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The klimate fix

The Joint Select Committee on or about 17 September 2011 invited interested persons and organisations to make submissions by Thursday 22 September 2011 stating on its website:

Please refer to our brochure called preparing a submission for more information. Please note that there are no terms of reference for this inquiry. 

Seventy submissions were published. 

The Labor-Greens dominated committee opted not to accept the vast majority of submissions and merely received them as ‘correspondence.’ 

The Joint Select Committee in its report simply states:

A large amount of correspondence was received by the committee. These items were not received as submissions to the inquiry because they did not address the actual legislation being considered. The correspondence was read and noted.

The Coalition in its dissenting report more correctly refers to ‘unpublished submissions.’  In the Coalition’s Dissenting Report concerns detailed in some of those unpublished submissions are published.

This is a travesty. 

The Joint Select Committee changed the rules after calling for submissions with ‘no terms of reference’ by deciding to publish only those which dealt with the legislation. 

Failure to publish each and every one of the submissions received is an insult by the Joint Select Committee to all those who in the limited time available provided submissions.

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