Malcolm Turnbull’s Shameless Doormats

liberal doormatOkay, this will be short: Who votes in favour of legislation they haven’t been allowed to see — legislation the other main party, the one you’re supposed to be competing with, has been given on the sly to read. And by your own Prime Minister, no less?

Think about that.

People laughed at the Democrats in the US when they found out they had voted for Obama’s ‘Affordable Care Act’, aka ‘Obamacare’, without having seen the draft law.  That’s pretty bad but, on the other hand, President Obama didn’t quietly slip the legislation to the Republicans so they could have a good gander at it, while expecting his own side to do as he commanded.

Yet that’s precisely what Mr. Turnbull and his Black Hand praetorian guard did this past week.  Frankly, it beggars belief.  I’ve never before heard anything like it happening in any other Westminster country.

You’d think any Coalition MP with even a trace element of self-respect would go ballistic at this act of contemptuous treachery against the Liberal Party by its own leader.  Well, if there’s been much of that they’re keeping it to themselves.  For my money I’d have thought that, at some point, pride and the belief that some things are more important than your nice big Canberra salary would require you to say ‘Enough is enough!’

Apparently not.  I understand the power of the Biblical injunction that pride goeth before destruction.  But in this case the total lack of pride, and the unwillingness of these MPs to do anything about it, seems overwhelmingly likely to ensure their political destruction.

Chuck in the astounding willingness of Team Turnbull to throw almost half a billion dollars of taxpayers money, yours and mine, in the direction of a pro-Paris Accord Barrier Reef Foundation which hadn’t even asked for the money — no tenders necessary — and we’re at the beyond-parody stage.

Anyone else share my view that this is the worst Liberal government in the nation’s history?

For ineptitude, lack of tactical nous, arrogance, incompetence, and habitual treachery, he leaves all of history’s other dim-bulb contenders in the shade.

James Allan is Garrick Professor of Law at the University of Queensland and the author of Democracy in Decline

37 thoughts on “Malcolm Turnbull’s Shameless Doormats

  • Bwana Neusi says:

    It is my humble belief that Turnbull intended all along to have the RET legislated. I would suggest that passing the draft to Labor was covertly coordinated with them to have their demands for regulation. The vegetables in the Coalition would then resist that thrust and support legislating instead. Either way his intent to put a carbon tax in place would be achieved.
    He didn’t account for the backlash against legislating “Paris” and he has queered his pitch with the Coalition members by passing the draft to the opposition.
    I suggest that they are now keeping their powder dry for a spill.

  • Les Kovari says:

    I suppose a civil war would be out of the question?


    Mr Turnbull is approaching the level of delusion set by Doctor Evatt.

  • Jody says:

    Turnbull will pay the ultimate price for his treachery. But we will ALL pay the price for a Labor government.

    I used to be friends with “Doc” Evatt’s grandson and I got to meet his father, “Doc’s” son, at a party. Some months later he put a knife into a toaster and killed himself (the son, not the grandson). That’s a perfect metaphor for any Labor politician. I gather “Doc” wasn’t much of a father either!!

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    Grahame Richardson’s article this morning did what everyone is doing, assessing who will replace Turnbull.

    He too rubishes Turnbull and predicts, after assessing all the candidates, a Shorten PMship, just like Jody.

    But I’ll then Jody runs on with a diatribe about Knowing former labor luminaries and their offspring and suicide.

    Richardson runs on with a rant against Abbott.

    That simply betrays the left wing hatred, of Abbott, is based in the fear of his abilities I destroy any candidate the left wing runs against him.

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    Abbott has led the Liberals to wins before.
    The big problem for a Dutton PM ship is he’s likely going to lose his marginal seat.

    That’s happened to the Libs before. The wiser conservatives will remember where the Linos have forgotten.

    This argument will swing the majority behind Abbott.
    Hard politics will trump haters by the Linis , of Abbott

  • en passant says:

    The reason for the Liberal hack MP’s’ silence is that they cannot see anything wrong with treachery, moronic stupidity and the betrayal of their own conservative base that is simply there to serve them. They would sell their children’s future for a pottage of their generous pensions and green ministerial kool-aid. My decision to resign from the party when the ‘best of a bad bunch’ (Abbott) failed to make a serious attempt to repeal 18C now seems inspired, but in fact, it was a simple recognition that they were not the party I had enthusiastically joined 31 years previously.

    I am not looking forward to their demise as their generous pensions will be just another burden for the Oz taxpayer bear for the remainder of their long lives as they move on to reap further rewards as UN hacks. I loved this country as once the greatest place to live, but now I am coming to despise its voter sheeples. There is no pride in supporting a losing team or a country in terminal, cultural, economic and social decline.

    Surely this is the final revelation that will consign the Liberal Party to the dustbin of history? Not even replacing Turncoat can revive their fortunes as the same cabal of self-serving scum will remain at its core. I would rather cut off the hand that ticked the ballot paper than now vote Liberal.

