Killing fathers

Fatherlessness, fatherhunger and other diseases

Bill Muehlenberg’s article ‘The perils of fatherlessness’ published in Quadrant Online has got it right. He tells us that ‘the real problem is the boys lack fathers’ not ‘malerolemodels’ (this phrase has been so overused it has morphed into an Australian slang that can only roll off the tongue as one word). But why? – why do an entire generation of children lack fathers? 

The statistics are in, so are the studies – children do not travel well without their fathers, and the levels of unfathered children is at least ten times greater than it was at the beginning of the 1970’s. The family Law Act of Australia sealed the fate of millions of Australian men and their children. Fathers were reduced to 20 percent access or every second weekend. Many wandered off in despair. Probably less than ten percent were truly irresponsible or violent, dangerous men. The state enacted a law which effectively ‘stole’ children from their fathers (without any apology). For the crime of marriage failure, most men lost their fatherhood. 

Women, freed into the massive freedoms of the sexual revolution and the feminist meta narrative, decided to have children without fathers. Single motherhood became a status symbol, an emblem, of the truly liberated woman. Both heterosexual women and homosexual women, even sexually confused women, were given state funded access to IVF programs on the grounds of being ‘psychologically infertile’. Fatherhood was portrayed as undesirable, and inconvenient. The state made no requirement that these children have fathers. 

The demise of fatherhood was possibly an unintended consequence of the subtle misandry (the hatred of maleness) which suffused society throughout the late twentieth century. Schools, universities, TAFE Colleges, the public service, hospitals, families  became Male Unfriendly Environments (MUE’s) as they were overrun and dominated by women who were both ambitious and maintained an idealistic and fundamentalist feminist narrative. The domestic matriarchy delivered to women the quickest and most significant redistribution of wealth this country has ever undertaken. 

Marriage, for example, is an MUE from the proposal till the divorce. Men begin and end the relationship on their knees. The entire ceremony is utterly feminine and the contract entered into produces an almost two to one failure rate. The home is owned, designed, organized and dominated by the woman. Men, fathers, are always visitors. 

Sexual harassment laws in schools and tertiary institutions have made it extremely difficult for men – both as students and teachers. I have met young male students at RMIT in Melbourne who take their lunch off campus because of the difficulties they have trying to meet women on campus. A male colleague, teaching in a secondary school, tells of being reprimanded by a sixteen year old for accidentally brushing her hand whilst trying to click down an inappropriate web site on her computer. The Principal of the school questioned whether or not the student’s computer screen should be included under the privacy laws. Even in primary schools (80% of Tasmania’s Primary School Teachers are women, Victoria 70%) boys are not permitted to tackle in football, and are not permitted to be angry. Social justice and discrimination against men and boys under the guise of ‘positive discrimination’ and equal opportunity are sewn throughout the curriculum from grade three till the VCE. 

The environmental movement has been a further development of both the feminine, feminism and the misandry it has generated. Men are seen as the environmental vandals – creating farms and industry. Women see themselves (and so do many many men – particularly the new multi sexual Gen Y man) as the saviours. Gaia is feminine, the destroyers are as male as the internal combustion engine. It is men who have so developed civilization as to pollute the environment with fossil fuels and bring about global warming (also seeded throughout the curriculum of primary, secondary and tertiary Australian schools). This misandry, will be interpreted as misanthropy, and the underlying hatred of maleness may not be detected., but make no mistake AGW has been a weapon of deceit directed against men. 

Social Welfare, Human Services and the Aboriginal industry have also been largely taken over by women. Isolated aboriginal communities, such as Wadeye would be lucky to have three men teaching in a staff of sixty at the school. Centrelink, the store and the hospital also employ overwhelmingly, women. Though there may still, in all of these areas be more men at the top, in administrative roles, the human rights paradigm has been well and truly entrenched in their guidelines and procedures – and they collude with the misandry and fear of men which persists throughout government public service circles to create MUE’s. Many aboriginal men have been forced out of the homelands and settlements due to government inspired distrust and misandry and justified by an over developed sense of ‘the right to be safe’ and other such dubious rights. 

Up until the enactment of the Family Law Act of Australia in 1974, Australia was a patriarchy, as were, and are, all aboriginal societies. The Australian patriarchy demonstrated its commitment to fatherhood by taking unfathered part aboriginal children into the care of the state or the church. It is the new domestic matriarchy, which, almost by stealth, has overtaken Australian society, which has declared this act of welfare – ‘The Stolen Generations’. I would contend that the children stolen from their fathers since the introduction of the Family Law Act are in fact the real stolen generations. And they have been stolen by a fear and hatred of maleness that permeates our whole society. Thus they have banished the fathers and now the children (both black and white) run ragged, confused and directionless throughout the bush and suburbs of the land.

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