Leigh Sales and her Hopeless Hackery

Leigh Sales on the ABC TV’s 7.30 last night Sept 16) “interviewed” Donald Trump’s former press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Sales packed into eight minutes all conceivable ABC bias, venom and hatred of a US President now polling 51 per cent, according to the latest Rassmussen, profile of the electorate — a figure reflecting support before the signing of  the twin Israeli peace deals with UAE and Bahrain.  No wonder the ABC experts all got the 2016 Trump election wrong, and they might get another nasty surprise in November. That’s what happens when Sales and her ilk isolate in their Trump-derangement cocoon.

In 100 per cent “gotcha” questioning, Sales called Sanders every kind of liar, sleaze and religious hypocrite. Sanders should have walked off but instead took on the compere.  She blasted back at the mainstream media and its pro-Democrat lies, epitomised by the media’s two years of phony Russia-collusion scoops. Sales’ ABC pal, Sarah Ferguson, with her three-part bombshell-that-wasn’t “story of the century” in 2018 has been among those pushing the fakery.

Sales had no answer to Sanders’ riposte and continued to read from her vituperative question-list. After suggesting Sanders was a ratbag for about the fourth time in under eight minutes, Sales had the gall to demand that Sanders in reply stick to her questions-cum-accusations.

Sales, the ABC’s $400,000-or-so princess, has previously spent interview-time licking the toes of now-disgraced anti-Trumpers James Comey the FBI chief (19/4/18), Hillary Clinton (May 14, 2018), and only last week, octogenarian actress Jane Fonda, who began bawling on camera while contemplating the death of this heat-ravaged planet as global warming  does its worst. Rather than a sympathetic interviewer keen to promote such alarmist nonsense, the one-time exercise queen would have been better off chatting to a qualified medical professional.

But back to Sanders, whom Sales quizzed about Trump’s notorious ‘pussy-grabbing’ comment of 2005,  but  she didn’t put questions to Hillary along similar lines. Had she done so, the exchange would have gone like this:

“Why did you organise a defence of your husband Bill based on calling his rape-accusers ‘nuts and sluts’, and how did you feel when you learnt your Presidential husband had inserted a cigar into a young intern’s vagina in the Oval Office?”

Those questions would have been followed up with the reprimand barked at Sanders,

“Mrs Clinton, you are not addressing my questions.”

Here’s a sample of the actual interview:

LEIGH SALES: Somebody who has watched 30-plus years of your career would see extreme hours, high pressure, sexism, relentless public attacks, loss of privacy…

HILLARY CLINTON (laughs): Ooh, sounds pretty horrible, doesn’t it? (Laughs)

SALES (laughs): Well, and then, you know: also at the end a brutal exit.


SALES: What would you say to people who look at your experience and go: “Well, there’s just… it’s not worth it: going into public life.”

Similarly, Sales has launched no follow-up of her political infatuation with James Comey to disclose his mis-use and lying about the fake “Steele [Russian pee] dossier”.  Comey  used the dossier to enable FBI spying on the Trump 2015 election campaign, and also authorised the entrapment of now-vindicated Trump executive Lt Gen Michael Flynn. That was the Deep State in action.

Sales’ interview of climate hysteric Jane Fonda was also deeply respectful, even when her guest lamented that she had only one servant in her $US5.4m Los Angeles mansion.

SALES: Because of your activism, you’ve attracted plenty of controversy. A lot of people dislike you; they have strong opinions about you. Has that been hard to take?”

Now let’s get specific. Sales’ first question to Sanders was:  “Can Donald Trump tell the difference the truth and a lie?” The basis for Sales’ insult was that the Washington Post claims to have fact-checked presidential statements and found some 20,000 alleged lies by the President. It didn’t occur to Sales that WaPo, with The New York Times, has proudly thrown objectivity overboard to help Biden oust Trump.

Sales next question was another beaut:

This isn’t from the media, this is from General Colin Powell, the US Secretary of State during the last Republican administration; ‘He has not been an effective President. He lies all the time. He began lying the day of the Inauguration, and I don’t think that’s in our interest. The situation in 2020 has gotten worse.’

Fact Check on Sales: Republican Powell? Come off it, lady. Powell is the John Hewson of American politics, the liberal touted by progressives as a conservative. Powell endorsed Barack Obama’s presidential bids in 2008 and 2012 and boasted of voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016. He has pledged to vote for Biden in November and is campaigning hard against Trump. Please mention all this next time you trot out Powell as your Republican source.

