The nobility of the ABC’s elite

couch parasiteWriting at The Monthly blog, two-day a week Radio National music guru Andrew Ford swears blind that no sacrifice has been too much in order to make the national broadcaster what it is today:

“If you ask my colleagues – Geraldine Doogue, Robyn Williams, Natasha Mitchell, Norman Swan, Phillip Adams – they will all be able to tell you similar stories and regale you with details of flea-pit hotels or nights spent on friends’ sofa beds so as to save the ABC money.”

Can’t you just imagine it: Trying to get to sleep as Adams, tucked up on your night’n’day in another room, serenades the darkness with outbursts of name-dropping, complaints about his father, how Americans deserved 9/11 and, at greater length than any other topic, how he single-handedly gave birth to the Australian film industry.

One night of that and you would burn the sofa.


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