Michael Connor

Australia Day Hate List: 2010

In the MSM, and on the totalitarian side of the internet, the approach of Australia Day always sets off a dismal moan-a-thon about Australia.

To save time, and be helpful, we republish this partial list of the things the Australian Left hate from last year – with updates for 2010:

From 2009: Australia Day, Anzac Day, people who live in the suburbs, people who live in the country, farmers, fishermen, dams, Quadrant, Australian history, the flag, the constitution, Andrew Bolt’s readers, The Australian, Liberal voters, National Party voters, Family First voters, One Nation supporters, the RSL, McDonald’s, McMansions, plasma TVs, Australian Idol, big business, small business, monolingualists, Christians, our last prime minister, liberal democracy, capitalism, lamingtons, Australians, the national coat of arms, the Samuel Griffith Society, soldiers, conservatives, musicals not about Australian Left politicians, commercial television, non-indigenous trees, dog owners, cats, non-Left talk back radio hosts, timber workers, plastic bags, Howard’s battlers, climate change sceptics, white people, commercial radio, America (pre-Obama), sovereignty (ours), realistic paintings (especially by Albert Namatjira), the Big Banana and other Big Things, cultural dissidents, men, sprinklers, green lawns, cars (other peoples), wood fires, rednecks, Sir John Kerr. 

Additions to the Left Hate List for 2010: black and white minstrels, Hey Hey It’s Saturday, VC winners, shopping centres, people who like shopping centres, bogans, Tony Abbott, Lord Christopher Monckton, patriotism, budgie smugglers (post Abbott), right wing blogs, freedom of speech, tolerance, 26 January, non-state controlled television, Geert Wilders, Slim Dusty, Oz flag tee shirts, people who wear Oz flag tee shirts, Windsor princes, Tim Blair’s recipes, Surfers Paradise, Young Liberals, air conditioners, Russian skaters in Aboriginal drag, the Pope, Jews, CO2, Climategate, gunsights with biblical references, Ian Plimer, Keith Windschuttle’s Stolen Generations, "Christian names", Cronulla, America (that Obama thing was only short lived), tea towels with Aboriginal art, full strength milk. 

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