The Great COVID Domestic Violence Fundraiser

Now for a jaw-dropping story that will leave you marvelling at the brilliance of the feminist enterprise. I’m talking about extraordinary success of last year’s pandemic fundraiser – the mighty domestic violence scare campaign built around COVID lockdowns.

Like all great fundraising campaigns, the concept was simple and based on a tiny kernel of truth – namely, a real risk for women who are locked up for weeks on end with dangerous men. As I have discussed in detail before, there are hundreds of research articles showing this is actually a rare scenario. Most family violence involves aggressive women as well, as men and children are more likely to be cowering from abusive mothers, particularly mentally ill or drug-addicted women, than their fathers. We are spending billions of dollars on a domestic violence industry which misrepresents the truth about family violence and fails to address the real causes.  

Naturally no hint of these complexities emerged in the frightening anti-male narrative that quickly dominated our media stories. Within days of our first lockdown warnings emerged that women would be “trapped with their abuser with nowhere to go”. UN Women declared a “shadow pandemic of violence against women and girls” would result from lockdowns across the world.

The ABC naturally was right in there, declaring it was a particularly dangerous time”, and quoting Women’s Safety NSW CEO Hayley Foster, saying “It’s going to be massive, there’s no two ways about it.”

The push was on for more funding for the domestic violence industry to deal with the looming crisis. “Conditions are akin to a perfect storm”, claimed The Saturday Paper. Experts were trotted out predicting huge increases in DV reports. Kate Fitz-Gibbon, director of the Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre, warned that leaving a relationship during the pandemic would not be a safe option for many women: “It is terrifying to think what those statistics will be for Australia in 2020.”

Sure enough extra money quickly started to flow in, with Victoria promising an additional $40.2 million, Queensland a $5.5 million boost in funding, and WA adding more than $28 million – all this on top of massive amounts from the Commonwealth, which I’ll discuss later.

The vanishing second pandemic

But then, disaster. Data started to emerge on actual rates of domestic violence during lockdown, throwing an almighty spanner into the works. In NSW, the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research analysed police crime data and found

no evidence of an increase in domestic violence since social distancing was implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Next a bunch of academics analysed recorded rates of violent crime in Queensland and revealed that, if anything, domestic violence reduced slightly. This inconvenient finding was underscored by a drop in DVO applications to Queensland courts.

Victorian data also showed a slight decrease:

Since stage 3 restrictions were reintroduced in Victoria in July, Victoria Police have reported a slight decrease in family violence reports around the state.

And Ambulance Victoria noted a slight decrease in callouts to family violence-related incidents.

So here it was, clear evidence that our media and our governments had been hoodwinked by the feminist propaganda, wrongly maligning all those good Aussie blokes locked up with their families. But naturally none of this received much of a run – the feminist control of mainstream media ensured this profitable fundraiser wasn’t going to be derailed by any awkward real statistics.  


Manufacturing data to fit the narrative

The search was on for a means of producing new findings to detract from the true data. Three stars to the Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre, the first contender to find a way through the impasse.

Boy, was their scheme audacious. They would simply ignore the troublesome data and instead survey people in the DV industry for their opinions about the extent of the crisis. They quickly started surveying members of the army of workers now part of the huge government-supported domestic violence workforce, starting in Queensland and Victoria.

To no one’s surprise, they found that the DV industry thought things were terrible and they needed much more money. And the media responded predictably by spreading this “news.” Here’s The Guardian claiming domestic violence soared in Australia during COVID-19 – “our worst year”.

The DV umbrella group, Women’s Safety NSW, was next off the rank, surveying its own workers. Results were the same — the DV industry thought things were terrible and they needed much more money. The media obligingly broadcasted the findings. Here’s the ABC quoting DV support groups reporting a surge in demand for services.

And so it went on, with QUT Centre for Justice next surveying 362 domestic violence agencies and individuals across the country, and ABC dutifully trumpeting results which revealed “the fear of a shadow pandemic was warranted.”

Isn’t that just so clever? Members of the DV industry continuing to survey each other, using their claims of increased demand for their services to drown out the real evidence that the second pandemic was a total fizzer. That’s quite a Stalinesque plot.


And then their ship came in

Well, what about the loot? Okay, we are starting with a domestic violence industry already receiving about $100 million annually from the Federal Government, with additional funds rolling in from all state governments, corporate and private donors.

But the great COVID fundraiser produced an astonishing 150 per cent increase in their annual handout from the Feds –leaping from $100 to $250 million per annum at least until 2022-23. Not bad, eh? Particularly for a scare campaign which proved demonstrably wrong.

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How pathetic that this latest feminist boondoggle has attracted so much more funding than evidence-based causes. In 2020-21 funding for suicide prevention was $65.2 million (most of which shamefully goes to initiatives targeting women even though sic out of eight people who kill themselves every day are male). There are around 3,128 deaths per year from suicide, according to the most recent data, as compared to 35 female deaths from intimate partner violence.

