Michael Connor

Bill of Rites Rules

Frank Brennan, Managing Director of Bill of Rights Pty Ltd, launched the company’s first promotional blimp from the Australian’s head office in Murdochville. On the sides of the non-rigid airship are the words "Bill of Rites Rules". As it soared into the air Father Brennan gave a sermon on the mound.


The task of the committee is to set out faithfully what we hear in broad-ranging consultations and to provide some assessment of options that do not violate parliamentary sovereignty.

I will enjoy the opportunity to spend some months hearing from a broad cross-section of Australians, and not just from human rights lawyers.

The national committee looks forward to hearing community answers to the three questions set by the Government and to discussing all options (including “do nothing”), with neither fear nor favour. The nurturing of Australian values at a time of such change requires nothing less.

He also reminded stakeholders that he has had “27 years of involvement in issues relating to human rights and civil liberties”. We know. We’re still paying the bills.

In other business news shares in Parliamentary Sovereignty Pty Ltd fell and Commonsense Pty Ltd (as reported earlier) edged closer to bankruptcy.

In other news the Australian reported the breakdown of public safety in Alice Springs.

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