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Delingpole defeats Faine

James Delingpole was interviewed by Lefty Jon Faine. The ABC says the conversation was “feisty” – it was D Day in Melbourne.

James Delingpole with Jon Faine

Climate skeptic James Delingpole’s feisty interview with Jon Faine

The day after ABC TV aired I Can Change Your Mind About Climate Change and a special Q&A on the issue, Telegraph blogger James Delingpole joins Jon Faine for a confrontational discussion on the merits of climate science and the impact of the environmental movement.

A self proclaimed ‘libertarian conservative’ and the author of Killing the Earth to Save It, James Delingpole claims that the green movement have hijacked the Government agenda around the world.

In this interview Delingpole describes Australia’s carbon and mining taxes as ‘an attack on the most productive sector of your economy’.

"Your economy could be doing so much better than it is if you were not shackling it with taxes, regulations in the name of a non-existent problem." he says.

Source: ABC Melbourne

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