Michael Connor

Tsunami warning

Thomas Sowell: The rise in unemployment after the stock market crash of 1929 was a blip on the screen compared to the soaring unemployment rates reached later, after a series of government interventions.

Everything Thomas Sowell writes is interesting. Another Great Depression? looks back to 1929 and forward to Obama. It is coolly written and rather frightening.

This is one of the strangest Christmases I have ever experienced.

At the bus stop I see a single mother of numerous children with her hands full of fifty dollar notes transferring them from one bag to another. It seems a vignette of Rudd’s Australia.

Elsewhere, I pick my way through crowded shops, full of people throwing away Rudd dollars, as the tsunami sirens are sounding.

Maybe that’s what Thurber’s seal cartoon was all about. Remember the couple in bed with a seal above them on the headboard and she saying to him, "All right, have it your way – you heard a seal bark."

Seals can swim, can’t they? Pity about the people.

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