Third question from Sales:

Let me give you an example from yesterday in a discussion about the California wildfires. The State Secretary for Natural Resources pointed out America has recently recorded some of its hottest temperatures on record and that is a factor in the severity of the fires, along with land management.  The President replied, ‘It will start getting cooler.’ The Secretary replied, ‘I wish science agreed with you.’ The President then replied, ‘I don’t think science knows actually.’

Was that a display of lying, ignorance or insanity?

While Sales is a lioness tackling an ex-press secretary across the seas, I can’t imagine her similarly clawing Premier Dan Andrews, for example, about his lie — one of so very, very many — that curfews were medically recommended: ‘Mr Andrews, was that a display of lying, ignorance or insanity?’[ii] In any event, Sales’ question to Sanders was not genuinely seeking an answer. It merely involved an ABC tax-paid reporter getting up on her soapbox, to the applause of her in-house coterie.

Second of all, as the Americans say, Sales makes a fool of herself with her climate assumptions.   California, like the rest of the planet, has warmed 1degC or a bit more in the past 100 years. Of that, only some fraction is anthropogenic warming. In California especially, the “heat island effect” has grown with the state’s development.[iii] Where sites have stayed obstinately rural, temperatures have shown much less rise than 1degC. It is ridiculous to cite a puny, human-caused heating of under 1degC in a century as the cause of the wildfires when lax forest management was admitted this week by California’s Governor himself. 

Third, no-one knows the future and if Trump says we’ll get cooling, there’s ample scientific justification, including the sunspot impact on climate being now the weakest since the Dalton Minimum in the Little Ice Age in late 18th century. The warmist scientists never predicted the warming hiatus after 2000, and they might (or might not) be wrong again. Warming predictions are based on models prone to the garbage-in/garbage-out syndrome, as with COVID-19 models.  Sales might be astounded by Trump’s statement, “I don’t think the science knows, actually” but any honest  scientist would give Trump five stars.

Sales next question or speech ran like this:

So to believe you, somebody watching this interview has to believe that every former senior member of the Trump administration who has left and spoken of his unfitness to lead has an axe to grind, that every former senior Republican who has spoken out, from Colin Powell to the late John McCain, has an axe to grind, and then all of these life-long Republicans are in cahoots with the Democrats and they’re all also tied up in a conspiracy with the mainstream media and it’s the mainstream media that’s peddling lie after lie, not Donald Trump? That’s what you’re asking people to believe?

Powell, as I showed above, is very definitely “in cahoots with the Democrats”. As for McCain, Sales again fails to do her homework: Senator McCain was also “in cahoots” with the Democrats. In 2013 he was part of a “gang of eight” including Democrat senators who pursued soft policies on illegal immigrants, and in 2016 he joined Democrats in calling for the Russia-collusion inquiry into Trump. To cap it off, in 2017 he cast the pivotal vote with Democrats to block Trump’s repeal of Obamacare.

Next unpack: Sales can’t believe that Trump ex-executives would tittle-tattle to the media (she needs to get out more) and yes, the media (especially her ABC) does lie to defame Trump. Close to home, I caught out an ABC reporter lying that Trump had called COVID-19 a hoax, and the ABC corrections team agreed and posted a correction.[iv] Is she not even aware that an NYT staffer taped executive editor Dean Baquet lecturing staff a year ago, after an uproar because a sub-editor had used a neutral rather than an anti-Trump headline after a mass shooting:

 It got trickier after [inaudible] … went from being a story about whether the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia and obstruction of justice to being a more head-on story about the president’s character. We built our newsroom to cover one [fake] story, and we did it truly well. Now we have to regroup, and shift resources and emphasis to take on a different story. I’d love your help with that.[v]

Baquet also remarked,

“What I’m saying is that our readers and some of our staff cheer us when we take on Donald Trump, but they jeer at us when we take on Joe Biden.” 

In other words, the Trump collusion beat-up flopped, so the NYT shifted to smearing Trump on other fronts, with the editor needing from reporters a further line of attack.

Next Sales question:

Your book makes it clear that you’re heavily guided by your Christian faith and family values. How do you reconcile that with having been the spokesperson for a President who has misled the American people on everything from coronavirus to climate change, who boasts about grabbing women on the pussy, who paid hush money to a porn star to keep her quiet about their alleged relationship and who has maligned the men and women of America’s armed forces?

