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Dark Green Lunacy as a Cardinal Virtue

John Clauser is an American physicist and the 2022 (joint) Nobel Prize winner. As we’ve heard, he was cancelled from addressing the IMF about “climate change.” Well, that’s understandable. I mean, he’s not a qualified climate scientist or anything. He’s not in the same league as, say, Greta Thunberg or Al Gore, John Kerry, António Guterres or Tim ‘dams won’t fill’ Flannery. Apparently, he knows a thing or two about quantum entanglement. This is where two particles interreact and separate but then, like identical twins, behave as though they are one, doing exactly the same things no matter how distant apart; apropos their direction of spin. Strange business.

Stranger still are climate-change ministers mirroring sub-atomic life; interacting at United Nations COP meetings before going home and spinning as one. Spruiking net zero, with the same cunning plans to get there. To wit, taxing emissions, banning the sale of ICE cars, and ordering by proxy thousands of turbine blades, solar panels and batteries from China. Might this similarity have piqued Clauser’s interest in climate science? Perhaps not.

Clauser has recently been elected to serve on the board of directors of the CO2 Coalition. Best to go to the source itself for reliable information on the Coalition; hence the link I’ve provided. Because, according to Wikipedia, “it spreads misinformation about climate change.” Misinformation, hmm? More like disinformation, if you ask me. Don’t let them off the hook. The Coalition sets out deliberately, with nothing less than malice aforethought towards the IPCC, to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. What perfidy is that?

Back to Clauser. Maybe he knows a little more about climate science than you would think. More than does your average quantum physicist; if you can describe quantum physicists as average. Anyway he has a theory. In a nutshell, he believes that cumulous clouds keep the earth’s temperature fairly stable. He reckons that when sunlight reaches the earth it evaporates sea water – covering two-thirds of the earth’s surface – producing cumulous clouds which reflect back 90 percent of the sunlight which hits them. It’s akin to a thermostat controlling the temperature. The warmer it gets, the more evaporation, the more cumulous clouds, the more sunlight reflected back. Viola! He further reckons that the radiative heat transfer rate associated with atmospheric CO2 is “nearly two orders of magnitude smaller than the effective stabilisation of the input-power provided by the cloud-based thermostat.” Thus he believes that the effect of CO2 is diddly squat, to put it in precise scientific language. If I remember rightly, Richard Lindzen also refers to clouds reflecting back sunlight. It seems worthwhile investigating. That is, if you had an interest in discovering the truth and weren’t as mad as a hatter.

Apparently, the IPCC does concede clouds might be a fly in the ointment when it comes to its bizarre theory of imminent climate catastrophe, but prefers not to investigate this hypothesis lest it proves to be valid. According to Clauser, “The popular narrative about climate change reflects a dangerous corruption of science that threatens the world’s economy and the well-being of billions of people… there is no real climate crisis.” Still, a mentally-troubled Swedish teenager was concerned about the survival of the planet and that surely is enough for us to turn the world’s energy system upside down and bring about widespread impoverishment and blackouts.

What is going on? Why isn’t a prominent scientist like Clauser given the time of day? Why isn’t his theory confronted in a spirit of scientific enquiry? Why, instead, is he cancelled, banned, shunned, silenced, deplatformed? Hold on. That’s precisely what happens to the mentally unfit. They are not given the time of day. But in a reversal of fortune those who are clearly deranged, and not only Ms Thunberg, are feted by the great and good. Black is white and white is black. Two plus two make five.

I read in my newspaper on Wednesday morning that Origin are installing a 460MW-2 hour battery at Eraring and that this could be increased to 700MW. Eraring coal power station, due for closure in 2025, provides 2,900MW each and every hour. The batteries are a complete irrelevancy, yet they keep being promoted, surreally, as though they mattered in keeping the lights on. They don’t. They are an outright distraction.

We are not dealing with rational people. Explain until the cows come home that achieving net zero is impossible. Explain that wind, solar and batteries cannot replace a coal power station. Marshall your data, your facts. It will be to no avail. The inmates are running the show.

10 thoughts on “Dark Green Lunacy as a Cardinal Virtue

  • Aussietom says:

    The only way out of such lunacy is when the general public wake up – when they’re hit with blackout and/or enormous electricity costs – and realise they’ve been conned. Then they might klick out any idiot politicians who keep up the torture.

    • Necessityofchoice says:

      By which time it will be too late. What is is, and it will be the new reality.
      On a similar tangent, the WHO is about to appropriate global hegemony over pandemic policy. Why would any sane politician allow this, unless they are in politics for the perks, are delighted to unload responsibility anywhere but on their own shoulders, give not a tinkers cuss for the population they represent, and are looking forward to a plum Globalist appointment after their allotted time paddling in the shallows ?
      There are so many examples, but Gutierrez will do for now.

      • ianl says:


        Except it is already way too late. We are destroyed from within. I did fear this over 30 years ago when the deliberate evil of blaming CO2 as the ultimate cause of climatic danger was gaining publicity. CO2 is the perfect “fall guy” – odorless and invisible, an essential by-product to our sinful living (just like AD1350), too technical for most people to bother with so they are easily fooled. A perfect control mechanism if the counter-arguments can be viciously censored. As they are.

        The Little Ice Age wrought utter panicked mayhem on thousands of women, who were declared witches, evilly causing lethal weather events, and so horribly burnt at the public stake.

        Now we have CO2 as the evil agent, produced by our desire for easy, sinful living. Refuting that medieval stupidity brings about social disgrace, social cancellation, and as the Farage case demonstrates without doubt, serious attempts at destroying a life. Different from 1350 … how ?

  • Peter Marriott says:

    All good factual stuff there Peter, clearly put and dare I say plenty of common sense and humour to go with it.
    The bit about Wikipedia and misinformation pretty well sums up Wikipedia I’m afraid, and our local priest likes to quote them as some sort of guide to the correct viewpoint.
    Sadly he doesn’t seem to be Robinson Crusoe either if what I read in the paper about plans the Government has for us all re ‘misinformation’ is anything to go by.
    Thank you.


    “The inmates are running the show.” Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later that the green lunatics will run out of our money and they’ll turn on each other until there’s none of them left.

  • March says:

    “We are not dealing with rational people.”

    Therein lies the problem yet they still get voted in.

  • Stephen Due says:

    “Wind, solar and batteries cannot replace a coal power station” – or a nuclear one.

  • john mac says:

    Peter , just change that last paragraph to “till the cows are extinct” , as that is certainly their goal ! We are dealing with mass delusion on a scale never seen before .

  • sfw says:

    Around ten years ago an acquaintance told me that in science the best minds always go to physics and the lesser minds are sorted slowly down the science ladder with ‘climate science’ being at the bottom. He said those who do climate stuff really are the least capable minds in the world of science. He reckons those smarter people doing real science just don’t have the time or interest in looking at what the climate scientists are doing and accept that they’re getting it right, that’s why you rarely hear other scientists critiquing climate crap.

    I think something similar happened in the covid madness, medical doctors and specialists didn’t look at the evidence or ask questions about jabs, the lockdowns, IFR’s and lots more, because they are too busy and have always accepted what respected authorities told them, most of them still do. For them to question their authorities is just something they don’t do.

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