels just now, and in Paris last year plus all those other terrible things when the perpetrators claimed to be Muslims and that they were fighting for Allah, well, none of those bad things had anything at all to do with Islam. How do I know? All our western leaders tell us so ad infinitum. Surely, they would know, wouldn’t they? And have sympathy for all those innocent Muslims who unfairly suffer an islamophobic backlash for things that have absolutely nothing to do with them. Who would want to be in their shoes? Their collective anguish is vastly greater than what might be caused by a few, unfortunate events which cost the lives of a few people. Please be fair, reasonable and balanced in your reaction, refrain from bigotry, lest your attitude cause a never ending string of undesirable occurrences. And whose fault will that be?

  • denandsel@optusnet.com.au

    A lot of the thoughts of ‘dead [wise] white males’ of antiquity come to mind. Societies/civilisations are seldom murdered, they more frequently commit suicide – it rare that liberties are lost in one act, it is usually by small steps – A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves, the government should serve people, not the people serve the government. – People can vote themselves into slavery, but never vote themselves out of it. – Socialism is not an intellectual pursuit, it is primarily a drive for political power.
    I’ll finish with a quote from my favourite living economist-philosopher – Thomas Sowell [he neither dead nor white – but he is wise] – “Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.”

  • gardner.peter.d

    This is what one Muslim thinks:
    Meanwhile Geert Wilders is defending his opinions in court:

    The lunatics are in charge. Sophistry trumps logic every time.

    • bemartin39@bigpond.com

      The first link leads to an article by Raheel Raza.

      In the long run, Raheel Raza and his “Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow” represent infinitely greater danger to western civilisation than the violent jihadis he so vehemently!y condemns. He lays all blame squarely on “Political Islam” and more specifically the Muslim Brotherhood, Wahhabi/Salafism or Khomeinism, conveniently ignoring the blatantly oblivious fact that all those entities, as well as all Muslims, including himself, ultimately sing from the same song sheet: name!y Islam, as detailed in the Koran, the Hadith and other Islamic writings. Never does he denounce, disown or reject anything contained in those scriptures. Reading between the lines written by Raheel Raza, it is unmistakable that he considers non- violent methods for the Islamic subjugation of the world preferable to the violent version. Let’s be thankful for small mercies. Instead of being slaughtered in bloodsoaked progrom, we shall be overwhelmed by the weight of numbers, brought about by mass migration and dynamic fecundity. Then we will be allowed to live as dhimmis, paying the jizya, demonstrating constant humility toward our superiors, the Muslims.

      Raza is not the sole propagator of this cunningly sophisticated message.

  • en passant

    I was told on their ABC tonight by an ‘authority’ that we must expect an attack in Oz as ‘inevitable’. This is the new culturally enriched MultiCulti I am now expected to accept as ‘normal’.
    You do not want to hear my solution …

  • acarroll

    I live in Brussels and experienced the situation first hand, although from a distance in the “multicultural” suburb of Forest (recall the recent raid that led to the death of one Jihadist).

    Terrorism in Brussels is the new normal. It’s not shocking, every white European expects it now. Brussels has been patrolled by soliders on the streets, at the airport and the stations on the very metro line blown up. It means absolutely nothing. The politicians know they can’t do anything to stop it unless all Arab and North African muslims are removed from the country. That reality is so at odds with their agenda though, it will never happen. So they’re desperately trying to buy time and divert attention away from their now very clear lack of legitimacy — THE GOVERNMENT CAN NOT AND WILL NOT PROTECT YOU.

    My advice to anyone who cares about the unfolding collapse of the West is to exploit situations like this to shift the Overton Window as far to the right as possible in the days immediately after the attacks in any conversation you have surrounding the attacks. Ostriches are the most receptive to the messages of reality during this period. Get at them before the mainstream media propaganda lulls them back into a state of cognitive dissonance.

  • David Barnes

    @ en passant…YES.

  • Jules

    Like David Barnes, I am very glad to have found Quadrant Online, I read all articles every day and it is gratifying to know that I am not alone in my frustration of realizing the Western world has completely imploded. If the scourge of Islam is not met head on, we are in deep trouble. Even commentators that I considered realized the trouble we are in dither about being PC. Bolt and Price interviewed Debbie Robinson from The ALA on 2GB last night and Price ripped into her. Clearly his association with channel 10 forces him to have one foot in each camp, cover all bases so to speak. It was very disappointing.

  • ian.macdougall

    If it is any comfort here, terrorism is the chosen weapon of the weak. I will not add ‘and cowardly’ because bravery or otherwise is irrelevant. The poor benighted fools who blow themselves up in these outrages, taking as many as possible with them, have been brainwashed since birth into the warrior code of Islam: deliberately kept out of contact with other cultures and worldviews lest they chance to see Islam for what it is and not for what it claims to be.
    They are led to believe that at the very moment the first drop of their blood is shed, they will enter Paradise and score their quota of 72 genuine heavenly virgins. Experience has proved this to be just the thing needed to focus the mind of any sex-starved, eager but otherwise naive young stooge or Patsy who has never been encouraged to think for himself about the big issues of life.
    The can only be one preventative measure for this: compulsory liberal education.
    Education which amounts to no more than religious brainwashing should be classified as child-abuse, and banned.

  • en passant

    Welcome to Earth!
    I have no idea what planet you come from, but it is unreal.

    You say “terrorism is the chosen weapon of the weak” – Oh good, that will make the relatives of the dead feel strong – and much, much better. Thank you for that insightful revelation.
    “brainwashed since birth” – you clearly know a lot more than our security agencies who have often seen ‘normal’ youths radicalised and willing to die in a short period. Normality in a secular school to dead ‘martyr’ in months. Some of them were not even muslims months before. Richard Reid & Jake Biardi stand out: (http://www.theaustralian.com.au/in-depth/terror/aussie-teen-jake-bilardi-carries-out-suicide-bombing-says-islamic-state/news-story/bafd57d595452aa84600ece89fe98043)
    And your answer is: (roll of drums) “compulsory liberal education”. Let me be the first to donate to your one-way airfare to Syria to liberalise Al-Nusra, et al. We should also invite Sarah to accompany you for good measure.
    Check your previous posts on a range of subjects as you have left a lot of questions unanswered on those sites.
    In this case you claim a lot of answers, but I suspect you have no idea what the questions are tumbling through your mind.
    I would ask that in future you to think through the issues and put them into a logical order before posting your comments. I recognise that this would probably mean we would never hear from you again. Quadrant Online can only benefit.

  • Keith Kennelly

    There are only two ways to destroy fundamentalism.

    Use the British tactic employed against the IRA.
    Death squads who murdered suspected IRA terrorists.

    Round up and deport anyone, including all the extent dedicated family, mosque leaders and officials, who is associated with any terrorist.

    We’d then be seen as serious about protecting ourselves

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