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Marriagebusters Inc.

Getting rich from busting up marriages

An American online “dating site” has just opened in Australia. It is actually a cheating site, and its motto is, “Life is short. Have an affair”. The Ashley Madison website encourages married couples to have affairs, claiming that this is in fact good for marriages.

The founder, Noel Biderman, claims that 18,000 Australians have already signed up. He says, "Having sex with a like-minded person is better than starting a relationship with a friend or someone in the workplace, or going on to singles sites or bars to meet people. No one has to get hurt this way."

No one? Sorry Jack, but I am not buying this baloney. Cheating always hurts people. It hurts the one doing it, it hurts the one being cheated on, it hurts any children involved, and it hurts all of society. This clown is simply getting rich off the destruction of other people’s marriages.

And he is a hypocrite to boot. He says that he is “a happily married man” with two children, and that his wife only reluctantly agreed to this business. So whether he is cheating or not, he is quite happy to encourage other couples to cheat.

Incredibly, he claims that "Cheaters still love their partners”. Sorry bub, but I am not buying that one either. Love is more than an emotion. It is a commitment to another person, willing them the highest good. That can never be achieved by breaking trust with them and cheating on them.

If you really love your spouse, you will not cheat on him or her. It is that simple. Cheating is a clear indication of lack of love. If a football player cheated, helping another team to win by throwing the game, could he still claim that he loves his team? I don’t think so.

This whole business is one ugly, grubby attempt to make money off the misery of others. As Biderman admits, he’s made millions through this website. Now he wants to make more millions by busting up even more marriages here in Australia.

And what about all the children in these destroyed marriages? It is clear that he doesn’t give a rip about them either. And yet he has two of his own children. Does he love them? Would he be happy to see them become the product of a broken home?

What is worse, I just watched a TV news interview with the guy. The female newsreader simply treated it all as a joke. She didn’t ask of him any hard questions, and she just went through the interview in a flippant and cavalier fashion.

No wonder low life like this guy are allowed to get away with murder, when our mainstream media cannot even see the seriousness of it all. The MSM, like much of society, has simply lost its moral compass altogether. The moral freefall we are involved in shows no signs of levelling off.

American social commentator George Will once said that “the only question remaining about the decline of Western Civilization is the pace”. It is not so much a question of if it will happen but when it will happen. When you have hucksters like this profiteering from the breakdown of society’s most important institution, and without a whimper from the MSM, then you know we have pretty much lost our way.

President Ronald Reagan rightly noted, "Only our deep moral values and our strong social institutions can hold back the jungle and restrain the darker impulses of human nature." It seems that both are in big decline nowadays. It is hoped that things can turn around before the jungle completely overtakes us.


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