Michael Connor

History Wars – the dream cast

Quadrant has acquired the performing rights to the History Wars.

Why not? Stuart Macintyre and Anna Clark own the fiction rights. Their novel, The History Wars: a fantasy (MUP), was critically acclaimed as the best Australian novel of the decade for its prize winning poor writing, unbelievable characterisations, debilitating dullness, a bad beginning,  a lousy ending, and silly bits in between.

We’ve been choosing actors and, with Tracey’s help, have created a cast list to die for.

Bad guys:

Alan Rickman as Henry Reynolds,

Margaret Hamilton as Lyndall Ryan,

Gene Wilder as Robert Manne,

Steve Buscemi (brilliant in Fargo) as Stuart Macintyre,

Peter Lorre as Bain Attwood,

Conrad Veidt (reprising his role as Major Strasser in Casablanca) as Dirk Moses,

Barry Humphries as the Ghost of Manning Clark.

Good guys:

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Keith Windschuttle (Tracey suggested Brad Pitt), 

Charlton Heston as Rod Moran (who fired the first shot),

Jimmy Stewart as John Dawson,

Claude Rains (or Heath Ledger?) as Michael Connor.

Production and direction by the Coen brothers.

(Poster: John Styles @  Australian Conservative)

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