ABC divides us

The government’s cultural policy and the ABC are important. Will the Coalition in power again ignore taking action in these areas and continue feeding the Left?

ABC’s Leftist views at odds with the public

Piers Akerman

The future of the politically-driven ABC, the audio-visual arm of the extreme Green Left, needs to be reviewed. It has abused its charter. It does not contribute to a sense of national identity, inform or entertain as its charter decrees.

It is divisive. It hectors those who do not conform to its political views, it does not fully inform its audience of issues of national interest and it is entertaining only to the dwindling handful of inner-urban activists it caters to.

Just yesterday Sydney breakfast announcer Adam Spencer cut off global warming critic Lord Monckton after goading him with a barrage of questions which seemed designed to humiliate.

A day earlier, morning announcer Deborah Cameron exposed her Green-conspiracist leanings in an exchange with political editor Alison Carabine, implying the Seven and Ten TV networks had refused to give Julia Gillard free air time because of such shareholders as Kerry Stokes and Gina Rinehart, who represented mining interests.

In a rare and brave display of political independence Carabine replied: “I doubt that very, very much. I think any suggestion that she’s being censored because of anything coming down from head office is quite ridiculous.”

Cameron is ridiculous. Indeed she, like Bob Ellis, whose uninspiring sludge is feted on the ABC’s Drum website, are emblematic of the sprawling communication commune’s group-think.

The deep-seated Leftist control of the ABC was on show in prime time last night with the airing of a program titled “Leaky Boat”, billed as a documentary, and a special edition of Q&A.

Australians should retake their ABC and hold it to its charter. If it wished to unite the nation it might run a documentary on the Howard years with the title “Real government and sound policy”.

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