Culture catcher: 21


Jeff Sparrow, editor of Overland, on Twitter:

Kinda seems like the Oz has decided that racism might be bad for business. Markedly less enthusiastic about Windschuttle, too.

Has Australia Day always been so brayingly jingoistic as it is now? I suspect not. Another Labor achievement.

Seems to be quite a gathering of jerks in footscray tonight

For about the last half hour, I have been a proper Australian: frolicking in waves at surfers paradise. It is most unpleasant.

If I could understand what people saw in Eddie McGuire, I think a lot else would become clear.

Lunacy squared: A deranged Quadrant forum about the Oz’s deranged forum on the Left.

Who is this Jennifer Hawkins, anyway?

Someone has turned the australian campaign in the middle east during wwi into a stage show called ‘heroes of the light horse’. A new low!

Ahem … Is this thing on?

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