Will Gillard “unravel”?

Gavin Atkins on Gillard’s first 100 days:

As is traditional, since 100 days have passed with her as Prime Minister, I reckon that it is worth collecting some of these things together:

  • Prime Ministerial Admirer in Chief Annabel Crabb reveals a past incident where Gillard conspired to lie to Parliament regarding her ignorance about health policy.
  • In the early part of her Prime Ministership, Gillard says she is going to fix up the asylum seeker issue and names East Timor as an off-shore processing centre. While an agreement might yet be salvaged, at the time she never bothered to tell anyone in East Timor before announcing the plan, which was summarily rejected.
  • After criticising Tony Abbott for months about not really supporting parental leave, a leak reveals that she argued against it in Cabinet. 
  • Gillard promised about a week out from the election that there would be no carbon tax under any Government she led. Barely a month later, she breaks the promise.
  • Swearing in the new ministry, Gillard stumbles over the name of a Senator, but more astoundingly, forgets to name a Minister for Indigenous Health or anyone who is responsible for tertiary education.
  • In a prepared speech to Parliament about the National Broadband Network, Gillard provides two bogus quotes, effectively misleading Parliament. 
  • Julia Gillard appears to have flat-out lied, or else forgot, about being briefed on Tony Abbott’s visit to Afghanistan.

Like all good disasters, there are always clues, and my bet says that this one is going to unravel in spectacular fashion.

Source: The ShadowLands

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