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Climatescam and coral growth

Observations on Growth of Reef Corals and Sea Grass Around Shallow Water Geothermal Vents in Papua New Guinea

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A never ending litany of purported environmental threats to the Great Barrier Reef has maintained a generous flow of funding for several generations of researchers and the reef salvation industry now brings about $100 million annually into the local economy in North Queensland. Although none of these threats has ever become manifest as a serious impact and all of the millions of dollars in research has never found any effective solution for anything, the charade never seems to lose credibility or support.

The popular threat of the moment is ocean acidification from increasing atmospheric CO2 . The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority cite research claiming that coral calcification is in rapid decline from acidification despite the obvious contradiction of surprisingly rapid recovery from storm and bleaching damage. They also propagate predictions that oceanic pH may decrease (i.e. become less alkaline) by by as mich as 0.4 of a pH unit by 2100 and that this will be disastrous for coral calcification.

On 14 February 2010 we visited two geothermal areas in the D’Entrecasteaux Islands, Milne Bay Province, PNG. One is located near the north end of Normanby Island about 30 m S.E. of the outer end of the wharf at the village of Esa’Ala. The other is a well known dive site known as the “Bubble Bath”. It is located about 20 m offshore near the mid-north coast of Dobu Island, an extinct volcano.

Both locations were sheltered from currents and would have a poor supply of planktonic food. It seemed apparent in both that the unusual profusion of both grass and coral growth was most likely attributable to the gas vents [emitting CO2].

It seems that coral reefs are thriving at pH levels well below the most alarming projections for 2100. The biggest threat we face isn’t to Barrier Reef tourism. The whole modern economy is founded on cheap abundant energy. High energy liquid fuel is essential to all mobile heavy machinery. Trucks, tractors, trains, ships, planes and earth moving equipment cannot be run on sunbeams and summer breezes. The International Energy Agency along with virtually all oil industry analyst groups now recognise that future global oil supplies are likely to be increasingly tight and more expensive.

The Climategate affair and its ongoing revelations have exposed a deep systemic corruption at the heart of climate science. Unfortunately this corruption is not restricted to climate science but is endemic across the environmental sciences which have become more of an ideology and a scam than they are a science. It is time for society to wake up and begin to realise that we have been repeatedly and blatantly lied to. It is also past time to start seriously thinking about how we are going to find enough liquid fuel to keep food on our tables and maintain our economy over the decades it will require to develop and implement viable alternative energies. Recognition is also overdue in realising that we have been fools to let this nonsense strangle our producers. We are now paying the price with food we can barely afford and more and more of which we cannot.

Extract only. The full pdf text can be downloaded here…

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