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Australia Day Hate List – 2012

2011 was a glorious year for the Left. They had a wonderful time being cranky, and even found some new targets to loathe.

As they continued their passionate love affair with themselves some found time to bully Jews in Australian streets as others contentedly Twittered away about “Paedos in speedos” and sex with horses. They all cheered as free speech (ours) was attacked in a shameful court case. When the result was known they gloated over our loss of freedom, and ignored the vileness served out to their victim in the forecourt of the Federal Court.

This year’s list is, as always, just a few of the things that the Left hate about Australia.

It’s dedicated to all those people who are celebrating our national day by putting Australian flags on their cars – and are being bullied and called racists for doing so.

Andrew B**t, Murdoch media, free speech, conservative feminists, non-Muslims, pro-Semites, Israel, Max Brenner milk chocolate (whitish and Jewish), Dead Sea makeup, Aboriginal women who don’t wear Prada, Australia Day and people who celebrate Australia Day, Anzac Day, white bread (ditto white men), the Constitution, royal weddings, gay spinsters, legal migrants, Coles and Woolworths’ Australia Day products (the Left, who cover their cars in Green stickers, despise the others for their flagged BBQ aprons, backpacks, caps etc..).

Kathy Jackson, the employed (except those living off tax payers),Tony Abbott, coal, other people’s electricity, living corals, Ian Plimer, Convoy of No Confidence convoyists, mum & dad demonstrations, common-sense,  fishermen, Australians on beaches on Australia Day (especially those with Australian beflagged towels, bathers, boogie boards ), owners of cars flying flags (ours), radio announcers who aren’t ABC pensioners.

Michael Smith and his inconvenient questions, Patrick McCauley and (straight out of the Left Twilight Zone) “the old Quadrant club of white men who lunch”, Australia Day breakfasts or BBQs, Cardinal Pell, non-Stalinist small magazines, LCD owners, tradies, Warren Mundine, suburbanites living more than 5km from Green CBD HQs, non-Green voters, non-Green members of the House of Reps, pro-lifers, anti-Carbon Tax protests, a protest sign featuring a witch.

Bill of Rights sceptics, White Aborigine sceptics, Melinda Tankard Reist, seas that refuse to rise, climates that don’t follow computer modelling scripts, people who want to open the Climategate, pokie players, beef producers, soldiers (ours), the flag (ours), vegies grown without human poop.

Margaret Court (and the Margaret Court Arena), Lord Christopher Monckton, Ferris Bueller, Miranda Devine, the one per cent minority (kulaks?), the real Iron Lady, Glenn Beck, John Howard (still), Australia/Australians, old age pensioners without ASIO files, Whitlam sceptics, Gerard Henderson, falling inner-city house prices, higher education superannuation fund losses, sell the ABC enthusiasts, and Quadrant.

Illustration: New flag (theirs)


UPDATE Australia Day Hate Video:

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