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Left loves violence

Shoe throwers & more double standards from the loony Left

There is never a shortage of leftist moral outrage. They are forever pontificating about some great perceived evil. Yet a closer look at both their rhetoric and their actual lives reveals some alarming double standards. Indeed, what they preach against the loudest is often what they are most guilty of.

Indeed, there is so much leftist hypocrisy going on that a whole book can be written about all this. And it has. Back in 2005 Peter Schweizer wrote Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy (Doubleday). In it he documented case after case of double standards and glaring hypocrisy of the radical leftards.

He offers enough ammunition to fully sustain his case, whether it is the duplicity of Hillary Clinton, the phony ideology of Michael Moore, or the rank hypocrisy of Ted Kennedy. It is clear that these characters are all quite selective in their moral outrage, and rank hypocrites who really do need to be ignored altogether.

A more recent example would include Avatar creator James Cameron. He rails against capitalism and supposed man-made global warming, and tells us that we are “going to have to live with less”. Yet he owns three monster mansions in California, plus a hundred-acre ranch, a helicopter, a fleet of cars and motorcycles, a yacht, and much, much more. But incredibly he demands that all of us mere peons make radical sacrifices so that we can save the planet.

However, I refer to a classic case of leftist hypocrisy on last night’s Q&A, the ABC TV interview program. Former Prime Minister John Howard was the sole guest, doing a admirable job of calmly and respectfully answering the questions of leftist host Tony Jones and the overwhelmingly leftist audience.

It was despicable the way the ABC totally loaded the decks against him, including blind-siding him by allowing a disgusting video question from convicted terrorist David Hicks. Howard rightly answered by saying we should not make heroes out of Taliban accomplices who have pleaded guilty to their crimes.

But the highlight of the evening was when yet another “peace activist” and anti-war protestor threw his shoes at John Howard. Both shots missed by miles, but it was another clear case of leftist duplicity.

John Howard was most gracious and polite about the whole affair, not like the long-haired juvenile who had to be escorted from the ABC studio. It was a glaring contrast between the ugly face of the loony left and the calm and rational voice of articulate conservatism.

So here we go again, another “peace lover” who can only express his point of view by resorting to violence, intimidation and harassment. This is so typical of the leftists. And I should know. I have been there and done that. Back in my radical days as a hippy and student activist, I did the very same things.

We talked heaps about peace, but really did not give a rip about real peace. We shouted “Give peace a chance” as we hurled bricks, shouted abuse, and caused mayhem everywhere. The radicals were quite happy to torch cars, bomb buildings, attack police and destroy universities, all in the name of “peace”.

So what we witnessed last night was simply more of the same. But wait, there’s more. The hypocrisy of the leftist mainstream media is also something to behold – and gag on. How many in the MSM are going on about how the emotional reaction to the Iraq war must still be so high.

Of course President Bush faced a shoe-throwing assailant in Iraq in 2008. Yet all these media leftists can go on about is how strongly people must feel about this issue. For example, on Lateline last night, just after Q&A, host Leigh Sales asked Barnaby Joyce about the episode:

Just finally, the former Prime Minister John Howard had a pair of shoes thrown at him when he was on the Q&A program tonight. Does it surprise you that three years after his defeat – more than three years – he still attracts such vitriol?

Notice how she managed to frame the question, as if Howard deserved it! Somehow Howard was responsible, and people almost have a right to hate him. Just imagine if a conservative hurled his shoes at Julia Gillard. The MSM would be all over him like a rash, pointing out how ugly, violent and irrational the conservatives are.

They would have a field day with this. But because it was a lefty who did it, he is already getting hero status, just as convicted terrorist David Hicks has received from the leftwing media. The double standards are as apparent as they are appalling.

Of course all of this is not to suggest that the loony left is alone guilty of such hypocrisy. Conservatives can be guilty as well. But it seems that the secular left especially has made a fine art out of this. It happens with such monotonous regularity that one has to wonder if double standards are in fact inherent in the worldview of the radical left.


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