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Climate Review: essential links

In his Climate Review Professor Bob Carter Carter discusses the most important events which influenced the climate debate in 2011. These are the month by month references to that Review


Climategate enquiries a thorough whitewash


Japan has wasted $78 billion on fruitless global warming projects

U.S. Congress passes Luetkemeyer Amendment to halt taxpayer financing of UN Climate Panel

Former German Chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, calls for an audit of the IPCC


Snows of Kilimanjaro defy global warming predictions

Tropical storm activity hits a 40-year low


Computer climate models use false assumptions

Nary a climate refugee to be seen

Floods decreasing around the world


Scientific ‘consensus’ wrong again: biodiversity loss far less severe than feared

Kyoto Protocol loses support from four big western nations


Earth may be headed into a mini-ice age within a decade

Another false alarm: Pacific Islands defy sea-level rise hysteria

U.S. Science Committee calls on IPCC to address conflicts of interest

Carbon dioxide price collapses in Europe

Yet another false alarm: no decline detected in the Great Barrier Reef


Sea-Level rise is not accelerating

Global warming far less serious than ‘Alarmists’ predict says NASA scientist


Increased atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are an environmental benefit

CERN Experiment confirms potential of cosmic rays in climate change

Contrary to IPCC predictions, malaria-carrying mosquitoes are disappearing in parts of Africa


Nobel prize-winner Ivar Giaever quits American Physical Society over global warming alarmism

Wikileak: UN Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) climate programme ‘basically a farce’


New analysis of the global temperature record confirms the lack of recent warming

Japanese IBUKI satellite shows western nations as a CO2 sink, undeveloped nations as a source

Chinese scientists challenge IPCC dangerous warming consensus


No link between climate change and extreme weather insurance losses

IPCC draft report: only minor global warming expected in the next 20-30 years

Donna Laframboise’s delinquent teenager: IPCC rocked by reputational crisis

The Climategate email scandal, Round 2


Feydau farce at Durban conference: an agreement to agree that it’s too early to agree

Canada withdraws from the Kyoto Protocol: Canadian Senate listens to independent scientists

European carbon dioxide trading market collapses again, to €6.3/tonne


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