SANDERS: Well, some of those things are just patently false.

SALES: They’re not actually.

[TONY THOMAS: They are false, actually].

Sales appears to refer to the Bob Woodward book allegations that Trump deliberately played down COVID-19. The top medico Dr Fauci denies that Trump misled the public.[vi] Trump also made numerous statements emphasising the virulency of the virus. Woodward’s claims are not only many months’ stale, but themselves misleading.

Pussy-grabbing talk? True. Hush money, true.  Maligning the armed forces? The “suckers and losers” alleged quotes were nothing but a Democrat/media hit job based on anonymous smears in the face of attributed denials by several/many senior people present at the time. Sales’ ABC pal David Lipson endorsed the anonymous smears on 7pm news and I’ve complained to the ABC about this bias (no response yet).

SALES TO SANDERS: I notice you’re not addressing the central premise of my question which is how somebody like Donald Trump squares with the values you espouse?

Sales using Sanders’ Christian faith as a stick to beat her with is disgusting. Her question, again, is not a question but a stump speech. As a thought-experiment, imagine Sales interviewing Joe Biden as follows: ‘Mr Biden, last March your staffer Tara Reade alleged you sexually assaulted her. We in the mainstream media have for years run cover for you over Reade’s claims but here’s what Wikipedia reports:

In a March 25, 2020, interview with Katie Halper, Reade alleged that Biden had pushed her against a wall, kissed her, put his hand under her skirt, penetrated her with his fingers, and asked, “Do you want to go somewhere else?”[12][36] Reade told National Public Radio (NPR) for an April 19 article, “His hands went underneath my clothing and he was touching me in my private areas and without my consent.”[36] Reade told The Intercept her impression was that Biden believed he had consent and was surprised when she rejected him.[37] Reade told The New York Times for an April 12 article that when she pulled away from Biden, he looked puzzled and said, “Come on, man, I heard you liked me.” She then said he told her “You’re nothing to me, nothing,” followed by “You’re OK, you’re fine.”[16] 

Mr Biden, how do you reconcile such alleged behaviour, which has multiple corroborations, with your Catholic faith, and by the way, aren’t you in favor of abortion?

Here is Sales’ next question to Sanders (real):

After the FBI director, James Comey, was fired, as White House spokesperson you said that countless members of the FBI had told the Trump administration, they had no confidence in him.

Under oath to the Mueller investigation, you admitted that was not founded on anything, a slip of the tongue, and said, “In the heat of the moment.”

How often did you have those kinds of slips of the tongue, in the heat of the moment as White House spokesperson?

Sanders replied, acknowledging her mistake and apologising. “I had heard from a number of members of the FBI, both current and former, but I said I shouldn’t have used that particular word [countless].”

Sales in mid-sentence did her own “slip of the tongue” in the “heat of the moment” – Sanders corrected Sales that she was not “under oath” to the investigation, but giving a “voluntary interview”. She has consistently clarified that she should have referred to “some” rather than “countless” FBI officials. 

My focus in this piece has been on Sales’ interviewing rather than Sanders’ responses. To read full transcript, click here.

Tony Thomas’s new book, Come To Think Of It – essays to tickle the brain, is available hereas a book ($34.95) or an e-book ($14.95) 


[i] She added soon after: You’re not addressing my point which is that he said that he thinks science doesn’t know that the planet is warming.

[iii] Paul Homewood discusses the heat data further here

[iv]  “ABC News accepts that the 14 March segment was in error by stating that Mr Trump called the coronavirus outbreak a hoax; it does appear that he was referring to the criticisms by the Democratic Party of the Federal Government’s handling of the coronavirus. As such, ABC News has posted a correction to the ABC’s Corrections & Clarifications page which reads: On 14 March, ABC TV News and the News Channel reported that President Trump had called Coronavirus a hoax. ABC News clarifies that it was criticisms by the Democratic Party of his handling of the crisis that he called a ‘hoax’.

[v] The original headline was “Trump Urges Unity Against Racism.”  Baquet said of the person who wrote the offending headline, “He’s sick. He feels terrible”. The headline was a mistake—“It was a f***ing mess,” Baquet told the staff—but joined other newsroom leaders in cautioning staff not to overreact to Twitter comments about the paper’s editorial decisions. The headline was rapidly changed to “Assailing Hate but Not Guns”, to inject some editorial animus.

