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Climategate reviewed

Extract from “Climategate: The End of the Beginning” – Charlie Martin’s review of the new book Climategate: The CRUtape Letters by Steven Mosher and Thomas W. Fuller:

The Climategate files opened up what was happening behind the scenes, and it turned out there was no paranoid fantasy: they really were out to get you.

The files documented insiders in the AGW community subverting peer review, colluding to prevent papers from being published and attacking editors, scientific skeptics, and journals that dared to publish skeptical papers, and conspiring to prevent data from being released to skeptical investigators.

For climate skeptics, the emails at first seemed to be too good to be true — they confirmed suspicions that even the skeptics thought weren’t plausible. But the emails and files led to closer examination of the data, and suddenly contradictions came thick and fast, as the dominoes in the climate change story began to fall. Questionable data manipulations are now being revealed every day.

The conspiracy revealed in Climategate: The CRUtape Letters may have prevented better science from showing us better ways to solve the problem. The actions of these scientists have now corrupted the science that exists and destroyed what trust we might have had in the conclusions.

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