Culture catcher: 22

After publishing a series of five articles by Clive Hamilton the ABC’s The Drum commissioned well known Australian sceptics Bob Carter and Marc Hendrickx to write on AGW. They did so, and their essays were rejected. Larvatus Prodeo, an Australian blog site supported by Left academics and intellectuals, discussed the matter.

The abuse, not uncommon at Larvatus Prodeo, is the price Australian dissidents pay for speaking out.

Blogger Mercurius Goldstein:

In other words, [professor Bob] Carter (and the rest of the Quadrant crowd) are incapable of discerning scientific reality, because like little boys they get their jollies telling each other ooga-booga stories under the blankets with a torch under their chins, to see who will piss their jim-jams first.

Blogger Ken Lovell:

People like [professor Ian] Plimer and [professor Bob] Carter and [professor Sinclair] Davidson have shattered any notion that being a professor means you adhere to any particular set of intellectual principles. 

Blogger Mercurius Goldstein:

These guys are just implacably and ideologically opposed to the factual findings of AGW science, thus it is pointless to engage with them. They can howl and hurl faeces to their heart’s content, but all that demonstrates is that they’re a bunch of monkeys. 

Anonymous blogger “David Irving (no relation)”: 

Unfortunately, Mercurius, the general public (who’ll decide the result of the next election among other things) can’t tell the difference between a pooh-flinging howler monkey and a scientist. 

Anonymous blogger “Hal9000”: 

There are four possibilities [about Bob Carter], Brian, albeit not necessarily mutually eclusive: crook, liar, fool or madman. If we allow that his academic career is evidence ruling out the fool option, the only guilt-free option is madman. Come to think of it, why else would an academic spend his retirement lecturing, as 4 Corners showed, the Barnaby Joyce fan club in regional RSLs across regional Australia?

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