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A mugging is announced

Sorry, sorry we got that wrong.

This was a mistake:

David Marr attacks Morry Schwartz. In an explosive new book, David Marr finally goes beyond the clichés and examines Morry Schwartz – the property developer who funds the Left.

It should have read:

David Marr attacks Tony Abbott. In yet another yawn inducing book funded by Left property developer Morry Schwartz, David Marr does his usual schtick and attacks Tony Abbott.

We apologise for the misprint.

From the Quarterly [Left] Essay for a forthcoming book:

Tony Abbott: prime minister in waiting.

David Marr: the nation’s leading biographer and investigative journalist.

In Quarterly Essay 47, David Marr goes beyond the clichés – Dr No, mad monk, gaffe-prone, budgie-smuggling gym junkie – to look at the man as he is and reveal what kind of prime minister he might be.

This is a unique portrait of a unique politician. Marr shows Abbott as part reactionary and part pragmatist, part fighter and part charmer, deeply religious and deeply political. But is Abbott a figure from the past or a leader for the future?

Following the explosive Power Trip: The Political Journey of Kevin Rudd, this is certain to be the most discussed political writing of the year.

Source: Quarterly [Left] Essay


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