[vi] Fauci did not get the sense that President Trump was “distorting anything” about the coronavirus. His conversations with the President, Fauci has said, were always “straightforward.”

17 thoughts on “Leigh Sales and her Hopeless Hackery

  • Doubting Thomas says:

    Further evidence that Frank Sinatra’s famous description of his Australian media persecutors was perceptive, and that nothing much has changed in the half century since.

  • PT says:

    I well remember her fawning over Turnbull after he knifed Abbott in the back. She’s very unprofessional! Uhlmann should have gotten the job. He was far more professional and impartial despite his wife’s position. That the ABC chose her says much about the organisation.

  • Doubting Thomas says:

    She’s a near perfect clone of Maxine McKew whose orgasmic displays when interviewing ALP politicians should have been X-rated.

  • ianl says:

    One has to wonder why Sarah Huckabee agreed to do this “interview” at all.

  • DG says:

    I don’t watch the ABC, why should I pay for it.

  • Ian MacDougall says:

    DG: I never drive on the Eyre Highway. Why should I pay for that?

  • rod.stuart says:

    The ABC is an abomination. The Eyre highway is not.

  • Tony Thomas says:

    IanL, I thought so too but realised it is recorded, not live, so if Huckabee had walked out, there would have been no impact and Sales would have ditched the tape not run it. Huckabee also naturally wanted publicity for her book, and I for one have just downloaded it on Kindle ($A13).
    I also wonder if Sales edited the taped interview, she and all such interviewers can ensure they look good if they can edit first.

  • deric davidson says:

    The Eyre Highway is not biased against conservative drivers, the ABC is!

  • Edwina says:

    Brilliant rod.stuart and deric Davidson.
    Why do the left have trouble with comprehension and nuance?

  • Edwina says:

    Brilliant rod.stuart and deric davidson!
    Why do the left have trouble with comprehension and nuance?

  • Peter OBrien says:

    It pains me to say it, but ABC Classic FM is a valuable product and manages to keep its ideology within bearable limits.

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    It’s the ABC, expect nothing more.

    ABC Classic FM is OK but it does play an awful lot of dirges, ‘good for you’ music that obviously seriously musically-minded people enjoy, but that people driving along hoping to get something tuneful they know and love in the classical canon will rarely find.

    Hence, the minute I get into a hire car in the UK, on goes Classic FM, the profitable radio station that brings together music fanciers like me, playing shorter excerpts of the well-known favorites to charm the day and ease the troubled mind. There’s nothing like that on Australian radio that I can find.

    A great opening for someone who can get it together there. Lots of advertisers on the UK one.

  • DUBBY says:

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a very dignified woman.

  • Louis Cook says:

    Thanks Tony,
    The following was sent to the ABC management
    Dear Sir or Madam,
    Earlier this week I watched Leigh Sales, ‘7-30 Report’, interview Sarah Huckabee Sanders, former press secretary to USA President, Donald Trump.
    I was disgusted with the presentation and believe the ABC, being a reflection of the Australian people, can do a lot better-if not, then we can well do without ‘your ABC’ which is sad because I have been an ABC listener since a child. Perhaps ABC management should just rid themselves of Ms Sales!
    In the report attached, it was described as a ‘fiery interview’- what nonsense!
    Ms Sanders was anything but ‘fiery’ but very polite and respectful.
    This is more than can be attributed to Ms Sales, who came across as ‘an abusive bully’.
    Leigh Sales continually tried to put words in Ms Sanders’ mouth and use loaded questions to further her cause of ‘Trump denigration’.
    Please take heart! Ms Sales’ performance was not completely worthless but can always be used as an illustration of poor interview style and further illustration of ‘ABC Anti-Trump’ bias.
    This bias has little effect on Australians who cannot vote for Trump/Biden or don’t particularly care about politics in the USA.
    What is it with the ABC ‘Trump hating’?
    Why are Australian viewers bombarded with crap like ‘Planet America’-more anti Trump?
    Does that qualify as ‘Australian content’?
    You spend a lot of time and money trying to establish the ABC ‘brand’—do not destroy it!
    Please convey this to Ms Sales.
    Yours Sincerely,

  • talldad says:

    Lizzie B, I choose my own music.
    My phone connects to the car system by Bluetooth, so I select and download my own choices from online sources. Then I have a player push them through into the car’s sound system.

    I haven’t listened to any radio for yonks, and it doesn’t hurt a bit!

