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A Carefully Miseducated Generation of Climate Warriors

School students are being recruited and organised to strike from school tomorrow, 15 March. The website, claims the purpose is “to tell our politicians to take our futures seriously and treat climate change for what it is – a crisis.”

After careful analysis of historical trends and with far more reliability than a United Nations’ “scientific consensus”, I’m prepared to boldly predict the political climate will not be warmed or cooled one-tenth of a degree by kids striking. Like all prophets of the apocalypse, the stamping and tramping of their furious little feet will have little impact in and on the real world. The Labor-Greens coalition will still be environmental extremists denying developing nations cheap, reliable electricity and aspiring to deliver Australians intermittent electricity at any cost. The Coalition will still present as lukewarm environmental realists while wooing voters from the centre-left with half measures of the Greens’ full-strength moonbattery.

Real grownups will observe there’s a reason schoolkids aren’t allowed to get married, sign contracts, fight for their nation, get a driver’s licence, drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, or vote on matters of national importance. Their developing brains aren’t mature enough to weigh the balance of evidence, consider all the consequences and make objectively rational decisions. They can barely cross the road safely or wear clothes properly. They are important, but they are children – undeveloped clumps of cells, if you prefer.

The student strike will achieve absolutely nothing but the squealing delight of the overwhelming majority to be free of classes for a few precious hours and maybe get on TV. It would be noteworthy if they were protesting on their weekend, giving up fast food or their smartphones and game consoles in an action that demonstrated real commitment. But skipping school, well, who cares? They’re only hurting themselves. Sensible adults will dismiss the student strike as cute but no better than the homogeneous, weightless opinion of unqualified individuals.

Our education system has its work cut out competing with the results of such famous contributors to global intelligence as Kazakhstan. Kids in our education system need as much class time as possible being taught not what to think but how to think. Literacy would be a good start, of course, but the nationalised curriculum would then be at risk of kids grasping and analysing the world and that simply would not do.

Instead, Comrade Shorten and similar ministers for propaganda will applaud those good little people and, with hands clasped together in adoration, will extol the virtues of their global citizenship. They will bask in the warmth of his praise and in scenes reminiscent of that skit from the Life of Brian will chorus as one, “Yes, we’re all individuals.”

Sadly, they’re not being raised and educated as individuals. They’re lemmings who haven’t been taught about the Roman warm period or the mini ice age that preceded the Industrial Revolution. No one has told them that Greenland, now covered in ice, used to be produce crops or that Britons raised grapes and made their own homegrown wine. No one has told them that ancient Aboriginals walked to Tasmania from what is now the mainland before the seas rose and engulfed the land bridge. Consequently, they very well may furrow their brows, even lose sleep, when globalist ideologues gravely warn them of a “climate crisis” that can magically be solved by international wealth-redistribution schemes demanded by the UN.

These poor children are being manipulated by environmental fundamentalists to fulfil the role of ‘useful idiots’, both as pawns in agendas to which they remain oblivious, and literally by their absenteeism from whatever education they might have hoped for were they in class. Our education system is producing  drones who don’t think for themselves and never question the new status quo, but instead aspire to mastering Feminist Dance Theory while uncritically supporting ‘progressive’ agendas.

I forecast there will be lots of soundbites on Friday night of little cuties saying exactly what the mainstream media is already preaching: condemning the sins of a conservative government and sighing their despair for the grim future they’ve been tirelessly assured they will inherit. Their parents will beam with pride as they announce that taking to the streets was entirely their offsprings’ idea, and the echo of their own politics just a coincidence. The ‘progressive’ politicians will cynically insist we should listen to these children who, they’ll assert, are wiser than every last one of the politicians they oppose.

But nothing in the political climate will change. It’ll be just another day of ‘progressives’ demanding economic upheaval at the risk of imminent catastrophe, another day of conservatives being summarily and contemptuously dismissed as loony “deniers” who refuse to accept “the settled science”.

As surely as the earth will keep spinning, the planet’s climate will change, just as it has for millennia — and with as scant regard for the little humans inhabiting it as will the body politic display for the disgrace of an organised campaign to see kids skipping classes.

