Michael Connor

Wadeye is us

Over its lifetime Quadrant has published important essays which have had an impact on Australia’s public life. In the December issue Patrick McCauley’s essay, “Wadeye: Failed State as Cultural Triumph”, is such a work.

McCauley recounts his experiences teaching at the Aboriginal community at Wadeye. It is impossible to read (and it should be impossible) without horror. This is our country in the twenty-first century. This is the devastation the Left’s cultural supremacy has bought about and inflicts on Australian citizens.

There have been other moving articles which have dealt with life in the Aboriginal communities. What is different is that McCauley rightly connects the abomination that is Wadeye to the smooth talking, professionally advancing, corrupt Left intelligentsia that has bought this about.

This essay is not just about horror but about the people who created it and keep it in place. Wadeye exists because of ideas taught at your local campus, in your local school and at your local church. Wadeye exists because of ideas broadcast by SBS and the ABC.  The suburbs of our great seaboard cities are already beginning to look like Wadeye, we should be paying attention.

This is an important essay you must read.

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