  • Peter Williamson says:

    It’s Time Auntie Retired (or was put down)

    Technological change long ago undermined the case for a Government-owned broadcaster. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, affectionately known as ‘Auntie’, or as I prefer ‘the Australian Bolshevik Collective’ is long overdue for the chop. (I speak as a loyal listener of 70 odd years. As ‘Hercules 50’ I was member of the Argonauts club in the 1940s and 50s – Younger readers can Google it! I was a devoted fan of My Word and My Music, two of the best shows to come from the BBC when programs didn’t need sex or foul language to be considered ‘clever’.

    This need for change is true for an even-handed broadcaster abiding by its founding charter, let alone an organisation now lurching leftwards and antithetical to our country’s history, values and interests. I was prompted to write this article after seeing Leah Sales’ deranged hatchet job on Sarah Huckabee Sanders, without doubt one of the nicest people associated with the Trump presidency. Although Sales’ Trump Derangement Syndrome is probably about ‘normal’ in Their ABC, to me it was the last straw. I am no longer prepared to see my tax dollars supporting such disgusting evil.

    What may be called The Old ABC was created when ‘wireless’ was in its infancy. Achieving nationwide coverage was difficult with the technology then available. The sparce population of what is now called, rather redundantly, ‘rural and regional’ Australia meant it would not be a commercial proposition for private enterprise, and thus needed government ownership and subsidy.

    Times have changed. Radio stations can broadcast more powerful signals with greater digital fidelity. Radio receivers have also improved out of sight. Microwave transmission and repeater stations with or without satellite technology mean virtually any point in the country can be seamlessly joined into a vast efficient network costing less than one year’s budget of the massive top-heavy sheltered workshop for neoMarxists and the ABC has become.

    As well as these geographical, technical and commercial factors, problems of focus and content were also perceived as the rationale for intervention by the state. It was thought, probably with good reason, that news, documentaries and maybe even music programs would have a decidedly urban bias and thus not cater to the interests of country folk. The services risked being captured by urban interests.

    Now what may be called The New ABC has certainly been captured by an urban elite – the inner city latte Left – alienating not only rural Australia but also the vast majority of city dwellers whose taxes pay for it. Fortunately many of us can now rely on the internet for our music, current affairs and news. If taxpayer funding dried up and the market ruled Auntie would be the quintessential case of ‘get woke, go broke’.

    Many of us on the conservative side of politics, known in ABC newspeak as far right extremists, have for a long time been concerned about ABC bias. Uncritical acceptance and promotion of Anthropocentric Global Warming pseudoscience is now routine in virtually every facet of their programming, from kids drama to gardening, science reporting and of course the weather. This is coupled with continual touting of ‘renewable’ energy projects, which anyone with a scintilla of science and engineering knowledge combined with basic economics, knows is a solution that doesn’t work to a problem that doesn’t exist. (Yes, I’m a denier too!)

    More topically the sensationalist, unscientific and mathematically ignorant reporting on the Chicom flu ‘pandemic’ has certainly contributed to the groundless panic which has enabled Dictator Dan and his ilk to leave us cowering obediently under house arrest as we slide into a police state with an economy destroyed and children uneducated.

    It is possible that this is the state of affairs the Left desires. Like the Demorats in the US who would much prefer to rule a wasteland than be the opposition in paradise.

    The Collective’s subservience to the the ‘Peoples’ Republic of China and the CCP is even more disconcerting. The shameless and cowardly hit job smearing Falun Gong was almost beyond belief – a taxpayer-funded Australian quasi-government organisation producing and disseminating propaganda for a fascist and racist nation with whom we are in a (cold) war – and possibly soon a hot one – is tantamount to treason. Falun Gong is a peaceful religious group focussed on meditation which could in an ideal world contribute to the CCP’s overthrow. Naturally the Chinese authorities suppress it vigorously even, it is reported, to the extent of harvesting the organs of Falun Gong members to help prolong the life of CCParty officials. More like SS Party one could suggest. About the other great ‘enemy of the state’ being persecuted in China, and which is in fact a dangerous ideology, we hear little, and when we do the victim is lauded, not smeared.

    The ABC of course is happy to attack Falun Gong, as the movement is associated with The Epoch Times, one of the few reliable media agencies left (because it isn’t ‘left’) when it comes to reporting events in China.

