Michael Connor

Phillip Adams nude

You may think it is only a coincidence that Left blogs are crowded with humourless and agressive hunting packs, baying for blood and yelling bad words. It’s not. It’s part of a devious Left plot to rule the internet.

The Left’s blog vocabulary of vulgarity and aggression is a dog whistle – clearly heard around the net.

Every time internet sites use words like “nude nuns” or “free pornography”, or the provocative insults the Left sites are full of, these are picked up by Google search engines and they direct more hits and visitors to those sites.  

When Left bloggers rave about “the perverts, the deviants, the gays” they are actually laying a cunning Google trail to attract perverts, deviants, and gays to their sites.

The Left hope that an arriving deviant, perhaps looking for revealing photos of Phillip Adams (admittedly a somewhat esoteric perversion), will depart with a download of Karl Marx or Bob Brown.

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