    There is no time to create a new conservative party, so what we need is a coalition of the Minor Parties (ON, LDP, FF, ALA, ACM {even the execrable Katter Klowns}, selected Liberal defectors and a dozen more). If these cats are not collectively herded, then they will all win their few percent of votes, be defeated individually and discarded leaving the juggernaut of the Labor-Green Globalists with a free run to finish off Oz sovereignty.

    Remember Ricky Muir, the Motoring Enthusiasts Party Senator? If you do it is probably for the wrong reason thanks to his incoherent Willesee interview. Why I remember him is because he stood on principle and voted against a Bill that triggered the Great Leaders Delusional Double Dissolution. Ricky knew that he would lose his seat, but put principle first. “Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to compile a list of those politicians who you believe would put Australia and Principles before self-interest. You have 30-seconds from now …”.

    By all means go to https://quadrant.org.au/181115/opinion/qed/2017/04/agenda-destroy-australia/ and tell me what is wrong with this article about the deliberately engineered decline and destruction of Oz?

    I have voted with my feet (actually via a comfortable hydrocarbon fueled plane), but I do return to Oz on occasion to watch and witness the decline of my chosen country as its once lovely flesh is deliberately peeled away in putrid PC pustules of self-loathing at these political lepers hands. Melbourne is now reputed to be the world’s second most livable city. Something as a former resident I find incomprehensible compared to my alternative abode. However, if you believe this in your green dreams please try walking the city streets at night, heating your home or just going to hear someone actually expressing their right to free speech …”

  • pgang says:

    I’d throw the Lake Macquarie City Council Liberal Party hacks into the same bag as the federal losers. And lets face it – The Vic and NSW state numbskulls too.

  • Jody says:

    Tony Abbott is behind all this poison and that’s the reason he was dumped in the first place; an untrustworthy neaderthal. He couldn’t care less about the public good – this is sheer revenge. Wouldn’t you think a Rhodes Scholar could find something better to do? I mean, you’d have to be intelligent to rise about that and he is MIA in that regard.

    The public is sick and tired of the politics of climate change; it’s well over a decade since Howard agrees with Rudd we needed an emissions trading scheme. Only sorry Howard encouraged Turnbull and destroyed Costello in the process, so much of the damage can be sheeted back home to Howard. I’m so glad he lost his seat; justice.

    I feel sorry for Josh Frydenberg who has done all the legwork. What a thankless job when you have reptilian menace like Abbott lurking in the background. Turnbull will eventually go but the worst thing is the cancerous remnant Abbott.

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    See my post in response to your low attack on his physical traits. There are a few tips there Jody.

  • Jody says:

    How do you manage in life to hear alternate opinions? I expect you’re going to hear quite a few about Tony including the one this morning from a National that he’s a ‘wrecker’ who needs to be dis-endorsed by the Liberals. I agree. Criticism which correctly calls out a politician’s odious traits is standard fare for “Quadrant” and “totally unhinged” – why are you constantly doing it yourself with regard to the Coalition. Remember this expression: ‘don’t do as I do, do as I say”.

    Tony appeals to the over 70s and that’s all – except my husband, who is that age and who detests him as a relic of 1955.

  • Jody says:

    And when you tell somebody to ‘please stop’ you are behaving no differently to the fascist left you so regularly criticize.

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    Saying I have insecurities only tells us they are issued in your own life.
    Your displays of hatred are an obvious sign of insecurity as are your episodes of ‘spilling your guts’ about all sorts of your private crap. Such stuff as the chook business through your teaching career, your ownership of assets and cars, the success of your wine making son, and all the famous people you know.

    Mate I think I’ve just presented a list of the narcissistic attitudes you do often reveal here.
    That is a precursor to insecurity.

    I’ve suffered numerous personal abuses from you over a fairly long period of time.

    Woman hater is another in that long list. No evidence, no examples and no rational debate just you spitting the usual mouthful of poisonous seed and fertiliser.

    You never ever support or debate the idiotic ideas you spout.
    When your views are legitimately challenged all you do is slander and name call.

    Now let’s look at some common lłLet’s see, me… successful male,
    Abbott … successful male.
    Trump …. successful male.

    Is it the success or the sex you hate?

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    There is a major difference between us.

    You talk about your possessions and you name drop.
    You don’t support your views with corroborations.

    I talk about the things I’ve done, and of which I’m proud.
    I also quote others who, are as well read as I am, and who have expressed views similar to mine.

    Check with your psych, about those and narcissism.

  • mburke@pcug.org.au says:

    I have no problem with alternate opinions, Jody. I have no difficulty with people disliking Tony Abbott or any other political animal. It’s pretty much my default position – the Abbott walk gets up my nose too. And I wasn’t aware that I or anyone else was “constantly doing it … with regard to the Coalition”. With the possible exception of personal criticism of Turnbull, which I admit have been pretty full-on, it’s mostly been the policies or lack of them being criticised. But it’s your constant, repetitive, almost knee-jerk abuse of Abbott that is just plain BORING.

    And you know, or ought to, that I’ve defended you frequently when I believed that attacks on you by others in here have been unreasonable. I’ll stop that to.

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