The other night I listened to Paul Murray on Sky News as he ran through all the damage being done by COVID lockdowns. Sure enough, increased domestic violence was on his list. Even conservative commentators have bought into this latest of feminist myths – now part of the popular narrative of COVID’s legacy.

And woe betide anyone who tells the truth.

From one of Australia’s first sex therapists to an outspoken social commentator and advocate for men, Bettina’s long and fiery career has always been about challenging cultural taboos

14 thoughts on “The Great COVID Domestic Violence Fundraiser

  • Michael says:

    Feminists never let facts get in the way of their self-serving narratives.

  • Greg Williams says:

    “Isn’t that just so clever? Members of the DV industry continuing to survey each other, using their claims of increased demand for their services to drown out the real evidence that the second pandemic was a total fizzer.”.

    Sounds like modus operandi of an ABC current affairs panel.

  • Alistair says:

    Brilliant article Bettina – But I suspect the Morrison government has an ulterior motive.
    Is it possible that this cash splash, and the cash hand out to those allegedly “stolen” Aborigines, is in reality these are just simple “economic stimulus packages” disguised as a welfare handout? They have half a trillion dollars in their pockets to stimulate the economy and they need credible vehicles to channel it through. If you cant do it through “cash for clunkers,” or pink bats, or a $1,000 check in the mail … you have to be more innovative.

  • Stephen Due says:

    So what is the solution to domestic violence and will it cost money? Dealing with it has certainly become an ‘industry’, which seems to run parallel to the equally lucrative divorce and abortion ‘industries’. Could it be that the solution is not actually more feminist propaganda? Could it be that the ongoing effort by progressives to psychologically castrate boys is not helping either?
    I wonder what would happen if the government, the schools, and what is left of the churches started to support the biological family as the basic unit of society. Could it be useful to restore traditional marriage as something both honorable and elevating? Would it help to teach children that sex belongs in marriage between a man and a woman who are fully committed to each other for life?
    Feminists are always going on about what is wrong with society. It is always the other person’s fault, of course. However we’ve had a hundred years of feminism. It has been an abject failure – a non-solution to a non-existent problem. Rather, feminism has actually caused – and continues to make worse – the problem it is now blaming on others.

  • Patrick McCauley says:

    If words still have meaning – we would have to classify the current ‘relationship’ between the masculine and the feminine as ‘toxic’ and the ABC tells us so on a daily basis. Fatherhood, at this present moment has absolutely zero ‘agency’ over the lives, deaths or upbringing of their own children. (how many boys get taught this in the orientation programs for entry to life after school ?) How many boys are taught that they have about a one into two chance of losing any ‘custody’ over their own children ? How many boys are taught that they will be bullied by strict and impractical
    harassment procedures’ when they hit their first workplace or Tertiary studies at any university ? …. of course there will be violence when this virtual patricide comes home to visit any man – when he is confronted with being kicked out of his own home and made to find alternative accomodation for himself and his children every second weekend and for the rest of the time stare blankly into empty bedrooms. Of course there will be violence under these draconian laws enforcing the virtual patricide taking place all through the western world … and of course he will be forced to watch his children being psychologically harmed in front of his very eyes … of course there will be violence when there is such rewards available to women who lie about it. Domestic Violence is directly related to the institutional breakdown of marriage, the romanticisation of ‘serial monogamy’ and the gender wide betrayal of fatherhood by the feminist fascist mind set. Whilst they eulogise single motherhood – there are men committing suicide at the rate of seven every week – directly related to having their children stolen by this dictatorship of laws and lies that feminism supports. Feminists claim the right to kill a father’s children legally infant of his very eyes. Generations of damaged children are queueing up outside the drug rehabs and psyche wards – and still the feminists maintain that violence is a male thing.

  • Daffy says:

    In one of my past roles I was responsible for handing out public money to charities. Oddly, I don’t think any of them came back and told me they had enough money, thanks very much, no more please, we’re full!

  • STD says:

    Patrick that pretty much covers it all.
    Women in general need to have a long hard think about what it is that makes men turn away from commitment / respect in droves.
    Whilst nursing ,many elderly women would ask if I was married ,to which the answer was always NO – in a general sense this would always be followed by this advice; stay away from the girls these days ,their no good- interesting advice from mature wise women.
    In any society women have always been the barometer of morality, especially those with Abrahamic foundation’s – morality leads to strong family orientated cohesive cultures. In general historically women are the gatekeepers of good morality.
    Men in general would ride a gate if you swung it.
    These day’s the women are as promiscuous as men, and 20-30% of women access abortion services in their life time, neither of these conundrums make the betting odds attractive or enticing for any self respecting very male type of PERSONS.
    Feminism and feministic traits have buggered all respect men behoved of women.
    Girls it is your femininity and the mystery ,that that encapsulates, that makes men love you- not sex- YOUR MORALITY GIVES YOU RESPECT.
    Some time ago I stumbled across the inscription on an Angelic figurine at my local church. This encapsulates the real essence of motherhood and what love in that capacity is all about- men’s respect for that role ensues – this is exactly what makes each and every one of you women beautiful- it is your God given natures that men love with their hearts:

    Before you were conceived ,
    I wanted you.