    Of great concern too is the ABC’s promotion of any fiction which furthers the cause of identity politics. Am I alone in being nauseated with every change of location in Gardening Australia being told that we are now on land of the watsamattabrudda tribe – sorry, thats First Nation? An organisation prepared to serialise Dark Emu, a work of fiction posing as history written by a whitefella posing as an aboriginal, MUST be defunded immediately. Clearly they hope to assist the creation of a racist Constitution, treating aboriginal Australians, mostly of mixed decent, as a favoured – dare one say ‘pet’ group – and duplicating the US Democrat Party’s left-voting ‘plantation’. It will be interesting to see how that works out on 3rd November. I forecast Trump returning with a much expanded majority largely due to the black vote.

    These sins of commission go hand-in-hand with sins of omission; the list of things Auntie doesn’t report. Where is the balanced debate about hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the chicom flu, or about academic integrity and free speech at James Cook University? Will the ABC ever broadcast the disturbing videos, freely available on line, of Dictator Dan’s stasi handcuffing a pregnant woman when serving a summons would be the norm? Or that her ‘crime’ was to post on Facebook urging people attending a rally to wear masks and observe ‘social distancing’ rules?
    Will ABC viewers ever see the VicPol thugs beating up little old ladies, stomping on the heads of the mentally ill or throwing accredited journalists to the ground?

    An ABC viewer is unlikely to ever learn that Sleepy Joe Biden’s family has received a billion dollars and more from the sinofascists, or that while Vice President he was caught on camera blatantly using US aid as a lever to stall a Ukrainian investigation into possible corruption involving his son.

    This is what we get for a mere billion dollars per annum.

    The Australian Broadcasting Corporation must be broken up and sold off. The windfall should be paid into consolidated revenue and although only a one-off, would be a welcome addition to the Budget. Any real estate remaining after the carve-up can also be sold and added to the Government’s revenue, sorely needed in the straitened times we now face paying off massive government debt and the bureaucrat-created depression.

    The “news” and current affairs department of Auntie however, must not be included in this sale. It might well be taken up by a billionaire socialist and simply become the on-air version of the Saturday Paper. An outcome which involves the current ‘news’ personnel keeping their jobs is not acceptable. These Social Justice Warriors must be thrown on the snap heap and suffer the consequences of their own stupidity. They must not remain protected within the Public Circus cocoon like the rest of the parasitic class which brought us the Chicom flu fiasco.

    Like many conservatives I am conflicted about some of the ABC’s offerings on both radio and television. I am a regular listener to Classic FM and and a keen viewer of Gardening Australia, Vera, Backroads and many other programs. Am I prepared to see these disappear? Or, to ask the real question, ‘will they disappear?’ The answer of course is ‘no, they wont’.

    The Left naturally defends public funding for the ‘Yarts’, as do I within limits. I haven’t examined the ABC’s budget, but I am sure Classic FM’s share is minuscule compared with the ‘news’ and current affairs department, what with its overseas bureaux and all, and could surely exist with funds redirected from the plastic and dramatic arts currently wasted on jars of urine or two hours of silence, or whatever treat the next cunning but otherwise unemployable confidence-trickster grant-dependent ‘artist’ dreams up.

    We will have to accept that many worthy programs currently aired by the Collective will of necessity migrate to commercial channels, and be funded at least in part by paid advertising. As I rarely watch anything in real time these days anyway this would not be much of a burden. I mostly watch prerecorded shows and zap through the ads, and the process is virtually the same whether I am watching the commercial channels or the ABC – the only difference is that the Collective’s ads are for itself rather than goods or services produced by dreaded capitalists.

    Gardening Australia with commercials is no problem, and has the additional benefit that the realities of the market ensure its now private-sector owners can be held to account by the viewers. When I and many like me stop watching, because I can no longer stomach their full-on PC virtue-signalling aboriginal schtick and climate alarmism we can hope that the lower ratings for the show will cause them to mend their ways. Currently taxpayer funding gives them a bully pulpit.

    We need a fully researched account of all the ABC’s failings, and a carefully costed plan of just how this misbegotten anachronistic and socially destructive organisation can be abolished. A similar case can be made for abolition of the SBS, the Special Broadcasting Service aka Soccer Before Sex. Perhaps I’ll write another diatribe on that topic! If somebody beats me to it, no problem.

    All the issues discussed here, and the suggested solution, would be considered common sense and unremarkable policy for any conservative political party.

    It is a great pity that in Australia we don’t have one.

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