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Correcting the correctors

Is an error in The Delinquent Teenager a mistake by the author, or the IPCC?

When the IPCC Makes an Error, Is it the Journalist’s Fault?

Donna Laframboise

Only in the land of IPCC partisans does an error published four years ago by the allegedly gold-standard Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) become a journalist’s fault when she reports on it.

I have recently been advised by current IPCC insider Richard Betts that I need to “check more carefully.” My book claims that Lisa Alexander was a 2007 IPCC lead author. Betts says I’m wrong.

The IPCC itself must now issue a clarification and perhaps a correction. If Betts is right, we need a formal acknowledgment that the information it has been providing to the public, the media, and world leaders via its website for the past four years was mistaken.

Interestingly, Betts provides no suggestion that he has asked the organization in which he is a participant to do so. He’s apparently more concerned about an error in my three-week-old book than in the IPCC’s four-year-old report.

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