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Putting Greens last

From Antony Green’s Election Blog:

Pariah Parties and Preferences

After the Liberal Party announced last weekend that it would put the Greens last on its how-to-vote material, I was asked what the Liberal Party used to do with the Communist Party.

Using how-to-vote material from three NSW elections in the 1950s, the answer is the Liberal Party used to put Communist Party candidates last. As did the Labor Party.

In that sense the Liberal decision on Green preferences can’t be compared to the situation with the Communists. The Communist Party, and more recently One Nation, were treated as pariah parties that both sides felt they had to go out of their way to put last.

Despite several recent articles painting the Greens as modern day Marxists, they have certainly not reached the opprobrium levels of One Nation and the Communists.

Source: Antony Green’s Election Blog

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