Michael Connor

Baz does Gatsby – Zelda unbottles bender

Baz Luhrmann has acquired the rights to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby:

If you want to show a mirror to people, that says, “You’ve been drunk on money”, they’re not going to want to see it. But if you reflected that mirror on another time they’d be willing to. People will need an explanation of where we are and where we’ve been, and The Great Gatsby can provide that explanation.

A talking mirror?

For a better explanation of where we’ve been and where we are think of that $180 million thrown away on Luhrmann’s Australia and then wonder where the money is coming from to finance Gatsby.

If we’ve been drunk on money (if only) then Luhrmann has had the DTs on other people’s money. It may be time he joins AA.

No announcement has been made as to whether the projected movie will star Nicole and Hugh or be written by Australia’s scriptwriter Richard Flanagan.

Please God.

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