    Before you were born,
    I loved you.

    And before you were here an hour- I would sacrifice everything,
    For you.

    Girls do yourselves a favour and ditch the feministic rot that places the focus of your existence on me ,myself and I(YOU). Divest your self of your self, as is recommended above- your true nature is as gentle – as it is kind.

  • STD says:

    What are the chances of -making good -with odds like that!

  • padraic says:

    Bettina has hit the nail on the head with this comment – “Most family violence involves aggressive women as well, as men and children are more likely to be cowering from abusive mothers, particularly mentally ill or drug-addicted women, than their fathers. We are spending billions of dollars on a domestic violence industry which misrepresents the truth about family violence and fails to address the real causes”. One of the causes is drug addiction and the mental illness resulting therefrom. In a drug addict household there are always arguments about where to get the money to pay for the drugs, with withdrawal symptoms making people very edgy and aggressive, to say nothing of the bad effects of the drugs themselves. Drugs like “ice” and psychedelics cause people to feel threatened and so they lash out. Each night you see on the commercial TV news (rarely, if at all, on the ABC) that someone in an “ice”-fuelled rage has killed a parent of spouse etc in their homes. Of course, there are other reasons for people who are not drug addicts, but the drug addiction sweeping the nation is ignored by the feminists just like they ignore the plight of their sisters in Afghanistan. In both situations it is the children who are worst off.

  • Occidental says:

    “In any society women have always been the barometer of morality.”
    Have you ever heard of a woman being criticised as a liar, a coward, a curr, a bully, or a thief? Maybe a thief but rarely. The reason is that probity, rectitude, and fortitude, were incidents of public life of which women until recently took little part. Historically, men were held up to a high standard, because they were the participants in public life and women were not. Men formed contracts, therefore honesty was critical. Men fought wars, bravery was essential. Women had never been required or expected to be honest, brave, selfless, or stoic. Of course often they are, but it has never been a requirement in western societies, and even less so in eastern ones. In our culture the only requirements of women have been (and still are) sexual probity, and matriarchal competence.
    I have been musing on all this since the Gobbo fiasco in Victoria. As a man who was a member of the legal fraternity in the last two decades of 20th century I was gobsmacked at what that woman did. It was beyond my rational comprehension. Like her I grew up in a legal family, and what she did was incomprehensible. I can only rationalise it by reflecting on the fact that most women are not trained from birth as most men are, to be honest, brave, selfless, stoic, diligent, and all those other public virtues which are instilled by fathers, peers, and other men. Women are taught to not get caught, and be good mothers. That might sound a criticism but it is not.
    As Bettina amply demonstrates through her courage, (in defending men she has made herself a target of the sisterhood), and her rationality, that women are quite capable of embodying all the traits that we as men hold dear, but its never a requirement, as it is of men. So no, women are not the barometer of morality, only of sexual morality.

  • abrogard says:

    Well that’s good news. The part about less violence.
    Bad news about the misappropriation of funds but that goes along with today’s narrative entirely doesn’t it: governments throwing money around without properly studying need/effect.
    It can be undone I guess, stopped at least.
    Very interesting. Why? The premise seemed self evident.
    And very interesting the mention of the aggressive women in the domestic scene.
    Could it be that a major cause of domestic violence – domestic strife that turns into violence – could simply be that men won’t stay home enough?
    Needn’t be that the women are dizzily in love and pining for their partners. Could simply be that it is such a terrible hard job looking after children 24/7/52 and some help from the men is sorely needed.
    Could it even be that enforced proximity has sometimes, somehow, truly brought families together, forced to share a reality imposed upon them, act together, share the burden, help each other?
    I look forward to future investigation of this whole thing.

  • whitelaughter says:

    the obvious point – that half of all aborted babies would be girls – conceals the less obvious fact – that girls are deliberately aborted as undesirable.

    Feminism was never about helping women. If it had been, it wouldn’t want to kill them. That the handful of women who dare oppose males entering women’s sports get abused and vilified by so-called ‘feminists’ shows the depth of hatred that feminists have for women.

  • whitelaughter says:

    excellent point, Occidental.

  • Allan Pickering says:

    So what happens to all this money? Is it all spent on lavish offices, leased cars and grand salaries for the “office holders”. as per the White Ribbon scam, or what?????????????

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