Michael Connor

Titanic Inc. buys iceberg – crowd cheers

This week the local shopping centre has been crowded with shoppers. The electronic store had queues at the counter, in the discount stores the checkouts were choked with more queues of people buying big, bulky toys. The travelator was jammed with women with small kids pushing shopping trolleys laden a mile high with junk.

"What did you do in the Great-Recession, mummy?"

"I shopped for (China?) Australia, darling."

Titanic Inc. has leapt in the polls. Yeah, sure. Now I wonder why that might be?

Somewhere, I saw a sensible writer asking what happens when the toys break and the batteries run down? How much will Titanic Inc. pay out next month? Next Christmas? What a future for our country. Jobless, sitting at home amongst empty boxes and broken toys waiting for another Rudd cheque which may never arrive.

Now is the time to choose the financial commentators, and the politicians, you would like to have as lifeboat companions. My suggestion is that you pick only those presently crying out in the dark at the disaster that is happening around us while Rudd dollars "droppeth as the gentle rain". Not surprisingly, some of these truth tellers also seem to have a pleasantly sardonic sense of humour – and that is something else we will need to survive.

In the meantime, Titanic Inc. accelerates towards the next Newspoll while the opposition parties party in their staterooms.

The Rudd government may turn out to be the most foolish government in Australia’s history.

UPDATE: After I posted this text online I noticed that the Google Ads, in the box on the left, featured Titanic history and Kevin Rudd’s IQ. Does the Google computer have a sense of humour?

UPDATE 2: Later, the Google Ads have changed. There are three. One says – "New Payments from Govt." Two says – "Disaster". Three says – "Kevin Rudd’s IQ". Could the Google computer be trying to tell us something?

UPDATE 3: Days later, and still before Christmas. More department store queues. Again the shopping trollies are piled high. But this time they are standing at the service counter, waiting for refunds and asking for exchanges.

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