11 thoughts on “A Carefully Miseducated Generation of Climate Warriors

  • ianl says: comment #5

    This is the end result. SA was able to “blackstart” in 2016 because there are interconnectors from Vic and Tas that eventually supplied the necessary power. Vic shut down entire towns in late January this year in a rolling sequence to avoid this.

    One notes that the despicable MSM is ignoring all of this to avoid despoiling their silly narrative with actual experience. Feelings don’t care about facts.

  • Gordon Cheyne says:

    Instead of supporting children to come out on strike for “climate change”, we could start a program for them which will do a lot of good for the environment.
    I even have a name for it.
    It is called “Walk to School”.

  • Jody says:

    Like the folks over the road; a house the size of the average primary school, lights blazing 24/7 (including outside LDLs), underfloor heating, no shading on western-facing windows, swimming pool pump running all the time and air-conditioning that drones on (a huge system of multiple units) day in and day out. Four kids all have cars which they drive to school, as well as mobile phones and computers. They jet to Canada each summer (here) to skiing resorts.

    And they’re climate change believers!!!!! I mean, you couldn’t make this stuff up!!!

  • canhippi says:

    ‘Yes you can’ to adopt and edit a famous American liar.


  • T B LYNCH says:

    Trees are the original miners; their roots go down 100 feet and bring minerals to the surface. Fungi are the original burners for energy, which they harvest as glucose, producing carbon dioxide and minerals, mostly [radioactive] potassium.
    Coal was originally on the surface; mining engineers are simply restoring the balance of nature by returning it to the surface; electrical engineers are likewise helping nature by returning carbon to the atmosphere from whence it came, so long ago, and putting the high energy electrons into wires instead of sugar.
    Greenies are the latest version of flat earthers, mathematically classifiable as two dimensional thinkers. They are scared of all that radioactive potassium and molten iron beneath the Earth, and that big nuclear reactor in the sky above the Earth called the Sun.
    Nuclear forces, chemistry and electrons keep the whole system working; even greenie brains who breathe out one kilogram of carbon dioxide each day; without it what would little plants do?

  • whitelaughter says:

    “walk to school” is a good start. Requiring every child who skived off to take part spend a week planting trees etc – time taken from their holidays of course – would be better. Reducing the education by budget by 1% to reflect that they children weren’t at school would be best of all.

  • Jody says:

    Put the kids into private education. Never more imperative than these days where state schools groom kids with propaganda. My grandchildren call their father a racist, parrot-fashion. Meanwhile, in the christian school where my great-nephew is enrolled BEST PRACTICE continues with education, kids remain in the classroom and zero propaganda is spread. Ditch state school education for your families.

  • Zedaus says:

    First of all, I believe climate is changing. What I don’t accept is that carbon dioxide is the major influence on climate. My bet is the sun. In the Australian’s DEAL magazine March issue. Travers McLeod, chief executive of the Centre for Policy Development, wrote an article defending Millennials in a “world built by boomers” declaring we must live in a “zero-carbon based world”. He totally ignores the fact plants require carbon dioxide to grow and humans, when cremated, are a pile of ash. mostly carbon. This man is so clever that he lectures readers on how the world should work, but not clever enough to go out and create a company based on his views.

  • says:

    The children’s march in Perth was hilarious, marching to save the planet while pestering Cathedral staff for plastic cups to drink from the bubblers. Must have all missed the lesson on the evils of plastic.

  • padraic says:

    Gordon Cheyne is right with his “walk to school” suggestion to reduce exhaust fumes from mummy’s SUV. I saw on TV one young lass saying it would help to save the planet if kids refilled their plastic water bottle instead of buying a new one each time. Well, dearie, here’s a better idea – drink water out of a water bubbler at school like we did – you know – the generation that knows nothing – apart from knowing how to read and write, think rationally, make decisions based on facts and not emotions etc. But I guess it’s not your fault, as the State is allowing you to be brainwashed as if you were in a communist “re-education” camp.

  • Lauren says:

    how much does a climatologist make 2019

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