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At Melbourne Wheeler’s Centre the "Festival of Intolerance" has begun.

The Deakin Lectures, a lecture series on climate change with not a single sceptical voice, was curated by Tim Flannery and paid for by Australian taxpayers.

Though Australians may have second thoughts about climate change elitist opinion is locked into group think.

The audience Tweeted the opening address by Tim Flannery: 

the wurundjeri welcome to country has just taken place 

Great to hear that #thedeakins are focussed on solutions, ‘not just a talkfest’. 

Vic Environment Minister Gavin Jennings talks about Deakin’s understanding of science and how important science is to innovation 

Minister gets laugh for paleontologist and sceptics joke 

Flannery is out on stage! Excitement mounts. 

We have flannery! 

Tim Flannery encourages us to take a long term view to understand climate change. He takes us back to Charles Darwin and 1858. 

“Richard Dawkins is in many ways the modern Charles Darwin” 

“That sense of us as a group … is the most important thing in the world now” 

“competition drives evolution but cooperation is the legacy that is left behind, after the process ends” – tim flannery 

Flannery calls for end to corporate contributions to politics to “strengthen our democracy” 

“this is the moment to get involved in politics” Flannery inspires 

Flannery says “by 2030 there is no coercial burning of coal – that’swhat is required” Applause 

“love each other, love this earth” – tim flannery – 

Flannery :”we are still a frontier country… We dig our wealth out of the ground…Our great fortune is our great misfortune” 

Flannery on Greens rejection of CPRS: “if we keep rejecting opportunities to progress we won’t get anywhere..” 

liberal climate policy a joke – flannery 

Tim Flannery : disappointed with both major parties 

are there any semi-sceptics speaking this week?

No. They get enough airplay. Applause.

“It is my job as curator not to program any climate change skeptics.” Flannery’s keynote

Your updating Tweets almost as good as being at #thedeakins.

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