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Only the nicest
‘hateful slurs’, please

The Australian Council of Imams tacks some very good advice to the foot of its latest press release (emphasis added):

♦ Advocacy and protesting must be displayed with the best Islamic morals and manners, and must avoid hateful slurs or comments to any community.

That should be reassuring, coming as it does after six months of many “hateful slurs”, including the October 8 chanting on the Opera House steps of “gas the Jews” (which a NSW Police consultant preferred to hear as ‘where’s the Jews?’) and the press statement’s very own litany of “hateful slurs”, all prompted by the 76th anniversary of Arab nations’ attempt to destroy the newly UN-endorsed state of Israel. The statement’s accusations include:

the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and obliteration of Palestinian communities

♦ Israeli occupying forces continue to commit genocide

♦ Israeli forces causing harm to innocent Palestinian civilians

♦ the desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque

Many might argue that Australia’s imams have forgotten nothing nor learned anything since 1948, but that wouldn’t be true. They have certainly mastered the art of chutzpah.

— roger franklin

UPDATE: This long-in-tooth “student” protesting at Monash must not have got the memo:

4 thoughts on “Only the nicest
‘hateful slurs’, please

  • Dubitat says:

    Ironic that you should think the Imam’s show chutzpah. An oxymoron?

  • David Piesse says:

    Monash University is named after one of the greatest Australian Gernerals in World War 1 . He was Knighted by King George the Fifth in the field for his victories on the Western Front, France and Belgium. On his return to Australia he could not become a member of the Australia Club because he was Jewish.
    Now we have Palestinian sympathisers telling Jewish students that they are not welcome at this University.

  • PeterS says:

    How long will it be before Monash is cancelled? When will the students at Monash University demand the name be changed? That it hasn’t happened already is an indication that the students are not only ignorant of the history of their own University but ignorant of Australian History. Which just about sums up the general ignorance of anything by today’s leftist students. I was recently agreeably surprised that my year ten granddaughter was taken for a school excursion to Melbourne’s Holocaust museum. Last year she had skipped school for the day to attend the school’s solidarity with Gaza day. I don’t know if she has now changed her mind but she lived in Lebanon for three years from 2013 to 2015 and hopefully is more aware than most.

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